25 Easy DIY Projects for Bedrooms and Nooks

by craftmin | January 2, 2018

A cozy bedroom and a quiet nook – these are hallmarks that we all want for ourselves.  With the hustle and bustle of the daily grind of work and personal responsibilities, let these diy projects for bedroom, nook, and other private spaces give you quietude and relief. Moreover, with a simple touch, a quick nap, or a few pages reading your book of the month can restore your sense of balance. Let your eyes feast and your spirit repose.

Fun DIY Projects for Bedrooms, Nooks, and Other Private Places

(1) Bloom and monogram

DIY Projects for Bedroom blooming monogram

Stamp your room with your identity with this beautiful blooming monogram. Or maybe you can make this pretty project yourself as a gift to a parent, grandparent or your bestie.  But for whatever reason, the flowery letter speaks of intimacy and friendship.

Source: DIY Blooms and Monogram

(2) Happy to hang

DIY Projects for Bedroom hanging open shelf

A hanging shelf, why not? Put a little bit more happy greenery  in your private space with this hanging open shelf. Maybe partner this project with your very own private hammock for a great back porch idea. Pick up a diy backyard project or two to liven up your private space.

Source: DIY Project for a Bedroom, Nook and Other Private Places – Hanging Shelf

(3) Suchlicious succulents

DIY Projects for Bedroom succulent terrarium

Easy-to-care for with a fresh and healthy vibe, those are succulents for you.  Colorful and interesting, make yourself a little terrarium or pot of succulents and flowers to brighten your day and lighten the atmosphere of your room.  A little plant and colorful flower can go a long way.

Source: Succulents for Your Little Nooks

(4) Crazy for cork

Make these mini cork board for reminders and cute pictures as your spread the color. Spread the fun too.

Source: DIY Colorful Circle Cork Boards

(5) Make mine sheer

diy projects for bedroom lighted sheer draperies

A lovely pair of sheer draperies partnered with fairy lights for a pretty boudoir or bedroom.

Source: Sheer Lighted Draperies

(6) Fruits of the oil and jar

DIY Projects for Bedroom fruit and oil mason jars

Scent and sight all wrapped together in light and fruits – what an amazing idea.  Gather some mason jars, fruits of choice, and oil and you can make this simple but heartwarming diy project for the bedroom or your boudoir. Light up with whimsical style.

Source: All Fruity and Oil Mason Jar Lights

(7) A head for lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom lighted up headboard

Make your headboard all lighted up and bright with this easy-to-do project.  Make your bedroom look fabulous and fancy too while you sleep or maybe relax for some quiet time of your own. It would also be a great background for selfies.

Source: DIY Headboard Lights

(8) Happy hammock

DIY Projects for Bedroom hammock

This is a great project for your quiet corner of the porch where you can spend the last hours of the day watching the sunset or maybe a quiet hour or two to read a book.  Or a relaxing place to surf the internet or read your favorite diy blog.

Source: DIY Projects for Bedroom, Nook, and Other Private Places – Hammock

(9) Strings and lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom light photo wall

Nothing eases us like the warm lights welcoming home.  envision that and a wall of your favorite memories all laid out to bring you a smile or even a chuckle.  You can even do this simple and easy project as a birthday or anniversary surprise as a wall of photographs become more alive with strings of flickering lights. Lights that highlight each stream of memory that you treasure and cherish.

Source: Easy Light Project for a Bedroom

(10) Wrap a yarn

diy projects for bedroom yarn letters

A piece of wood, glue and some yarn in monochromatic hues of your favorite colors and you can make your own personalized monogram. Make another for your bestie. Or maybe one for each member of the family and which they can hang on their bedroom wall or door. More yarn projects can be made with diy nail and string art.

Source: DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

(11) Rustic Lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom twine lights

Soft intimate lights all balled up in twine for a homey and rustic feel. If you can’t be out in the country and camping, then bring the country indoors with a little rustic feel of your own.  The soft lights also give a sense of intimacy and comfort, light old-fashioned bonfires under an open sky. 

Source: Rustic Lights for Bedrooms, Nooks, and Other Private Places

(12) Punching in the lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom tincan lamp

A few holes make this pretty lighted up can – upcycling at its best.

Source: DIY Tin Can Lights

(13) Pom the pillow

DIY Projects for Bedroom pom pom pillows

Cute and cheery, these pom pom pillows add a sense of fun to your cozy little nook.  Enjoy in bright colors to bring a smile or chuckle as you squish them so softly.

Source: DIY Pom Pom Pillows

(14) Pom the rug

DIY Projects for Bedroom pompom rug

Soft and squishy pampering for your feet if you can’t have soft lush green lawn for a barefooted walk. Comfort your senses with this easy and fun pompom rug that you can easily do with a your pom pom pillow. Watch your pet or child have a fun romp on it too. Or you can make your own choice of easy diy rug ideas for your nook and bedroom.

Source: DIY Projects for Bedroom, Nook, and Other Private Places – Pompom Rug

(15) Pouf the magic

DIY Projects for Bedroom pouf

Soft and something you can do without too much hassle, pouf are multi-functional but totally cozy.  Better yet, you can upcycle several old sweaters or bulky shirts for a collection of your own. Plump up the cozy in your bedroom or your cozy nook in the living room.

Source: DIY Pouf Project

(16) Goody bowls

DIY Projects for Bedroom nesting bowls

What makes a space cozy in the sense of cocooning that we feel, a private and safe place where we can stay. How to make a big room cozy? Break it apart with pockets of cozy nooks. In a smaller scale, by placing bowls on top of a table or on bookshelves, we create that little pockets of space that our eyes can sense. Put little familiar bits and pieces like old coins, cute pins, or colorful stones for aesthetics and for that sense of home.

Source: DIY Projects for Bedroom, Nook, and Cranny – Goody Bowls

(17) Vintage teacup lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom tea cup lights

Pretty vintage with these teacup candle holders. Why not mix and match tea cups you can pick up in garage sales to create your own pretty picture in the bedroom or your boudoir. Or maybe put them in the den and partner with beautiful diy candle holders for a little romantic hour or so.

Source: DIY Teacup Candle Holders

(18) DIY Ping Pong lights

DIY Projects for Bedroom ping pong balls

Light and lights – all together in this fun pringpong and lights project.

Source: DIY Ping Pong Lights

(19) Catch me a dream

DIY Projects for Bedroom dream catcher

Make your own dreamcatcher with a few colorful scraps and your own personal ideas.  Wove in your personality and your very own symbolic mementos.

Source: DIY Dreamcatcher

(20) The pleasure of pillows

DIY Projects for Bedroom macaron pillows

All cozy places start with comfort and softness. Nothing exemplifies both like that of pillows – squishy, soft, and so embraceable. Now think of these pillows as pleasurable to your eyes with their cuteness and how pleasurable to your touch with their fluffiness.  Have fun making them as squeezing them.

Source: Pillows for DIY Projects for Bedroom or Boudoir

(21) Glitter light

DIY Projects for Bedroom glitter lights

An empty mason jar and glitter make this pretty jar for your own personal bottled happiness. make several for family and friends and share the happy.

Source: DIY Projects for Bedroom, Nook, and Other Private Places – Glitter Jar

(22) Laundry day colors

diy projects for bedroom braided laundry basket

Upcycle old shirts with this braided laundry bag that will brighten a corner in your room.  Or if you want, place toys and pet stuff to put some sense of order and color in the house.

Source: DIY Braided Laundry Basket

(23) Light up with clouds

DIY Projects for Bedroom cloud lights

To wander as a cloud, evoking days and nights of going with the flow. Couple the cottony clouds with lights and you have the comfortable easy-going atmosphere of carefree days or nights.

Source: Cloud Lights for the Bedroom

(24) Crazy Knits

DIY Projects for Bedroom knit throw

No need for sewing or knitting expertise with this very easy cozy blanket you can knit on your own.

Source: DIY Chunky Knit Throw

(25) Macrame hanging planter

diy projects for bedroom macrame shirt planter

Upcycle an old bright-colored shirt for this macrame planter to hang in your favorite cozy nook. This diy pineapple plant lamp will make things cozier and more whimsical.

Source: DIY Macrame Shirt Planter

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