13 DIY Self Watering Planter Ideas for Your Garden

by craftmin | January 2, 2018

Ready for your vacation of a lifetime? But what about your lush indoor garden? Or maybe you are too busy to take care of plants but you still want some fresh greenery in your condo? Fret no more with these diy self watering planter plans and ideas for the busy you.

Plants with their green lushness are natural air purifiers.  Moreover, with these planters you can grow your own mini vegetable and herb gardens for your own table. Homegrown organic food for yourself and for sharing. Not only will you be able to breathe easier with these diy self watering planter and pots, your heart too will feel at ease with the freshness of nature just right at your fingertips. 

DIY Self Watering Planter and Pots – Plans and Ideas

(1) One-for-Four Hanging Water System

diy self watering planter

A two-part system consisting of the water reservoir and the planter.  This is a great system for really small spaces such an apartments and those with balconies since the planters are hanging and the plants are growing upside down. Also, the system is great for dry places where you would need to water your plants constantly especially in summer.  Additionally, most of the materials are easily available and the system saves a lot of time and is a great convenience especially if you plan to grow fruit-bearing plants.

Source: Upside-down Self Watering Planter

(2) Convert an Ordinary Pot into a Self Watering Planter

diy self watering planter

No need to throw away an old planter in case you would rather have a self watering system.  With this easy diy, you can now convert a big and ordinary plastic planter into a self watering planter. First, get a lidded plastic bowl and an empty plastic bottle and you can turn the ordinary to something more convenient and useful.

Source: Convert a Planter Into a Self Watering One

(3) Self Watering Starter Pots

diy self watering planter

Upcycle your two-liter soda bottles and start to grow some plants.  They make great self watering starter pots for herbs, flowers, and even fruit-bearing seedlings. Why not make your own indoor herb garden from the seedlings you will be planting?

Source: Upcycle Soda Bottles

(4) Wooden Self-Contained Garden

diy self watering planter    

A diy project that may need more skills and tools than what a beginner is prepared for but the yields in terms of convenience and harvest production make up for it. However, anyone looking only for a convenient watering system can be best served by another project. First, gather these basic materials you will need for the project:

  • Wooden planks for the boxes. Hardwoods are preferable, but the softer kinds are okay too
  • Drainage pipes – 3-4 inches though a 4-inch pipe is preferable
  • Plastic sheets – corrugated
  • Electric drill and screws
  • Plastic ties – zip or cable

By making false bottoms and for the wooden boxes to hide the plastic containers, you can have this eye-pleasing garden with all the convenience of a full-pledged vegetable garden.

Source: DIY genuine self watering planter based on Rooftop Garden Guide

(5) Homemade Self Watering Planter

diy self watering planter

First, used plastic buckets and pressure treated wood for your planter – you risk contamination of your plants and eventually for your garden if you do that. Second, this is a large planter so think of it more of a raised vegetable bed than a three-plant pot. Third, any vertical support for plants must be placed early on. Lastly and most importantly – the planter doesn’t use ordinary garden soil.  You have to use a sterile or soilless potting mixture for this. Woodworking in these diy outdoor furniture projects might also interest you.

Source: Sub-irrigated wooden planter based on cedar wood diy self watering planter

(6) Upcycle a Water Container

diy self watering planter

Upcycle your five-gallon water containers into something useful and convenient for you if you want to raise some plants. First, by cutting  the plastic container into two, you could have a water reservoir and an earthen container both.  Next, punch one with the narrow mouth with holes to aerate the soil. Next, put a small mud bowl inside the smaller container. Then, turn  the bigger container upside down and fill with soil. Moreover, you can also put a trellis and grow tomatoes on the one pictured above.

Source: Upcycling a Five-Gallon Water Container

(7) DIY Self Watering Planter Foam Box

diy self watering planter


Foremost, gather the following materials to make yourself a self watering foam box planter: an old ice chest made of styrofoam (with lid), waterproof tape, a stick, and a pipe. Next, by cutting the lid to form a frame, you can easily divide the foam box.  You can also use the planter for growing seedling. Moreover, it is portable to move around to follow the sunlight.

Source: Foam Box Self Watering Containers

(8) Two-pot self watering system

diy self watering planter

First, the upside is that the system makes use of pots you already have. However, the downside is where you place the pots would be a bit more permanent.  But, the system works best in also helping the plant to cool off so it’s a really great system for hot and dry areas.

How to of our two-pot system is to first take two besting planters. Next, seal all the drain holes of the bigger pot. Then place the smaller pot inside the bigger one. Then, put where you plan to place them and it’s ready for planting.  Finally, fill the bigger pot with water.

Source: Two pots and a plan

(9) Buckets of Self Watering Pots

diy self watering planter

First, get two buckets of varying size. The smaller one will be the earth pot while the deeper bucket will contain the water. Additionally, pictured above are upcycled buckets from a bakery. Next, add a styrofoam cup, a non-PVC pipe an inch or more, a funnel (or you can use the narrow end of a plastic bottle), a bit of string, and black plastic bag as liner.  Moreover, with these materials and tools for cutting you can start upcycling buckets as your own self watering flower pots, mini gardens and other diy garden ideas.

Source: DIY Self Watering Buckets

(10) Earthbox Self Watering System

diy self watering planter

Foremost, this system is good for a few days of self watering. Moreover, use this if you are planting herbs and flowers since fruit-bearing plants may need more water and a more long-term self watering system. Additionally, this is a great system for indoor planting and growing. You can also partner the project with these great diy garden boxes.

Source: DIY Self Watering Planter for Herbs and Flowers

(11) Quick and Easy

diy self watering planter

A six-step plan to convert your ordinary flower pot into a self-contained self watering pot. A quick and easy fix if you don’t have much time to build and buy the materials.

Source: Quick Work Pot

(12) Urban Gardening DIY Self Watering Planter

diy self watering planter

Some food containers used for restaurants and delis were used as buckets for this urban garden self watering system. These are great for those with small backyards or balconies. Also, woodworking space-saving projects can also be found here.

Source: Urban Organic Gardening System

(13) Sub-irrigated Container

diy self watering planter

A more detailed plan for those who have the time and patience for details. However, it’s worth it though for this efficient self-irrigating plastic tote. But the biggest plus? Two large self watering planters for $16.

Source: Plastic tote sub-irrigated container

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