16 Amazing DIY Sliding Barn Door Ideas

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

You must be an oriental person to have grown a liking towards sliding doors. But you could also simply just be an average countryside folk to like it Western style. Yes, even the West has its own rendition of the sliding door, too. In fact, even a residential household in the burbs now have this kind of door as well: DIY sliding barn door, that is.

Believe it or not, this sliding door trend has come beyond just the farms now, it essentially is becoming an art style. Whether you like it contemporary, cottage, industrial, or French country in design, there is a flair that is meant for you.

However, for an idea that is unconventional at most, the cost of incorporating a sliding barn door to your household is quite expensive. More so it is probably than the average hinged door you typically see in every home.

Amazing DIY Sliding Barn Door Designs

But, then again, why opt for the expensive route when there are makeshift ways that will significantly cut your expenses by much?

Here are 16 brilliant DIY sliding barn door ideas that are amazing to look at. But, most importantly, they are also very affordable.

  1. Chevron

    DIY Sliding Barn Door

    DIY Sliding Barn Door | Source: Remodelaholic

Who said that barn doors had to look so old, rugged, and ugly? This particular door design is the very depiction of simple and sleek.

If you are interested in knowing how to build this DIY sliding barn door for your home, check out Remodelaholic’s article on it.

  1. Double Sliding

    DIY Sliding Barn Door | Source: Interior Barn Doors

While the appearance of this door isn’t necessarily the neatest to look at, there’s no denying of the exuberating toughness about it. If you are more into how durable the door is rather than how it appears from the outset, this choice might deliver.

You can check an article about this DIY sliding barn door design at Interior Barn Doors.

  1. Sliding Hollow

Not all sliding doors are designs to act as an obstacle to any passageway. Other times, it can only be used as cover to cover a hollow space. This particular sliding door design does such that.

Take a look at Christina’s Adventures’ page and see how she turned this door as a cover for a pantry.

  1. Contemporary Design

When everything indoors seems harmonious to look at, it takes an adoptive door to complete the package, not ruin it. This contemporary sliding door design is meant to complement the visuals of the indoors and not be the center of attraction.

For a more comprehensive visual about this DIY sliding barn door blueprint, check out Paper Daisy Design.

  1. Classic

Sticking close to the original sliding barn door design did not come as more faithful than this classic blueprint.

As if this is not unsurprising, the article featuring this design is the audiences’ favorite at Beneath My Heart website.

  1. Kitchen Barn Door

You may think of the kitchen as that special area where amazing things happen which results to food. On the other hand, it is also the place where the cooking mess exists. But for a place that is both amazing and dingy, the kitchen area is rightfully secluded.

This sliding door design by “Find It, Make It, Love It” depicts an image of an outstanding sliding door as placed within a neutral kitchen setting.

  1. Plumbing Hardware

When budget is really tight and what your wallet can afford are a few plumbing pipes and a door, this idea makes for a very inexpensive option. But given that plumbing pipes are not really known for their smooth surface, constant application of oil makes for a critical element of this design.

For the full instructions on how to build this DIY sliding barn door, visit Jenna Burger Design’s website.

  1. Laundry or Pantry Barn Door

A $100 worth of barn door is not necessarily cheap. But if you are seeking a functional DIY sliding barn door that works as a cover for your pantry or laundry stocks, this might be worth your money.

To learn more of what this specific blueprint is about, check our Jenna Sue Design’s article about it.

  1. The Accent Piece’s

As one of the pioneers about DIY sliding barn door designs in the blogosphere, the “The Accent Piece” created an icon with this particular design. Essentially, this DIY sliding barn door design is a “household name” among bloggers for the same niche.

  1. Tin and Barn Wood

No other words describe this specific design by Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees than “wow” and “cute.” But why be contented in praising it just from afar when you can follow on its designs?

  1. Sliding Screen

When you love some fresh air, but could not leave your door open for fear of getting snuck by flying insects, often it takes a screen door as a mediator. With holes small enough for air to pass through but smaller still for insects to not, screen doors are truly a boon.

Common in a hinged design, this unique approach to screen door gives the best of sliding and semi-permeability of the screen. This brilliant idea is thanks to Planted & Blooming Girl.

  1. Upcycled

    Source: AKA Design

If you are looking for a DIY sliding barn door design that is classy to look at and sophisticated at the same time, this upcycled blueprint by AKA Design takes the cake for both. Luckily, however, this particular design is not very expensive to build.

  1. Farmhouse Barn

    Source: Houzz

A door of this image is difficult not too stand out given its most apparent features. This is perhaps even more if placed at the wrong interior design. However, find the right household blueprint and what you will get is a harmonious design which complements each other, not contradict.

See this Sarah Steinberg Custom Design diagram at Houzz.

  1. Bathroom’s

    Source: Cottage4c

If your only requirement for having a sliding door to cover your bathroom is just price and functionality, this door design lives up to both. For something that meets a rather narrow criterion, just do not expect something uber about its outward appearance.

Check out what original creator at Cottage4c has to say about this makeup.

  1. Sliding French

If looking for something European yet quaint enough for most people’s taste is your thing. Then, this French-inspired design is surely to get your attention. Simple as it may look, it takes the original creator’s full tutorial at The Space Between to complete it from the ground-up.

  1. Entry Way

    Source: Houzz

When a single barn door doesn’t suffice, you know it takes two of the same thing for it to do. Nothing is probably more obvious to the idea than this Entry Way barn door as originally featured at Houzz.

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