DIY Sofa Bed – How to Build one From Scratch

by craftmin | December 14, 2017

This DIY sofa bed project is the answer to a basic need we all have – a place to sleep in comfort and ease.  What if you have an awkwardly-shaped nook or you want more storage space for your stuff?  Well, this DIY sofa bed designed by user derte84 is just right for you. It gives you a comfortable sofa that can turn into a guest’s bed and also functions as the perfect storage for home entertainment equipment. More than that, it fits into that niche that is just screaming to be used.

DIY sofa bed

DIY sofa bed step-by-step


DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

  • 5 pieces of multi-layer wood or MDF board – shown here is 110cm x 120 cm (It would depend on the size of the sofa you plan to make)
  • Thin plywood (for the sides)
  • Big sheets of paper for making the pattern
  • Metal bars for connecting the wood
  • High density 10cm foam
  • Low density 3cm foam
  • Masking or clear tape
  • Fabric for upholstering
  • Electric saw
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Paint or stain

(1) Getting the shape

DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

Before anything else, get the shape.  The nook shown here is right smack in the middle of a curving counter and a curved wall. Tape the pieces of paper together and press the paper on the floor so every curve and corner is impressed on the paper. Cut the paper and then check to see how it fits the area where you want to put the sofa bed in.  Keep the pattern, you will use that later.

(2) Cutting the wood

DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

Do this part carefully, as haste makes waste. Trace the paper cutout on the wooden board TWICE – one for the base, the other for the top.

Next, carefully cut out the shape. Take your time doing the cutting as it has to be done well, especially if you are making a really odd-shaped sofa. Do this in a well-lighted area so youcan  check for every curve and cranny.

Next, check the wood cutout vis a vis the place where you plan to put the sofa and adjust it to achieve a perfectly-shaped wood base. Fill-in any space if you need to do so, finesse if you need to smooth out something.

(3) Building up the sofa

DIY sofa bed DIY sofa bed and entertainment systemDIY sofa bed and entertainment systemDIY sofa bed and entertainment system

DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

The sofa bed will house an entertainment system so it is important to put the equipment where you can easily access it. This means planning where to put the wires and cables and taking note of the power source. It is easy to get carried away with excitement, but the nitty gritty really matters a lot in the planning stage.

After deciding where the equipment is going to be, it should be easy to determine where the cables should go and where to put the “legs” of the sofa. You will use a lot of L-shaped metal brackets – it is a bed after all and having a sturdy foundation and support is really important. Make sure those supports are strong as a whole person will be sleeping on the sofa bed.

(4) Putting on the top and the sides

DIY sofa bed and entertainment systemDIY sofa bed and entertainment system

Next, it’s now time to put on the top of the bed.  Cut out the part where you will put your entertainment equipment.  We will be creating a “door” for that later. Check the strength of the bed, adding braces if necessary.  Now we will  attach the sides of the bed.

First, cut the board to the height of the bed, measuring it accurately. Depending on the plywood, slowly bend it to fit the shape of the bed, otherwise the wood will break. Screw on the board especially at points where it is bent to shape.

At this time, you can now attach the access door to your entertainment system and lay out gray mattingon the inside of the bed to hide the screws and bracket.  The inside parts of the bed can easily be accessed by removing two screws at the side.

Prime the wood, and then paint it. Save your wood scraps and turn them into some great DIY candle holders.

(5) The soft parts

DIY sofa bed and entertainment system

Using the paper pattern, cut out the foams to your required shape then use the pattern to cut out the fabric cover.  The piece of fabric should be bigger than the foam so you can tuck the sides underneath the foam and sew in.  You can ask a buddy who is handy with a sewing machine to help you with this.

Put the low density foam on top of the other foam to keep the shape better and, if there is leftover foam, use it to make pillows. Check out our other DIY wood projects here or decorate your den with this abstract painting.

Source: derte84 Stylish DIY Sofa Bed