DIY Sofas – 45 Stylish Projects for Your Home!

by craftmin | December 26, 2017

Want to renovate your living space to make it more spectacular but are struggling with budget constraints? Don’t worry, this article has your back! When giving your living space a make-over, start with the first piece of furniture your guests will notice – your sofa! Give these 45 DIY Sofas projects a try for a more stylish living space on a budget!


45 Stylish DIY Sofas projects for your home:


1.) Build your own convertible bed DIY sofas!

diy sofas big convertible

Source: A Convertible DIY sofa bed

Do you love hosting sleepovers and bonding with your friends? Then this DIY sofa bed is perfect for you! This sofa can be converted into a bed which is smart and handy, especially for those who love inviting guests to sleep over. This is also good for those who have very limited space, as they can simply enjoy a couch by day, and transform it into a bed at night.

For this project, Duck cloth fabrics are highly recommended because of their water resistance, which makes it easier to clean. But, if you do not have the budget, any fabric will do.


2.) Upgrade your patio with this modular DIY Sofa!

The Modular Outdoor Sectional Sofa Idea

Source: Modular DIY sofa

Give your old patio an upgrade by building a modular sofa! Thisis perfect for those who like taking an afternoon rest on their patio and is also very easy to build using recycled cedar. You also have the freedom to add another sectional piece, if it is a larger couch set you are pining for.


3.) Chill in your garden with this sectional DIY Sofa!

The Custom Peg And Hole Pillow Block Sofa Project

Source:  Sectional DIY sofa

For those who are tired of the same old conventional sofa design, then this project will definitely suit you! With its unique structure and adjustable seats, lounging in your garden will never be the same again.

4.) Create your own DIY Sofa from old bed frames!

The Charcoal Metal Frame Platform Sofa Blueprint

Source: Bed frame DIY sofa

It is hard to believe that the dainty sofa pictured above was actually build from an old bed frame. Its design may be a deviation from the norm, however its unconventional design is what makes it even more charming.

To build this sofa you will need an old bed frame with 3 pieces of foam measuring 70″ by 30″. Give it a more polished look by choosing a good fabric to upholster it with, but if you’re worried about your sewing skills, don’t! This DIY Sofa only needs basic sewing skills.

5.) Re-purpose your door by using it as a frame for your DIY Sofa!

The angled recycled door sofa bed

Source: DIY sofa from door frame

Have a spare old door stored in your garage? Give it a new purpose by transforming it into a sofa frame! Throw on a foam layer and cushions upholstered in quality fabric and you will have a masterpiece for your living space in no time!

6.) Build an unconventional couch from palettes!

rolling out door pink diy sofa

Source: Rolling DIY  sofa

This beautiful and chic pink sofa is actually made out of recycled wood pallets! For this stunning transformation, be wise when choosing the building materials  – pick wooden pallets that still look good, since there are parts which will still be visible. For the couch, choose a thick mattress, and if you are planning on placing this chic sofa on your patio, choose a fabric that is waterproof. You may also install castor wheels if you would like to enjoy a hassle-free and lift-free sofa.


7.) Gather your scrap wood pallets for an entire sofa set!

The Fun Miniature Pallet Wood diy sofas

Source: wood pallet sofa set

This simple but functional DIY sofa is a bit more complex than the first pallet project above. However, it is an entire sofa set with a smaller sofa chair as well. For a wonderful result, ensure that the base of the sofa is based on an accurate measurement of the mattress and make sure the mattress is thick enough for your liking.

If you think this sofa set is too much for you to make, keep in mind that the small sofa only takes two hours to build, and two full wood pallets! You can definitely do it!

8.) Save money with  budget friendly DIY sofas!

Webbing Lounger Sleeper diy sofas

Source: Webbed-frame DIY sofa

This project is suitable for those who are really on a tight budget! With some woodwork skills, sewing experience, and inexpensive cushions, you can create a simple but decent looking sofa for your home.

Take into consideration the measurement of the cushions when building the sofa frame, to avoid mistakes.

9.) Install wheels on your sofas for easy arrangement!

Custom Wheeled diy sofas

Source: Wheeled DIY sofa

If you are the type of person who loves re-arranging your furniture, this project is sure to suit you! Install wheels on your wooden pallet sofa for easier mobility so you no longer have to ask someone to assist you, and you can arrange your furniture without hassle!


10.) Give your old crib a new life – transform it into a sofa!

Up Cycled Baby Crib diy sofas

Source: DIY sofa from crib

The time will always come when the children no longer have use  for their cribs. If you have one stored in your garage, re-purpose it into a functional sofa! Transform your old cribs into a love seat couch!

11.) Amaze your friends with copper pipe DIY Sofas!

Brass Framed diy sofas

Source: Copper pipe DIY sofa

Wow your guests and visitors with this truly unconventional sofa. This project is actually made out of copper pipes and a good sheet of fabric. With enough patience and creativity, you can pull this project off!


12.) Build this simple arm-less sofa for your outdoor living space!

Pallet Armless Outdoor diy Sofas

Source: Arm-less sofa

An outdoor sofa is a good idea, especially for those who love basking in the afternoon sun. This simple project only makes use of wood pallets and wood stain. To make it even more durable, seal the pallets with polyurethane before applying a brown finish.

13.) Create a vintage-looking sofa out of old doors!

Diy sofas Door Couch Blueprint

Source: Vintage sofa

Give your couch a personality by building it out of old doors! With three old doors, some pieces of scrap wood, screws and cushions, you can build your own sofa!  You may paint the sofa after you build it but, if you want your sofa to have a vintage touch, do not paint it after.

14.) Re-purpose old doors, build your own sofa bed!

repurposed diy sofas

Source: Re-purposed door

If an inexpensive sofa is what you are looking for, then why don’t you simply create one for yourself? Believe it or not, the sofa pictured above is not bought from  furniture shop but was made instead. Using re-purposed old doors, re-cycled cushion and throw pillows with a pop of color, you have an inexpensive but gorgeous sofa!

15.) Build woodwork-friendly DIY sofas for your home!

diy sofasIf you're searching for inexpensive furniture, you have to see this re-purposed wood couch. It looks so fantastic that it might be hard to believe that it doesn't come from the sofa furniture shop. This sofa bed is made of old doors, and you can customize it to fit your available living space. It will certainly change the look of your living room for the better, but the instructions are on the thin sides. You might want to get someone to help you if you are a DIY novice.

Source: Simple DIY sofa

If you are having second thoughts about giving DIY sofas a shot, because you are not confident with your woodwork skills, then this project is perfect for you! This simple sofa does not have any arms or headboard, so there is little woodwork needed. All you need is some screws, nuts, bolts, and screw guns!

If you hav spare wood pallets afterwards, you can also build a coffee table to match your sofa bed!

 16.) Make room for visitors with large pallet DIY sofas!

Inexpensive Corner Sectional Pallet Sofa Couch Idea

Source: Large pallet sofa

This sofa project is suitable for those who frequently have guests in their house. Because of its large size, this sofa can accommodate a lot more people than an average couch. It’s also ideal because it is very inexpensive and easy to build, as it is made from wood pallets. To make your large pallet sofa even more fabulous, choose good-quality fabrics, and patterned throw pillows with a pop of color.

17.) Build a sofa for your patio for only $45!

$45 Patio Accent Love Seat Sofa

Source: $45- DIY sofa for your patio

This beautiful and inviting love seat is actually a DIY project! With as sleek a finished product as the sofa pictured above, no one will suspect that it is actually made out of wood pallets and Plywood. Throw on some cushions, upholster it with nice fabric and, voila! With a budget of only 45 bucks, you can make a sofa that is not only comfortable to sit on, but also pleasing to the eye.

18.) Re-upholster your old couch into a brand new sofa!

18. The $75 Refurbished And Reupholstered Sofa Plan

Source: Re-upholstered old sofa

You don’t have to discard your old sofa and buy a new one just to reinvent your living space. Instead, re-upholster your old sofa and transform it into a brand new once instead! With the help of a painter’s drop cloth, staple gun, nose pliers, flat head screwdriver, and upholsters threads and needles, you can give your old sofa a total make-over!

19.) Build your own sofa bed in less than 5 hours!

19. The Simple Casual Gray Or Green Modern Box Sofa Blueprint

Source: DIY sofa bed in less than 5 hours

This sofa project is perfect for those who are looking for inexpensive DIY projects you can build in less than a day. This wood framed couch looks plain and simple but it sure is durable and has a classic timeless vibe. What’s even better is that you can transform this couch into a sofa bed if you want to.

20.) Build a stylish black sofa for only $200

20. The Contemporary Beach Gray Outdoor Sofa Build

Source: $200 DIY sofa

Buying a brand new stylish and fabulous sofa for your living space sure would be expensive. Fortunately, you can build one for yourself instead! With a budget of 200 bucks, all you need is some solid wood, cushions, wood stain and, of course, your handy toolbox. You will be surprised how easy it is to build this fabulous sofa!


21.) Give your patio a zest of modernity with this DIY sofa!

21. The Casual Plush Navy Outdoor Simple Sofa Idea

Source: Modern patio sofa

Give your patio a modern touch by building this outdoor couch! For this project to be possible, you will need a Kreg jig, pocket hole screws, cushions, and pillows. Paint the structure of the sofa with a good coat of white, and upholster the cushion and pillows with a nice pop of color. This way, your sofa will give your patio a touch of modernity, and offer something fresh to your eyes while you are outdoors.

22.) Give your DIY sofas a pop of color!

22. The Diy Orange Lounger Plush Luxury Sofa Project

Source: Simple DIY sofa with orange cushion

Freshen up your living room with this DIY project! With this simple project, you can easily create a sofa that will wow your guests. You can change the design and the measurements of the sofa depending on the availability of the materials that you have, which is great for those who are new to building sofas.


23.) Relax outdoors with this lounge sofa!

23. The Basic Teal Accent Weather Resistant Outdoor Sofa Project

Source: An outdoor lounge sofa 

If you are blessed with an outdoor space, then you might as well take advantage of it. Build yourself an outdoor sofa you can relax in, specially during the breezy autumn days. With this outdoor sofa, your afternoon relaxation break will never be the same again!


24.) Build this dreamy storage red sofa!

24. The Narrow Red Storage Basement Sofa Blueprint

Source: storage red sofa

This breath-taking red couch will look good in anyone’s home, but you will need quite a bit of experience in wood-work if you want to build it. This DIY project may not be for beginners but the beautiful red couch with its flawless beddin sure is worth going the extra mile.

25.) Create your own DIY sofas with built-in storage!25. The Beach Themed Family Living Room Storage Sofa Build

Source: Sofa with a built-in storage

The colorful sofa pictured above not only offers a comfortable seat, but it also has built-in storage! You can stash your magazines inside the sofa, or toys, if you have children. This DIY project is made using of pine wood and a clear poly finish.


26.)  Take a rest in this large DIY sofa!

simple diy sofas Source: Large sofa

 If a bigger love seat is what you are looking for, then this project is sure to suit your needs.  This sofa bed measures 84″ by 5″ and makes use of 5″ thick cushion. For the base of your sofa, use plywood with 1/4” measurement for a sturdier sofa. As for the seat cover, use zipping upholster for easier washing.

27.) Build a cushioned love seat for your patio!

27. The Outdoor Mint Blue Comfortable Patio Sofa Idea

Source: Outdoor lounge

Take an afternoon rest in this DIY outdoor lounger which is simple to make and gives you the option of using re-cycled cushions and pillows. All you will need for this project is a compound miter saw, a Kreg jig, square head screws, and a little bit of woodwork experience!

28.)  Build this modern gray sofa for only $350!

28. The West Elm Style Cloth Out Door Fabric Sofa Idea

Source: Modern gray sofa

For this stunning modern sofa, all you will need is some treated lumber, a paint drop cloth, screws, and some woodwork experience. With those in hand, you can build this sofa for your home with a budget of 350 bucks, depending on the materials.


29.) Build this simple couch for your outdoor space!

29. The Backyard Barbecue Furnishing Sofa Project

Source: Modern outdoor sofa

With wood and some power tools, you do not have to be expert to build this modern sofa for your patio! To top it off, use a cushion with a good color of fabric to complement the bare structure. This modern outdoor sofa is sure to add beauty and charm to your outdoor space!

30.) Build this expensive-looking sectional sofa out of wood pallets!

pallet sectional sofa

Source: Sectional sofa

An amazing and stunning furniture does not have to be expensive. The pictured sectional sofa above looks dainty, but it is actually very cheap to make s it is made out of wood pallets. In addition, this sectional sofa is very versatile, looking good in both outdoorand indoor spaces. It really is possible to achieve an expensive-looking sofa set within a small budget.

31.) Build your own convertible DIY sofas for only $200

11. The $200 Espresso Colored Couch Futon Design

Source: $200 DIY sofa bed

You do not have to look twice at this inviting sofa bed to be seduced by its design. This DIY sofa can be converted from a couch into a sofa bed anytime of the day! The plan comes with the complete dimension specifications as well as sewing tips. Believe it or not, this DIY project only costs 200 bucks!

32.) Build a safe sofa bed for your children!

12. The Fainting Couch Italian Children Sofa Idea

Source: Sofa bed for children

This sofa is perfect for those who have children at home as it is only a bit higher than the floor, so itis safer for the children to lie on. You can build this unique sofa out of a used crib and leftover wood, then throw on a mattress, and you have a sofa bed of your own! For it to look more eye catching, choose colorful bedding for your mattress to complete the look.

33.) Create this cozy love seat made out of wood planks!

13. The Big Cozy Custom Wood Plank Loveseat Sofa Project

Source: Wood plank love seat

This cozy love seat is relaxing to nestle down in while spending the afternoon in your outdoor space, and is actually quite easy and inexpensive to make. All you need aside from tools, are wood planks, as well as cushions and pillows.

34.) Build this convertible sofa bed for two!

14. The Family Diy Pallet Fabric Sofa Bed Blueprint

Source: Two separate bedroom couches

This sofa bed is perfect for hosting sleepovers in your home! This DIY project makes a convertible sofa that can accommodate two persons, as it transforms into two separate bedroom couches! For this project, all you need are double wood pallets, and wheels for the bottom bunk to roll out easily.

35.) Build this cozy sofa for your living room!

 15. The Casual Chaise Lounge Diy Sofa Build

Your wallet does not have to suffer in order to style your living space with an expensive looking couch. Take this sofa set, for example: this beauty simply uses wooden frames, two cheap mattresses, eight bed legs, a staple gun, furniture fabrics, and a lot of pillows. With these materials to hand and step-by-step instructions, your home will soon be enhanced with this fabulous sofa set!


36.) Build an impressive DIY sofas for your outdoor space!

16. The Piped Bench Blue And White Porch Sofa Design

Source: Outdoor sofa

You will be able to create this impressive and stunning outdoor sofa just with the following materials: an old bench, 3′ foam cushion, batting, thread, fabric, sew-in Velcro straps, and some woodwork tools! For the cushion’s fabric, use shower curtains for a durable and easy-to-maintain finish.


37.) Build this simple but cozy sofa out of an old bed frame!

17. The Velvety Ikea Couch Hack Idea

Source: Simple sofa from bed frame

Building your own sofa is not as hard as you think it is. If you are a beginner, you can give this DIY sofa a shot. With a spare bed frame, a firm mattress, foam, foam glue, a staple gun, wood saw, and fabric covering, you can build a simple but cozy sofa for your home! It is always recommended to use a mattress or foam that is a few inches thick so you can sit and relax comfortably.


38.) Build this sectional wood pallet sofa with a built-in compartment!

18. The Sectional Pallet Wood Storage Sofa Idea

Source: Sectional sofa with hidden storage

This DIY project is sure to be a centerpiece of your room, and no one will guess that it is made out of wood pallets! This sectional sofa also has another feature to offer: it has a built-in secret compartment beneath the seats for your belongings. If you have spare materials after finishing, you can also build a coffee table to complete and match the set.

39.) Create a sturdy sofa out of wood pallets!

19. The Pallet Wood Upholstered Sectional Sofa Project

Source: Sturdy grey sofa

For this block model sofa to be a success, you will firstly need good quality wood pallets to stack for the frame of the sofa. Afterwards, pick a fabric to soften the edges. To finish the look, use a nail gun and scissors to secure the fabric on the sofa frame. It’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3, and you can have a durable sofa of your own!


40.) Build a convertible sofa bed for only $120

20. The Mini Fold Out Seat Italian Storage Sofa Design

Source: $120 DIY convertible sofa bed

Building your own sofa to wow your friends does not have to cost too much money. With only $120, you can build a stylish white couch for your house! What makes it an even better deal is that you can convert your sofa into a bed as well!




Source: Re-upholstered Sofa

You do not have to think hard to give your existing sofa an upgrade. If you don’t want to buy or build a new sofa, simply change the fabric cover! You are sure to be amazed by the big difference this subtle change will bring to your sofa. It is also a good way to save money, as re-upholstering your sofa costs less than 75 bucks!



42 big sofa diy sofas

Source: Sectional Big Sofa

If your living space is quite big and can make room for a gargantuan sofa, then why don’t you build a sectional sofa bed? Simply make a sofa bed out of two twin sized mattresses, and frame it using collected or scrap wood. Afterwards, use some basic sewing skills for a great sofa bed that can give your guests a comfortable sleep!



43 functional sofa bed with sand box

Source: Outdoor sofa with built-in sand box

This DIY outdoor sofa is a project that is sure to please your kids! Create an outdoor sofa out of salvaged wood pallets and, for the ultimate twist, install a built-in sand box in between. This functional outdoor sofa will guard your kids as they play with sand to their heart’s content.


44 vintage sofa with built in storage

Source: Vintage Outdoor Sofa with Built-in Storage

Love spending your afternoons in your yard? Why not build this vintage sofa for your backyard? Create a simple sofa out of salvaged wood pallets for a vintage look. For an optimized outdoor sofa, build a secret storage compartment inside to stash your essential items. You may also add wheels for easy mobilization.



45 modern diy sofas

Source: DIY Modern Sofa


Create a DIY sofa that will certainly look good in your modern home. Using good-quality plywood and a comfortable mattress or foam cushion, you can easily set up your new sofa! The simplicity of this DIY sofa adds charm to its beauty, and certainly makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

Certainly, out of these 45 DIY sofas, there is sure to be a sofa project that will work well for you and your home!