DIY Sunburst Mirror – Making Mirrors Right

by craftmin | December 20, 2017

Got some time to spare? Upcycle an ordinary mirror into a stunning DIY sunburst mirror.

Sunbursts have always been a favorite ornamental motif, with some examples dating back during the Medieval period.  

Reminiscent of the Host, it was a ubiquitous motif in Baroque churches then reached its heyday with the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. During that time, sunbursts were normally gilded and bronzed.  Since then, it fell in popularity but is now enjoying a revival.

Sunbursts evoke optimism and the happy and glam times of the roaring 20s. And with a glue gun, wooden dowels, and a can of spray paint, you can upcycle your ordinary mirror to evoke the same sentiments. It complements sleek and stylized decor but can also just upgrade a blank wall.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Materials You Will Need:

  • Wooden dowels
  • Small round mirror
  • Glue gun
  • Can of spray paint
  • Crafting shears or knife
  • Ruler
  • Painter’s tape – any kind
  • Canvas cloth or newspapers
  • Hook for hanging the mirror

How to make your own DIY sunburst mirror

(1) Clear your workspace, making sure to include space for the dowels and working on the mirror. Remove labels on both the mirror and the dowels.

(2) Using your ruler or measuring tape, cut 8 wooden dowels into 15-inch lengths. Glue the wooden dowels to the back of the mirror, spacing all eight evenly.

(3) Cut an additional 8 dowels into 8-inch lengths and position them between the 15-inch dowels, making sure they are equally-spaced. Glue in place.

(4) Next, cut more dowels into 10-inch and 12-inch lengths. Artistically place them inbetween the 15-inch and 8-inch dowels, using your own creativity.  Make sure that you glue the dowels down properly and that you let the glue completely dry.

(5) Check the dowels for strength before turning over the mirror. It’s time to spray paint!

(6) Cover the reflective side of the mirror with painter’s tape, making sure it’s completely protected. You wouldn’t want to mar the surface with paint later on.

(7) Next, move to a work-area with ample ventilation, either a garage or outdoors, and place the mirror on a canvas cloth or thick spread of newspapers. Lightly spray the mirror and the dowels, allowing them to dry between coats. Use your own judgement, but 2-3 coats should be enough. Be careful to spray all the surfaces evenly, not just the front of the mirror. Check for missed areas in between each coat.

(8) Allow the paint to completely dry then remove the painter’s tape.

(9) Finally, attach a hook or wire to the back of your new DIY sunburst mirror.  Hang it as a decorative element to highlight a room or glue a can pull tab to the back of the mirror – a great recycling moment.

Check here for an alternative DIY sunburst mirror project.

Add a dash of panache:

  • An alternative is to spray paint the dowels before attaching them to the back of the mirror.
  • Attach tiny round mirrors to the end of the dowels, something similar to this Beautiful Mirror Wall Decor.
  • In case paint gets onto the mirror’s reflective surface, gentle scrape it off with a knife.

Video Tutorial: DIY Sunburst Mirror