DIY Table Saw – Save money by building your own Homemade Table Saw!

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

A good set of tools is always needed for working with wood and perhaps the most essential tool is a handy and reliable table saw. You may not need a good table saw for easy wood projects but an opportunity will arise from time to time when you will need to cut large pieces of wood accurately! The average table saw costs around 500 bucks,  but don’t worry – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good table saw. This article will teach you how to build your own DIY Table saw from scratch!


The process of building your DIY Table saw!


*Gather important tools and materials*

Before we proceed with the project, first gather all the essential materials you need! For this DIY Table saw project, you will need the following:

  • Melamine board or Plywood – if you don’t have any, you may use other flat wooden boards for the table top and its legs.
  • Wood screws – you will be needing wood screws in 50 mm and in 16 mm with flat head.
  • Circular saw – do not forget this one!
  • Zip ties
  • Power strip
  • Drill and bits
  • Clamps
  • Square
  • File

diy table saw

After you have gathered all of the materials listed above, you will be ready to start building your homemade DIY table saw! Ready? Let’s begin!


FIRST: Begin with the drills!

first step diy table saw

Begin by drilling 5 holes in thhe base of your circular saw base, each measuring 4mm in diameter. The holes drilled on your circular saw base will become the new fixing points to the board.

Once you are done with the drilling, don’t forget to clean the leftover burs from the base of your circular saw.


SECOND: Place in the circular saw in position

second step diy table saw

The material used for the table top is a Melamine board, an old laminated particle board, but you can also use simple Plywood. You can actually recycle a used board for this DIY table saw project – this board, for example, used to be part of a cabinet. It works well for this project since it is flat and straight and the edges are perfectly square in shape.

The measurement of the Melamine board should be 1.8 cm thick, 50 cm wide and 80 cm long.

Place the circular saw in the desired position, from 30 cm from front to the saw, depending on your preference.

After checking that everything is in position, screw all of the 5 screws into the pre-drilled holes. Use wood screws in 16 mm with flat head for a more secure hold. Don’t forget to check that the circular saw is perpendicular to the surface and the front edge.

THIRD: Turn on the circular saw!



Switch the circular saw on and carefully cut a gap in the melamine boart to make room for the blade. Do not forget to check whether everything is perpendicular and aligned.


FOURTH: Set up the base of your DIY table saw!

step 4 diy table saw

Mark, pre-drill then screw two beams measuring 8 by 4 cm to the bottom of the board, which will serve as the fixing structure of the table saw legs.To create the legs, use the same board material that you have used previously. In between the legs, insert one or two more boards to give sturdier and more durable support. 

FIFTH: Set up the Electric function of your DIY table saw!

step 5 diy table saw

Zip tie the depressed trigge then drill two holes to zip and secure the power strip. Use a power strip with an on-off toggle button for easier usage.

SIXTH: Test your finished DIY table saw!


Source: Instructables

Attach two clamps, a square beam and, voila! You now have your own DIY table saw which you can use anytime you need it! Don’t forget to test your finished work to make sure everything is working well!

Once you are satisfied with the end result, remember to clean all of the clutter you made and keep a tidy woodwork environment!