DIY Table: 10 Fun and Easy Projects For Your Home

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

A table is one of the most common pieces of furniture, but that doesn’t mean they are not worthy of a second glance. Tables also serve as one of the most functional pieces of house decoration, coming in different shapes and sizes and in a range of materials, which make them very interesting to make. In this article, we have 10  fun and easy DIY table projects which you will be proud to show off in your home!




1.) Re-invent an old barn door into a table!

                                                                 BARN DOOR DIY TABLE

Source: Cleverly Inspired

The beautiful rustic table pictured above actually used to be an old battered barn door. The couple who built this particular DIY table originally wanted to buy one, but it cost 680 bucks. They opted to create one instead, and were able to achieve the same result whilst spending less than 100 bucks.

2.) Use a wooden crate as side table!

crate diy table

Source: Brepurposed

Your home could feature the industrial rustic side table pictured above with this DIY table project. Using a wooden crate, liquid nails and PVC pipes, you too can create a side table as lovely as this one!


3.) Build your own faux concrete side table!

faux concrete diy table

Source: Red House West

Concrete tables cost a hefty sum of money, so why not create a concrete-inspired table instead of buying one? The table pictured above is actually a simple DIY table project. With a wooden disc, an old trash can and feather finish, you can build your own faux-concrete table for less than 50 bucks.

4.) Build a drink perch for your sofa!

arm sofa diy tableSource: Francois et Moi

If you are living in a studio apartment with very limited space, you could build a drink perch instead of a table. You’ll be able to drink and leave your glass unattended on your sofa, without it spilling over your precious cushioned seat. This way, you can enjoy a drink without a coffee table occupying any floor space.

5.) Build your own DIY table in less than 2 hours!

very easy diy table

Source: DIY of A Preppy Mom

Don’t let this table fool you into thinking that is store bought. This DIY table project actually only takes 2 hours of your time and a few scrap pieces of wood. With a good choice of paint color and embellishments, this table will work wonders in your home!


6.) Build a side table out of a tree stump!

tree stump diy table

Source: Oh Everything Handmade

A tree stump makes for a stunning side table, but they sure are expensive if you buy them instore. But, if you really want your home to have this nature-inspired and earthy masterpiece, you can build one yourself. You will need patience though, because this DIY table is a bit time consuming. To start off, simply prepare a fresh tree stump, then remove its bark. Then use an electric sander to sand the stump. Within a week you will have your very own stumped side table inside your home.

7.) Save space and money with this narrow DIY table!

ikea inspired DIY TABLE

Source: Let’s Eat Grandpa!

This DIY table project is perfect for if you have limited space, and also a limited budget. Without breaking the bank, you can build a chic narrow table like the one pictured above which is actually built out of an IKEA wall shelf and a pair of table legs. What makes this project better is that it does not use any visible brackets because the shelf itself contains the wall attachments. Simple and sleek, right?


8.) Build a coffee table from Birch plywood!

diy coffee table

Source: Idle Hands Awake

Can you believe that the stunning coffee table pictured above was built at home and not bought from a store? This gorgeous coffee table was actually a project built from Birch plywood and brass hairpin legs! The Birch plywood was coated with a beautiful wood stain, while the brass legs give the coffee table a touch of sophistication. This coffee table is not only beautiful to look at, but it also features functional storage to hold essential items and embellishments.

9.) Create a modern Danish coffee table!

diy danish table

Source: Francois et Moi

A living room can rarely survive without a coffee table, which can be used as a drinks perch, a game table, s casual dining table or even a craft table. However, a coffee table may be crossed off the list by those who have limited living space. In this DIY table project, you can have a coffee table without sacrificing too much of your living space – simply build your own modern Danish coffee table!

10.) Use PVC pipes for your table legs!

DIY industrial TABLE

Source: DIY Ready

Planning to build your own table but clueless where to begin? Why not start with this simple and inexpensive DIY table project, which can be used as a workbench in your garage or even as a stunning dining table. All you need is a tabletop and PVC pipes for its legs to achieve an industrial look.


These 10 DIY table projects are easy and fun to do, and whichever project you begin with is sure to be a success!