DIY Tabletop – 14 Creative Designs For Your Table!

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

Tired of the same plain and dull looking table everyone seems to have in their dining room? Perhaps you have an old table that needs a major make-over, in which case you can never go wrong with a DIY Tabletop Be it a project using stencils and paint, or unique materials like fabric, there is a DIY tabletop design perfect for you!




1.) Re-invent your tabletop with stencils!


Source:  DIY Beautify

Sometimes, you get tired of dining at the same plain-looking tables you’ve always had at home. Don’t worry, because more often than not, all you only need to make an old table interesting again is an eye-popping color and a stencil! In less than two hours, you won’t be able to take your eyes off your table ever again!


2.) Add a vintage touch with a wooden stain!

stencil ver. 2 diy tabletop

Source: Domestic Imperfection

This beautiful DIY tabletop uses a detailed stencil and a combination of white and blue paints. The original wooden hue of the table was retained for the borders of the stencil, which adds a unique charm. If you want to make it look even more vintage than it is, top the paint with a spray of wood stain.

3.) Stencil! Prime! and Paint!

stencil ver 3 diy tabletop

Source: Pretty Handy Girl 

Would you believe that the beautiful tabletop pictured above was hauled from the trash? With a stencil, primer and a pastel chalk paint, this old reash-table was transformed into a gorgeous Scandinavian dsign!


4.)  Gold-stenciled wooden tabletop!

golden stenciled wood diy tabletop

Source: Sharktails

If you want a stenciled tabletop but don’t have any intricate stencils, don’t worry! Stencils are not only for complicated designs. For this DIY tabletop, a simple herringbone stencil can work wonders on your old table with the right hue of paint – for example here, a golden-hued stencil works just right with the wooden tabletop.

5.) Golden stenciled glassed tabletop!

golden glass stencil diy tabletop

Source: Remodelaholic

This beautiful herringbone stencil not only works well with wooden tabletops, but also looks perfect with a glassed tabletop!


6.) Build your own coffee table from butcher block surface!

butcher block coffee tabletop

Source: By Brittany Goldwyn

This DIY tabletop is not quite beginner friendly, because it requires some serious woodworking skills. Nevertheless, it is still a DIY tabletop that anyone who is determined enough should be able to pull off. Build your own coffee table or dining table out of a butcher block surface and add a stain to accentuate the grain.


7.) Give your tabletop a live edge!

live edge diy tabletop

Source: Remodelaholic

A live-edge tabletop is stunning and gorgeous, but can also be fairly expensive! But your pocket shoudn’t have to worry about the expense of a live edge table top – simply create one for yourself. With a belt sander, you can create a beautiful edges on your tabletop which will really make a statement for your room.

8.) Create a tabletop out of scraps!

scrap table diy tabletop

Source: Instructables

Believe it or not, the tabletop pictured above was created from free scraps. Yes, free scraps! To create this beautiful tabletop you need a lot of time for the wood lamination, which can take hours depending on the size of your project. Nevertheless, no matter how long it takes you to make this, it will be worth it! The combination of natural wood grain and the color variations of each scrap creates a beautiful masterpiece.


9.) Go for a paint stick tabletop!

paint stir sticks diy tabletop

Source: Thistle Wood Farms

For this simple but beautiful DIY tabletop, use paint stir sticks to achieve a gorgeous tabletop without having to spend too much money.


10.)   Use pallet wood slats instead of a glass top!

pallet wood slats diy tabletop

Source: Remodelaholic

The coffee table pictured above used to have a glass top, but unfortunately it broke. Intead of chucking out the frame, use pallet wood slats instead. Don’t forget to paint the pallet wood slats to give it a more pleasant touch!

11.) Think outside the box with this tiled tabletop!

tiled diy tabletop

Source: Remodelaholic

If you don’t want to go with a conventional glass or wooden tabletop, think outside the box and opt for a tabletop made out of floor tiles.


12.) Use a wood plank tabletop cover!wood plank diy tabletop

Source: Remodelaholic

This DIY tabletop is a genius idea for those who have kids! If your table is in dire need of a make-over but you don’t want to replace it because your kids are using it for painting and crafting, then this project is for you! Simply create a tabletop made from wood planks and slide it onto your table. You can enjoy eating dinner from a neat and decent-looking tabletop and then, a minute later, enjoy artistic activities with your kids without worry.

13.) Be inspired with this industrial faux side tabletop!

Industrial diy tabletop

Source: Love Create Celebrate

Don’t let the industrial-styled side table pictured above fool you into thinking it is expensive. This table was actually bought from a basic furniture store and transformed into a chic looking side table with just a few touches of creativity!

14.) Create a tabletop out of vintage-looking tiles!

vintage tiled table top

Source: Royal Design Studio

Add vintage charm to your table by painting a tabletop with faux-aged blue glazed tilea! Tiled tables are stunning accent pieces which give the room a lot of personality and attitude. Using real vintage tiles is fairly expensive, so opt for these faux-vintage tiles instead.

These 14 DIY tabletop designs are sure to give your tabletop the reinvention it needs! Say goodbye to your plain, old-looking table top and start bringing out the creative side of you by re-styling your tabletop!