DIY Tapestry – 18 Projects to Make Walls Interesting!

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

Wall tapestries have been used as a beautiful decoration since the 3rd century BC and, even in the present, wall hangings are still seen as a stylish wall decor that can transform a boring wall into an interesting one. However, not many people opt to hang a tapestry, because they think they are expensive to buy – and they do have a point. Quality wall tapestries cost money, lots of money. However, instead of buying wall tapestries, why not create one for your wall with this DIY Tapestry project?



It may sound unbelievable but DIY tapestry is not difficult to create, and the result of creating one for your wall is sure totransform any room for the better! All you need for this project is your creativity and your love for crafts!


1.)  Create a cute tapestry out of rugs!

rug diy tapestry

Source: Poppy Talk

Who would have thought that this cute and artistic printed tapestry in the picture is actually made out of rugs? Buy printed rugs and instead of placing them on the floor, hang them on the walls instead. This way, you can make your room an effortless but totally cute DIY tapestry.

2.) Create a wall banner out of canvas!

2 canvas diy tapestry

Source: The Wonder Forest

Create a wall banner with a plain canvas, a wooden stick and your creativity! You could paint or print a quotation, a phrase, or your motivational motto onto the canvas, then insert the wooden stick and hang your little wall banner!


3.) Play with feathers for a dreamy wall decor!

feather diy tapestry

Source: Homey Oh My

To achieve a boho DIY tapestry, play around with feathers. String them together and hang it onto the wall to give your bedroom an earthy and dreamy touch!

4.) Unleash the artist within you with Ikat arts!

ikat art diy tapestry

Source: Love Grows Wild

For a stunning and truly creative DIY tapestry like the one pictured above, all you will need is a canvas and painting materials. Have fun teaching yourself the art of Ikat – the experience will be truly rewarding once you see your finished product!


5.) Make Macrame curtains for your walls!

macrame curtain diy tapestry

Source: abeautifulmess

Macrame curtains are not only functional curtains used for dividing rooms, or for giving privacy. This curtain can also be used as a unique wall decor! In this DIY tapestry, a Macrame curtain effortlessly adds a touch of quirkiness to the walls of your room.


6.) Hang a mini Macrame curtain!

mini macrame diy tapestry

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

If you think the first Macrame curtain idea is a bit too overwhelming for you and too big for your room, then try this DIY tapestry instead! Opt for a mini-Macrame  for an easier and lighter wall decor.

7.) Create your DIY tapestry out of bed sheets!

bed sheet diy tapestry

Source: Design Sponge

Re-invent your bed sheets with stencils and colorful paints to create a tapestry which can cover your entire wall. It may take quite a time due to the size of bed sheets but the end result will be totally worth the effort!


8.) Achieve this Boho tapestry with a cloth dye!

dye cloth diy tapestry

Source: Kelli Murray

To achieve the work of art pictured above, all you need is a cloth, cloth dye and a design of your choice. For this project, you will really be needing your creativity if you want to create something truly magnificent.

9.) Create a motivational wall banner with fabric cut-outs!

DIY tapestry out of fabric cut outs

Source: I Spy DIY

When designing your wall banner, think outside the box and be even more creative: instead of printing or painting words of encouragement, why don’t you cut the letters and words out of fabrics! This will require more work since cutting each letters is sure to take time and precision but, then again, the end result will be worth it.


10.) Use a wax resist dip-dyeing technique for a beautiful ombre!

ombre diy tapestry

Source: Going Home to Roost

Give wax resist dip-dyeing a shot and be struck with awe by the finished product. Like the DIY tapestry pictured above, this wax resist dip-dyeing technique creates a beautiful ombre that adds earthly beauty to the wall of any room.


11.) How to make a wall hanging without a loom!

loomless textured diy tapestry

Source: Annabode

You don’t have to go through the trouble of looming in order to achieve the masterpiece pictured above. In just ten minutes you will have a stunning textured wall tapestry using only twine, two rugs and simple but sturdy knotting skills.


12.) Use a twig or a tree-branch for your wall banners!

moon designed diy tapestry

Source: Everything Golden Blog

With a cool banner design and a varnished twig or branch, you too can have this Boho inspired tapestry!

13.) Transform a shower curtain into a fun tapestry!

shower curtain tapestry

Source: House of Jade Interiors Blog

Have an old shower curtain with cool graphics stashed in your storage room? Bring it out and transform it into a beautiful DIY tapestry!


14.) Create wall decors out of colorful yarns!

fun yarns diy tapestry

Source: Sugar and Cloth

Create a bright and cheerful wall decor with colorful yarns. Any walls decorated with these colorful pompoms are sure tobe touched with positive vibes! 

15.) Embellish your old rugs with various decors!

embellished diy tapestry

Source: The Kipi Blog

Transform your old rug into a quirky tapestry by filling it with various embellishments. Just like the DIY tapestry featured in the photo above, the old rug filled with floral embellishments gives life to an otherwise plain wall.

16.) Use tassels for a minimalist tapestry!

tassel diy tapestry

Source: Homey Oh My

If you don’t really like large wall decorations, this DIY tapestry project is for you! Hang tassels together for a minimalist and non-overwhelming wall decor.

17.) Line up colorful yarns for a bursting tapestry!

ray of colors diy tapestry

Source: I Spy DIY

Use bright colored yarns and line them up together to form a tapestry which is bursting with colors. This tapestry is sure to give your walls a touch of sunshine!


18.) Create a dreamy atmosphere with a canopy tapestry!


Source: Urban Outfitters

If you have a load of spare but beautiful sheets, then you might as well turn them into canopies hanging on the ceiling and wall. This is one “effortless” DIY tapestry project that can turn your plain walls dreamy.


These 18 DIY tapestry designs will make stunning and one-of-a-kind decorations for your walls! These projects are also a fun activity to do with your friends or with childre. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy this experience.