24 Amazing DIY Thank You Card Ideas

by craftmin | January 7, 2018

I really think we can never run out of things to be thankful for. Every morning, it’s good to start your day thinking of things to be grateful for. Say thank you for a great new day, thank you for the sun shining on your face or thank you for the hot coffee you’re sipping right now. There are a lot more other things to be thankful for. But when was the last time you said thank you to someone? Yes, it’s very easy to show someone how grateful you are to them through email, or through a text message. Maybe you prefer calling someone to say your thank you. But have you thought about sending someone thank you cards? It’s a little old-fashioned nowadays. But hey, wouldn’t you like it if someone sends you something handmade or handwritten? Like a DIY thank you card, perhaps?

A handmade or handwritten DIY thank you card is the best way to show your appreciation. May it be a gift from a friend or a favor done for you by a colleague, DIYing an appreciation card is the best way to go. Why? Because it only shows that you value the time they have given you, getting out of their way to buy or send you a gift, or doing the favor. The best way to say thank you is by giving them some of your time back through making a DIY thank you card.

DIY Thank You Card Ideas

Here are DIY thank you card ideas to show your heartfelt appreciation to your friends and loved ones.

1. Rustic

rustic diy thank you card

See that heart ornament with the thank you on it? It’s made from baking soda dough. You can find out how it’s done with a link to the step by step tutorial NorthStory. More rustic DIY thank you card ideas, too in the blog.

2. Eclectic

washi tape background DIY thank you card

When you are a crafter, I’m sure you have a stash of those washi tapes. Use your washi tapes as a custom background for your DIY thank you card. I’m sure there will be nothing else like your design. Learn from Northwest Stamper how they came up with this idea.

3. Sharpie DIY Thank You Cards

Sharpie DIY thank you card

What do you do when you see Sharpies on sale? Grab them fast because you’ll find them handy in the future for sure! Like when you need a thank you card and you want it to be personalized. Find out how to make this Sharpie DIY thank you card and other design inspirations at It’s Always Autumn.

4. Star and Washi Tape

Washi tape DIY thank you card

Washi tapes are very handy for crafting. When you ran out of design ideas for a project, washi tape it! There is nothing a washi tape can’t decorate. This DIY thank you card found at Kenarry used washi tapes to make an easy and quick fix to a simple thank you card.

 5. Paint Chip

Paint chip DIY thank you card

The use of paint chips to make a DIY thank you card is too clever not to include in the list. This design from Splitcoast Stampers is super simple to make and has a whole lot of elegance to it.

6. Paper Scraps

paper scrap DIY thank you card

One reason to hold on to those beautiful paper scraps? This DIY thank you card from Inch of Creativity. Now we don’t have to see those paper go to waste.

7. Doodles and Origami

origami DIY thank you card

Love to Know can show you how to make this DIY origami thank you card. Scribble or doodle your heart out for the message and additional designs, or you can always just buy some stickers from your local arts and crafts supply stores.

8. Watercolor DIY Thank You Cards

watercolor DIY thank you card

These cards may be the prettiest watercolor thank you cards I’ve seen so far. And the good thing about this is you don’t need to be good at painting to make them. Find out how Design Sponge did this fabulous art work of a DIY thank you card.

9. Rainbow

rainbow DIY than you card

This design idea from Karolyn Loncon can brighten up anyone’s day with its rainbow background. You can make this with the use of a brushstroke stamp set. If you don’t have those, get the same effect with just a thick paintbrush and some acrylic paint.

10. Polka Dot

paper scrap DIY thank you card

Now, a DIY thank you card idea that is easy to mass produce. Send it as a thank you card or make lots of it and gift them as thank you cards to friends for their upcoming events. Find out how at Clearly Besotted.

11. Stamped DIY Thank You Cards

stamped DIY thank you card

Whether bought or made from scratch, stamps are a fun way to decorate your DIY thank you card. Learn more at Clear and Simple Stamps, LLC.

12. Calligraphy and Watercolor

watercolor DIY thank you card

If you got some good hands at writing, try this idea from Amber of Damask Love. Give out your best shot at calligraphy with the use of a liquid frisket, then some watercolor on top of it. Learn how to do it and a lot more ideas when you visit her blog.

13. Fabric Scraps

fabric DIY thank you card

This idea from A Beautiful Mess really made some beautiful DIY thank you cards from fabric scraps. Who knew fabric scraps can still be useful, and in decorating cards? Pretty neat to me.

14. Marbled Design

marbled DIY thank you card

Seriously, I am drawn to the marbled design of these lovely DIY thank you cards. And you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make them. Honestly WTF sure made it fun to make with the use of some shaving foam cream and food colors!  I bet they smell great, too.

15. Geometric Patterns and Watercolor

geo DIY thank you card

What good is a DIY project if you can’t ask your kids to make it with you? This idea from Calico Skies is easy enough for kids to do. Let them have fun with you and see their eyes glow at the sight of their finished cards. I think the same effect can be achieved using some color pens or highlighters.

16. Glitters and Gold

gilded DIY thank you card

I really think anything is better with some glitters on it. Just look at how festive these thank you cards from Camille Styles look like.

17. Different Watercolor Strokes

patterns DIY thank you card

These DIY thank you cards from Almost Makes Perfect is simple enough to make in batches and beautiful enough to send for gifting.

18. Dip Dyed

dyed DIY thank you card

Poppytalk originally made this for Valentine’s Day. But hey, no one says you can’t make them as a DIY thank you card, right?

19. Washi Tapes and Banners

banner DIY thank you card

Look at these adorable banners! Washi tapes are really a hit for crafters and DIYers alike. Another good thing here is that you can change the banner design and colors to the occasion, thanks to washi tapes’ many design options! Check out Decorator’s Notebook for the complete list of materials used and a step by step tutorial.

20. Splattered Paint

splatter paint DIY thank you card

Another DIY thank you card project you can do with the kids. The messier it looks, the better. Visit Elizabeth Anne Designs for the step by step guide.

21. Embroidered DIY Thank You Cards

embroidered DIY thank you card

Let your creativity and imagination run wild with your DIY projects. Flax and Twine had this idea of drawing patterns and pretty pictures on the card first, then stitching them. Look at how amazing it turned out with all those details and textures.

22. Washi Tape and Cut-Outs

washi tape DIY thank you card

Washi tapes for the win here! You can never run out of ideas with washi tapes. Simply Kelly Designs shows you how easy it is to make this DIY thank you card.

23. Printables

Printable DIY thank you card

And when your handwriting fails, there are always the printables. Say thank you to the internet for a lot of free printable thank you cards to choose from. Like these from Delia Creates. You can add whatever details and designs you like after printing that thank you note.

24. Pop-Out DIY Thank You Cards

Last but certainly not the least. Want to put some fun and life in your DIY thank you card? Then make it pop-out! Find out how in this video tutorial from Delish to DIY.


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