Hide Those Ugly Wires With These 7 DIY TV Stand Ideas!

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

In this modern age, a home cannot be called a home without television. All households have a television set of their own taking center stage of the living room, gathering members of the family to watch their favorite movies. It gives members of the family the opportunity to spend time and bond with one another! But a TV is not a mere product of technology used to entertain members of the family. You need the TV to have a stand to atttract all the attention it needs, for all the right reasons! Here is a list featuring 7 DIY TV stand that will help you to get rid of those ugly wires and cables!




All Television sets come with a heap of wires and cables connected to one another, but it is not something you should flaunt in your living room. Hide those eyesores away with these Seven DIY TV stands that will definitely make your TV experience better!


 1.) Hide the clutter away with this Rustic DIY TV STAND



Source: LizMarie

This rustic DIY TV stand is a beautiful piece of woodwork made possible by Liz Marie’s husband! According to the lovely couple, this TV stand is easy to create and what makes it lovelier is the classic antique vibe it gives

What Liz Marie loved about this TV stand is that it makes the Television screen look just the right size, not too small and not too big. Perfect for every living room!  Additionally, the open space shelves make it easy for Liz Marie to hide those ugly wires and cablest!

Simply bymaking use of baskets, boxes and other pieces of home decor, she was able to hide the unsightly wires and cables from attention. Smart right?

If you want to have a detailed look at this rustic DIY TV stand, you may drop by here!


2.) Create a statement, make use of wooden crates for your DIY TV stand!

wooden crate tv diy tv stand

Source: Kaitlin Rabitoy

With a budget under $100, Pinterest user Kaitlin Robitov used unfinished wood crates for her DIY TV stand, creating a unique living room statement with a farmhouse inspired TV stand!

For this beautiful piece, Kaitlin first painted the wooden crates then assembled them together. To hide the unsightly wires and cables, she hid them inside different crates before turning some of them sideways, creating a beautiful pattern at the same time!

3.) Go modern by using a dresser for your DIY TV Stand!

dresser diy tv stand

Source: Katie

Can you believe that this stunning TV stand used to be an old dresser? Katie of The Casual Craftlete, created this masterpiece by transforming her old Ikea dresser into a jaw-droppingTV stand!

Katie simply painted the entire dresser, which was previously just unfinished wood, with several coats of white paint. She then removed the top two drawers and changed the plain knobs of the dresser to gold knobs, giving it a sleek mid-century look!


This simple and smart dresser DIY TV stand doesn’t fail to amaze Katie’s friends whenever they stop by for a visit! You can also create this awesome masterpiece, here is a link to step-by-step instruction provided by Katie herself.


4.) Keep your floor clear with a floating cupboard for your DIY TV stand!

floating credenza diy tv stand

Source: Karisa 

Karisa of Petite Modern Life not only made sure that her wires were hidden, but also cleared the floor from clutter !

How did Karisa pull off this savvy DIY TV stand? She drilled holes into the wall and connected through the cupboard hiding cables, wires, and boxes. The TV is the only draw for your eyes!

Here is an even more detailed tutorial available for those who would like to try this DIY TV stand.



5.) Transform a lack-luster unit into a beautiful DIY TV Stand!

Lack unit DIY TV STAND

Source: Marianne

Looking for a top of the line TV stand but don’t want to break the bank? This DIY TV stand has got you covered! With a budget of under $50 and a lot of savvy thinking, Marianne achieved the TV stand her house deserves.

For her living room showpiece, Marianne transformed an Ikea Lack unit into a stunning TV stand, hiding unwanted wires and cables out of sight. It was all possible using planks, paint, an electric stapler and a new latch door!

Want to try this DIY TV stand for yourself? Don’t worry, the step-by-step process is available here!


6.) Use vintage safe deposit boxes for your DIY TV Stand!

safe deposit diy tv stand

Source: Rachelle Falcon

Would you believe that this TV stand used to be an army of old green safe deposit boxes? Rachelle sure did a great job transforming the boxes into afresh white TV Stand!  Wires and cables are hidden inside the shelf while other items are inside the drawers, getting rid of unwanted clutter.

Here is how Rachelle pulled off this seemingly impossible DIY TV stand.



7.) Conceal unsightly wires using wooden shelving with this DIY TV Stand!

shelf diy tv stand

Source: Jeanette 

A wall-mounted TV does not have to come hand-in-hand with dangling wires and cables. Jeanette of countrydesignstyle used to hide the eyesore using tall vases and home decor, but she was not content with the limited obscurity. For a better solution, Jeanette mounted a shelf, hiding the unwanted wires and cables from sight!

What makes the mounted shelf even better is that it is actually a cabinet for concealing cable boxes! Smart right?

How did Jeanette come up with this? Click here for the process in more detail.


Did you like these 7 inspiring DIY TV stand ideas? What are you waiting for? If these stellar DIY enthusiasts can do it, so can you! Start creating a stunning TV stand for your home and give your Television set the TV stand it deserves!