32 Creative DIY Wall Decor & Art Ideas to PIMP your Home

by craftmin | December 8, 2017

Try these DIY wall decor projects you can do by yourself to relax or as a bonding activity with family at the weekend.  If you’re enjoying a lazy day while drinking coffee from your DIY coffee mug, why not do something to decorate the house?  It could be the living room, the dining room or kitchen.  Or even your own bedroom.  Your teenager might also like her own DIY wall decor.

DIY Wall Decor for Beginners

(1) Seeing Silhouettes

DIY Wall Decor silhouttes


  • Thick cardboard or wood board thin enough to cut through
  • Utensils or utensil images
  • Pencil
  • Crafting knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Black spray paint

This is a very simple DIY wall decor project for you!  Either trace the utensils directly onto the cardboard or wood or download the clipart images and print out.  Then, trace the shapes onto the material you plan to hang on your wall. Make sure to evenly space the shapes on the board then cut out the shapes, sanding the edges for evenness.  Finally, cover with spray paint and leave to dry. Attach a hook at the back to hang and it’s ready to go on your wall.

This is absolutely perfect for your kitchen or your dining room.  Or make one as a housewarming gift for a friend.

Source: DIY silver silhouettes

(2) Framed Up


  • Old picture frames
  • Pieces of leftover wallpaper
  • Hook for hanging
  • Backing paper for picture frames

DIY Wall Decor framed up

No idea what to do with left-over wallpaper?  Here’s one DIY wall decor idea that’s quite easy to do.  Get some old picture frames and use your pretty leftover pieces of wallpaper as beautiful artwork for your family room or your hobby room.

First, clean and wipe dry your old picture frames.  Then, cut the wallpaper to size adding variety by using differently-shaped picture frames .  Another option is to have a complete set like the one shown here.

(3) Lines of Abstraction

DIY Wall Decor abstract


  • Canvas – go for size
  • Acrylic paints
  • Painter’s tape – 1/4″ width

Do you want a big bad piece of abstract art to take center stage in your room?  Do you have a free weekend to flex some creative muscles?  Then, this project is for you.  An upsized frame was used here,  60″ x 36″.  Sketch first how you want your painting to look, using an imaging program too if you’d like.

Tape lines around the canvas. All the places where you place the tape on will NOT have paint on them, so these lines will be the art in what will basically be a canvas of solid color. Since this is a piece of art, go for textures and paint in any direction you wish. Avoid leaving under direct sunlight while it dries.

Lastly, gently remove the painter’s tape and spray with a sealer.  Add some hooks and hang in your room.

Tip: Since this is an abstract art canvas, scale the canvas to the size of the room and consider colors that complement the overall color scheme. Whether you call it your signature piece or just do it to enjoy doing something during a free weekend, but we can definitely call it truly yours.

Source: Weekend Art Project

(4) Birds sitting with no painting

DIY Wall Decor no paint

No paint? No worries. With an empty canvas, some string and paper, create this wonderful silhouette effect that gives a dramatic touch.  What’s even greater?  You can do this in just 15 minutes!

Source: No paint artwork

(5) Tissue Bubbles

DIY Wall Decor tissue art

Enjoy this simple but cheery project using materials different from the usual. A word about Mod Podge, which is gaining a lot of popularity among crafters: if you want a homemade alternative, just mix a bit of water into Elmer’s Glue or white glue.


  • canvas
  • paint brush – wide
  • acrylic paint – white
  • a pair of scissors
  • Mod Podge or white glue thinned with a little water
  • Japanese or tissue paper – primary colors or choose any bright colored ones

First, cut the tissue into circles or squares of varying sizes, keeping them proportional to your canvas.  Use your own judgment, laying out the cutouts on the canvas before you do anything else.

Then, paint a coating of white acrylic paint onto your canvas which will serve as primer and also helps the tissue paper to stick to the canvas. When it’s dry, spread a coat of Mod Podge or thinned white glue where you will be putting the first cutout, then place it carefully so that the tissue doesn’t tear.  Try to be patient while doing this and smooth out the wrinkles while laying down the cutout.

Tip 1: Start from the edge and work your way across the canvas. Also think of layering the cutouts to create a different effect as you mix the colored tissue paper.

Once the cutout has been laid out smoothly, apply a thin layer of thinned glue then let it dry for a bit BEFORE doing the same to the next cutout. Finally, apply another coating of thinned glue once you have laid out all the cutouts.

Tip 2: Do a complementary set that would look great hung together, or make a set for your backyard patio.  It would also look good with DIY projects for the back porch.

Source: DIY Wall Art Bubbles

(6) Canvassing the World


DIY Wall Decor map wallMaterials:

  • Wall map
  • Canvas of various sizes
  • Thinned white glue or Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors or crafter’s knife
  • Meterstick
  • Spray paint – optional

Use an old map to make this jigsaw of canvasses, great for the geography enthusiast or intrepid traveler.  Why not use this project to highlight places you have seen or countries you plan to visit next? Let this DIY wall decor inspire you to take your next summer vacation a bit further away from home.

Source: Canvas Map DIY Wall Decor

(7) Art Rolls

DIY Wall Decor tissue paper rolls

Reuse discarded tissue rollholders and make this whimsical and dainty artwork for your wall, which will amaze your guests while you show off your skills. This works best with lighting, so check out some stunning candle holders that will look well with your new artwork.


  • Canvas
  • Toilet paper cardboard center
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • White spray paint
  • Paint primer – optional for the toilet paper centers
Source: The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

(8) Chevron Coolness

DIY Wall Decor gold chevron

Cool chevron accents for your dining room wall, which is quite easy to make with canvas, painter’s tape and paint in a color of your choice.  Make a set or three for added coolness.

Source: DIY Wall Decor Gold Chevrons

(9) Wouldn’t You Wood It?

DIY Wall Decor wooden slats

Do you still have leftover materials from other DIY projects?  With a few leftover wooden slats and paints, red stain and some nails, you will easily be able to make this rustic slatted wood art decor.  Great for the back porch or your guest room, for that country-style look.

Source: DIY Project Slatted Wood Wall Art

(10) Punch ’em Rounds

10 Punch em Rounds

Enjoy using your leftover scrap paper with this easy-to-do wall decor that’s perfect for the kids’ bedroom.  Moreover you can have the kids help out and introduce them to your crafter’s world.  Enjoy doing this family project together!

Source: DIY Circle Punch DIY Wall Decor

(11) BFFs Wall Art

DIY Wall Decor bestfriend

This is a great gift to give for your best friend’s birthda, which is easy but meaningful to celebrate a lasting friendship.  Share love and affection through thick and thin.  You’d need a canvas, red markers, and some big stencil letters.

Source: My Best Friend Wall Art

(12) Nature wall

Add a bit of the natural world to your wall with this simple artwork made of branches, painted, and stapled on the wall.  Want some dramatic accents?  Use black or bronze spray paints or, if you’d rather have a touch of winter wonderland, paint the branches in silver.

Source: A Touch of Nature DIY Wall decor

(13) Seeing Sequins

diy wall decor

Something glittery and bright for the new year or maybe just for a touch of fabulous Hollywood.

Source: Sequins Wall Art  

(14) Tack it Gold

diy wall decor gold

A box or two of thumbtacks and a painted canvas can give you this pretty picture with simple glittery lines.

Source: Thumbtacks+Tape

(15) Post it on the Wall


A collection of postcards can become this beautiful and ecletic diy wall decor.  A mix and match of colors and influences, it speaks of travel and culture which is sure to express your personality, if not your dreams.

Source: DIY Postcard Wall Art

(16) Stylish Stencil


Store-bought stencils become stylish and trendy in this beautiful typography wall art. You can also have fun during parties, when guests can make up words using the letters Boggle-style.

Source: Typography Wall Art    

(17) 3-D Beauty

2 colorful-wall-art-diy1-7

All you need are several wooden circles in different sizes, acrylic paint in your favorite colors, and a liberal use of painter’s tape to give you this visual treat.  The play of colors and the three-dimensional effect is as eye-catching as it is fun and trendy.

Source:  3-D DIY Wall Decor

(18) Sweet Scarf Life

diy wall art scarf

Do you have a beloved and beautiful scarf that has unfortunately reached the end of its use?  It matters not as we can repurpose it – beauty is timeless, after all. Why not display your beautiful scarf on the wall instead of around your neck? Try this easy diy wall decor and make something bright and colorful for your wall.

Source: Easy Scarf Wall Decor

(19) Tulle Time

diy wall art tulle

With a few strips of tulle, you can create this wall art – and here you thought it was watercolor, didnt’t you? A great washed pastel look with the texture of fabric on canvas. Be careful with your color choices, go for light and pastel if you want a watercolor effect or if you want bold and vibrant, choose brighter colored-tulle.

Source:  Totally Tulle

(20) Washi Dots

diy wall art washi dots

Washi is beautifully decorated and textured masking tape from Japan; which is also very popular among scrapbookers and crafters. Why? Because they give a delicate but truly decorative touch to anything they are used for, such as this dotted wall art. First, put washi tape over a piece of baking paper, then cut them into dots. Continue to do this until you have enough dots to cover the wall.  Finally, when you are ready, carefully remove the baking paper and stick your washi tape dots onto the wall.  Have fun with mixing and matching colors and patterns.

Source: DIY Dot Wall

(21) Marquee Marvel

diy wall art bigMarquee-Styled-2

The things you can do with cardboard, paint, and a string of white Christmas lights! Have fun spelling out your name, your significant other’s name or maybe you can do this for a party for a diy photo booth background. You can even do a themed message good enough for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or your favorite team’s name complete with team colors.

Source: Big Marquee

(22) Real Retro

diy retro wood wall art final

If you have wood scraps lying around and some leftover paint, with a bit of your time and stencils, you can make this fun retro wall art.  Go simple or go fancy, but the styling remains the same – fun and laidback.

Source: DIY Retro Wall Art

(23) Wouldn’t Love Wood

diy wall art wood

It looks abstract art from afar, but up close with its three-dimensional crafting and including the color combination, these wood scraps make a really beautiful statement.  Make this diy wall art big enough and it wil truly anchor a room’s design aesthetic.

Source: Painted Wooden Wall Art   

(24) Quintessential Quilling

diy wall art quilled monogram

Quilling is the art of rolling paper. An example is shown here, with differently hued blue paper, something so elegant can be made completly by hand. Make one for your home with your family’s monogram, or maybe make a personalized one as a gift which is sure to be deeply appreciated. If you are interested in using quilling to make diy earrings, then check here.

Source: Quilled Monogrammed Wall Art  

(25) Hoop Types

diy wall art typography

With several embroidery hoops and fancy or simple typography, you can make this modernist wall art. Make it elegant or make it lavish, what matters most is the ease of work and low cost – its only $5 to make.

Source: $5 Hoop Art Work

(26) Right Wreath

diy wall art paper wreath

A wreath of lovely messages and words of love – a great memento for a weeding, a baby shower, or even a birthday.  To begin, why not have guests sign on these leaves and then make this as a to-follow gift, with each leaf containing a special message. This will be a truly memorable gift.

Source: Floral Message Wreath

(27) Pom Poms Funtastic


A bit of tissue and tape are all you need for this funky and whimsical pom pom backdrop.  You can make it as a photo booth background, a party design (great for a baby shower or teenage party), or maybe just something to brighten the wal for everyday life.

Source: DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms  

(28) Folksy Artsy Naturally


Fabric folk art that is both natural and whimsical. The flowers are meant to be changed, but the natural floral touch is quietly homespun that speaks of simpler days. Go nostalgic or simply rustic, but with a piece of fabric and some pretty flowers you can make something beautiful and delicate.

Source: DIY Folk Art

(29) Vintage Letters

diy wall art letterpress

Look for old letterpress blocks around flea markets or garage sales – you can make really cool art out of these little letters. Next, after you have collected enough, get some glue and a board. For a more rustic touch, frame it with rough-hewn wood.

Source: DIY Wall Art: Letterpress   

(30) Six-sided Wall

It’s not just artwork, it’s a whole wall of beautifuly coloured hexagons. The complexity of this project makes it more for intermediate diyers, but a brave and patient beginner can undertake it.  Just remember, you will be doing a lot of cutting especially if you have a huge wall to cover, but the effect will be totally worth the trouble.

Source: DIY Honeycomb Wall  

(31) Ombre Quote


Have quote and color, will make wall art. It’s simple like that with this pretty quote art.  The trick to ombre art is to use a wet brush to work on the wet paint color.

Source: Ombre DIY Wall Art

(32) Halloween Glow

diy wall art glow-in-the-dark-mod-podge

There is such a thing as Glow-in-the-Dark Mod Podge! With a few thin applications on white cardstock it is ready for this Halloween special. Print black and white pictures after the treated paper has dried and you have this eerie and perfect Halloween wall art.

Source: Halloween Glow Art

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