9 Wonderful DIY Wedding Arch Ideas That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Ceremony

by craftmin | December 10, 2017

With an abundance of flowers and leaves, the DIY wedding arch has moved from natural to the beautifully intimate and individual. Wedding arches are supposed to symbolize the future home of the couple and can also include religious elements, which is important for some as wedding ceremonies leave church premises and move to gardens and other scenic places.

But, whatever the reason you decide on an arch, doing it DIY gives a special intimacy to the marriage ceremony, especially duringt the exchange of vows, love and hopes amidst beauty and color that symbolize the couple.

DIY wedding arch ideas and trends

You have two options if you opt for a DIY wedding arch.  Go and make it completely DIY and start from scratch, or rent or buy outright the metal or wooden framework of the arch and do the finer details yourself. Whether you decide to build it from scratch, rent, or buy, there is a sense of accomplishment in designing and doing the arch itself.

Let’s talk prices then. Metal arches can go for $85 to $250 on outright purchase, depending on the material and the kind of metal work. You can also rent one for around $45 or opt to make something from scratchl.

Having said that, let these DIY wedding arch ideas inspire you and your wedding. If you are making a floral arbor, choose flowers and colors that will not only complement your wedding centerpieces and flower arrangements but even your bouquet. Think also of the backdrop. Weddings held before grand mountain views deserve more than something flimsy and whimsical.

(1) Wonderfully Willow

DIY Wedding Arch Infographic

Simple by design but gorgeous in execution. Willow branches beautifully frame these exuberant hydrangeas to create a romantic whimsical wedding arch which may be untraditional but would be so memorable in framing your setting.

Frail in its starkness, the willow branches are livened up by a few select blossoms. Instead of a melancholic feel, the rustic background of rolling hills make for a festive atmosphere. What a wonderful way to start a wedding and a marriage.

Source: Autumn Mansion Wedding

(2) Simple Sunflowers

DIY wedding arch

Set before a grove of trees made magnificent by the sunlight, this simple metal arch doesn’t need to be opulent.  Set during summer, the beautifully simple sunflowers are perfect for the sunlit wedding. The summer feeling of a beautiful garden wedding is reflected by the simply-designed wedding arch.

Source: By Tessa

(3) Bridal Birch

DIY wedding arch

Made from three pieces of white birch that were bought online, this beautiful rustic arch sets the atmosphere for a true country-style wedding. The raw roughness of the untreated poles are so beautiful by themselves that it seems a shame to cover them up, so one central flower arrangement was enough for this elegant and rustic DIY wedding arch.

Source: Etsy

(4) Grand Garlands

DIY wedding arch

Let the backdrop lend a stylish hand to your wedding arch. By simply using these grand doors as the backdrop, just use a garland to lend that beautifully joyous atmosphere to your wedding. It also helps that the beaming sunlight seems like it was blessing this wedding.

Source: Style Me Pretty

(5) Pretty in Pink and Peach

DIY wedding arch

The gorgeous arch is made even more gorgeous by glorious flowers which makes for a stylish Southern wedding.  The sumptuous flower arrangements is elegant and ,if you notice the bridal bouquet at the left, the bride’s motif has been clearly reflected and well-represented. The rusted metal arch speaks of old-time traditions, of families tested through time, and the continuation of values and virtues.  The bright and cheery pops of peach and pink flowers add a joyous touch to a sublime celebration.

Source: Pink and Peach Wedding

(6) Naturally Beautiful

DIY wedding arch

The wedding arch, where the wedding vows were also exchanged, lends a sweet but natural atmosphere to the wedding. Wood, whether polished or rough-hewn, is naturally perfect for arches as it symbolizes the easy charm of weddings and makes such a beautiful backdrop for something so meaningful and solemn.

Source: Green Rustic Texas Wedding

(7) Classically Traditional

DIY wedding arch

A classic wedding arch with a beautiful twist – an asymmetrical floral arrangement using a very traditional elegant wood base. The wood base costs $179.00 but you also rent it and just set up a DIY wedding arch with your choice of fabric and a profusion of flowers.

By going with an asymmetrical floral arrangement, a classic design is updated with a modern touch. Everything in the arch shouts “tradition” but that should not limit styling and fashion. Create a romantic and ethereal style with this classic wedding arch.

Source: Romantic Weddings

(8) A Winter Wedding

DIY wedding arch

Amidst the chill, this simple wedding arbor provides a cozy atmosphere with draped fabric and a touch of flowers. Warm and inviting for a perfect winter wedding.

Source: California Winter Glitter

(9) Rustic Charm and Color

DIY wedding arch

This simple wedding arch with a single swathe of white fabric is reminiscent of the bride’s wedding gown, and with a touch of color from the bright colors both the bride and groom take center-stage. The simple DIY wedding arch frames the beautiful scenic view of the lakeside wedding.

Source: Colorfully Rustic Vermont Wedding