20 DIY Wedding Centerpieces: Tips & Tutorials

by craftmin | December 17, 2017

Flower arrangements and centerpieces pull the reception hall together – aesthetically speaking, of course.  DIY wedding centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular as prices skyrocket.  In 2017 alone, the average wedding package costed over $35,000.  No wonder more brides are opting for creative DIY – from invitations to bouquets and now, floral arrangements and centerpieces.

There are two options when it comes to centerpieces: to go floral or not-floral. Yes, not using flowers has become an option as tradition has given way to practicality and individuality.

But why have centerpieces at all? Your guests will be stuck at their designated tables so instead of looking at a blank space, your centerpieces are meant to beautify the table, be a conversation-beginner, and help the guests remain comfortable. So, paying attention to your centerpieces mean that you are paying attention to your guests and their comfort.

In the beginning

Now, DIY isn’t easy and can even break the budget if not done right.  Moreover, weddings increase stress levels to way beyond Hulk-levels.

Costs only escalate if you don’t prepare and plan well, and there is definitely something beautiful and meaningful about preparing your own reception flowers.  It feels like you’re setting up this beautiful and wonderful stage so you can share the most memorable moments with your closest and dearest.

It becomes a true labor of love: the love you have for the person you are marrying, and the love for for family and friends. It is all love that you are sharing your wedding day. With that feeling of love and gratitude in your preparations, let each step of the way become more meaningful for you.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Tips and Ideas

Okay, you have finally decided to go the flower route.  However, it’s not necessarily the budget-maker you dream of.  Two words: Plan and practice. Practice and plan. Tips on handling and preparing flowers can be found here.

(1) Sensational Seasonals

DIY Wedding Centerpeices winter

You might want to choose your favorite flowers, BUT INSTEAD, go for in-season blooms like this luxurious winter wedding centerpiece. Remember, prices will skyrocket if it’s early winter and you want sunflowers or a meadow of lavender. Consult a florist, check online or have a few single amazing centerpieces and let the centerpieces of the other tables revolve around them.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece DIY

(2) Avoid February

Unless you are willing to blow the budget and have at least a year to prepare. Why? Valentine’s Day. It’s the only time of year when you won’t be even able to buy a stem of withered roses. Mother’s Day is a far cry from the volume of flowers that are sold during Valentine’s Day. So try to skip the month.

(3) Talk about the money – openly and frankly

DIY wedding centerpieces nautical rose

You have to talk about the money, openly and honestly. We all have our dreams but in real-life, these dreams must accommodate certain practicalities. Dream of a beautiful and long-lasting marriage with the person you love, instead of harping on the dream wedding you are going to hold for a day. Talk not only with your significant other, but consult family and friends, florists and people who have been there.

Don’t be shy about stating your budget. If you can only afford $250 for flower arrangements, then you can only spend $250. The best thing about talking about the budget openly is that more people will be willing to point you to bargains and most business owners would rather accommodate your budget than see your business walk away.

Nautical Rose Vase Centerpiece

(4) Have a holiday wedding

It will take a bit of planning if you want to have your wedding around Christmas, Easter or a significant religious celebration. Foremost is the availability of a church venue, an officiating minister or priest, and then family and friends who might be busy with their own holiday matters.

The positive is that your church will already have festive decorations because of the holiday season. This is an option you can always consider.

(5) Nifty thrifty naturals

DIY Wedding Centerpieces shabby chic

Go natural. Make use not only of blooms, but everything natural that you can incorporate into your centerpieces to add texture and depth – twigs, branches, old wood, etc. Also, another advantage is that by using hardier elements and fewer blooms, you can transport the centerpieces from the reception to your house without causing too much damage. You could even make your own vases by using left-over wood.

Also, choose budget blooms.  I know orchids are just so romantically exotic and those gorgeous dinner plate dahlias are just everything you would ever want, but these are very expensive flowers. Go for something easy on the pocket BUT choose the freshest and biggest blooms. Making an original and creative centerpiece with budget blooms is much more preferable than tacky expensive flowers.

Shabby Chic Centerpiece

(6) Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.

DIY wedding centerpeices tissue box

Go smaller. Reuse materials you probably wouldn’t think of using first for a wedding reception. Recycle materials you would never give a second glance to, like this amazing rustic wedding centerpiece. Also, simplicity. Instead of massive centerpieces, go for garlands or a simple “leaf and twig” set placed on each of your guests’ plates with a message of thanks.

Tissue Box Vase Floral Centerpiece

DIY Wedding Centerpieces : Modern Options

Maybe flowers are not for you and you would rather go the fully modern route. Having non-floral centerpieces is becoming more and more acceptable, and some brides have even creatively used candles as centerpieces which also serve as additional lighting. Consider this as a viable option, especially if your reception hall is dimly-lit. You’ll be hitting two budget problems one after the other, with these DIY candles.

(7) Not flowers

DIY Wedding centerpeices flower ball

One way to reduce spending money on flowers is just by using fewer flowers: that’s it. Use different materials such as books, branches, lanterns, cages, paper craft, mason jars of varying sizes – and use these as your focal points. If two avid readers are getting married, is anyone going to be surprised if they find books as centerpieces? Use old book pages as origami paper, and craft cranes which are auspicious wedding birds.

If you plan ahead of time, you can rummage into garage sales and buy some one-cent vintage items to incorporate into your centerpieces for your own vintage-inspired wedding. Or, make your own flowers and using other non-floral elements, put them all together as shown here.

Flower Ball Centerpiece

(8) Flourishing fruits and vegetables

DIY wedding centerpiece veggies

Go fruity or go veggie. Symbols of health and prosperity, use fruits and vegetables as centerpieces.  Fruits such as grapes and cherries can even serve as after-dinner nibbles for your guests, just keep some fruit knives handy so your guests know that they can indulge in some eating. Tie the arrangement together with a very bridal ribbon. This will also add texture and depth into your own wedding and makes for some interesting dinner conversation.  Another tip: include a recipe card featuring the ingredients in your centerpiece which would definitely make for a great after-party memory.

Raw Vegetable Centerpiece

(9) Candles, candle holders and candy even

DIY wedding centerpiece easy

One of the most popular alternatives to floral arrangements is the use of candles.  From tapers to tea lights, pillars to exquisite DIY candle holders you can make and later reuse – go for these lights.

Or, mix these non-floral elements together as shown above.

Easy Fruit, Foliage, and Candle Centerpiece for Beginners

(10) Converting Coasters

diy wedding centerpieces glittery coasters

Though they may have begun as coasters, play around with the idea and make these big glittery wooden DIY wedding centerpieces. Perhaps you could paint little pots of succulents or clear fishbowls complete with swimming live goldfishes, or you can go completely with glitter and finish the look with candles in full shining regalia.

Glittery Coaster

(11) Let the Cork Out

diy wedding centerpieces cork vases

Frugal can be fancy with these rustic but elegantly simple cork vases, that would look amazing as your reception centerpieces. Partner them with simple ferns and flowers for a truly country-style and down-with-the-folks look. Homespun it may look, but with several clear glass vases of different sizes, a good amount of wine corks and your trusty glue gun – these are vases made to be the center of attention.

Thrifty DIY Cork Vases

(12) Beach Weddings

diy wedding centerpieces mason jar beach

The trick to this beach-inspired mason jar is decoupage glue, which help give the illusion of being see-through and at the same time, glues the seashells and faux stones into place. Tie a length of twine around the mouth of the jar and you could even add a marine motif tag if you still have time. Or check out mason jars as diy lights to continue the beach theme.

Beach Inspiration Mason Jar

(13) Terrarium Time

diy wedding centerpieces terrarium sand

First, you may need a couple of months to make these sand terrarium because those plants will take some time to grow. But if you have the patience, they will make for an awesome centerpiece. I am sure you will have some close family and guests asking outright if they can bring home one or two.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Sand Terrarium

(14) Baby You’re Gold

diy wedding centerpieces babys breath

Beautiful and charming baby’s breath flowers become elegant and captivating when you combine with them gold and silver spray paint. Delicate they truly remain, but just imagine these flowers glittering during your evening reception.

Gilded Baby’s Breath Sprays

(15) Unique Flower Votives

diy wedding centerpieces plaster votives

Truly unique and delectable diy wedding centerpieces sometimes need a bit of time and some experience, like these plaster-dipped flowers turned votives. Use several different faux flowers for the cast as you dip them into plaster of paris. The look and texture cannot be denied – absolutely stunning.

DIY Wedding Decorations: Plaster-Dipped Lights

(16) Words in the World

diy wedding centerpieces global quote

Love makes the world go round, so why not put into words some of the most romantic quotes for your own wedding. Change the colors, remove the flowers, and even change the books – but having this as your centerpiece will express all the love and affection you have for your significant other. Let the love be written looud and clearfor everyone to see.

DIY Wedding Decorations – Global Quote

(17) tall Florals

Make a statement with this tall centerpiece without hurting your budget at all. With tall vases and several properly-prepped floral foams, this centerpiece won’t be a problem at all. For a completely elegant look, add small tea lights to illuminate the flowers and the clear vase.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Tall Florals

(18) Golden Center

diy wedding centerpieces DIY-Gold-Fall-Wedding-Centrepiece

Why not turn these clear glass vases into gilded beauties that can stand on their own as your diy wedding centerpieces. Get your spray cans ready and set a bit of time aside for these easy-to-do golden vases. You can go lavish or you can go for simplicity, but these golden vases are truly gorgeous.

Confetti Ideas

(19) Paper Lantern Vases

diy wedding decorations DIY-Paper-Lantern-Vase

Budget need not be cheap-looking with this paper lantern vase. Create a few more and you can easily have an eye-catching wedding centerpiece. Get several big paper lanterns, convert them into vases and then let a few votives inside smaller paper lanterns complete the look for a stylish and trendy wedding.

DIY Paper Lantern Vases

(20) Pinecone Mums

diy wedding centerpieces pine cone mums

Turn ordinary fall pinecones into wedding-worthy centrepieces with this detailed and meticulous diy project. Great for a fall wedding, these pinecone diy wedding centerpieces will add a touch of whimsy and natural enchantment to your table. Choose your basket well and add burlap and twine for a complete homespun look.

DIY Pine Cone Mums Wedding Centerpieces

Video Tutorial – DIY Wedding Centerpieces