26 Gorgeous DIY Wedding Decorations You Can Make for Next to Nothing

by craftmin | December 9, 2017

DIY wedding decorations for your dream wedding within a dream budget.  This year, the average cost of weddings in the United States was $35,329. But why spend that much for a single day, when weddings are meant to last into a marriage?  So, let these dreamy and frugal DIY wedding decorations ideas help you have a beautiful wedding that won’t drain your pockets.

DIY Wedding Decorations 1

DIY Wedding Decorations You Will Love to Do

(1) Love the Location

DIY Wedding Decorations Love the Location

Choose the place where you will be holding your wedding carefully. Receptions usually cost the most and where you hold your wedding service and reception will determine the price. A wedding on a frugal budget can opt for gorgeousness without the pricey-ness.  Why go Napa Valley or Martha’s Vineyard when a gorgeous public park or a secluded bed and breakfast will do? Going rustic can also help tighten the budget as city-weddings will usually cost you more.

Also, think about thi: By choosing a gorgeous and out-of-the-way location, half the reception decorations are done.  Let the natural sights be part of the decor.  Nobody’s going to complain about the flowers if they are basking among giant oak trees or listening to the gentle rush of stream under autumn leaves.

(2) Guest List Trim

DIY Wedding Decorations 2

The leaner the list, the greater the savings. Think of it in this way: you’re not being a cheapskate.  Living within your means is one great way to start a marriage and a more intimate setting for a wedding makes for greater personalization.  Remember #1: your location matters.  A bed and breakfast reception for 75 will cost you so much less than a hotel wedding for 100, but you will be able to do so much more. More personalized invitations. More personalized wedding giveaways.

How to do have a more frugal wedding?  Take your original list, then cut it by 20%… and another 20%. A great DIY wedding decoration idea?  Make your own guest book using rocks. Get some river rocks and, with a few sharpies, let your guests leave you a message then keep them in sturdy glass jar.  Or use blank puzzle pieces for your guests’ to leave a message or two.

Source: Unique wedding guest book

(3) Frugal Florals

DIY Wedding Decorations 3

Flower arrangements and decorations set the joyous atmosphere with their colors and fragrance so it’s not surprising that a good chunk of the budget will definitely go to your flowers. For great DIY wedding decorations, why not do your own floral arrangement? If you can’t make everything, then make your own DIY bridal bouquet, or go for these whimsical hanging bottles with flowers. With some twine, clean old bottles, and flowers – hang them around the reception area.

Another of our ideas for DIY wedding decorations is simply to write personalized messages or design wedding doodles on plain mason jars using sharpies. Or use some wine glasses and leave a few petals floating inside. Check here for some inspiration on using sharpies for some DIYs.

Source: Whimsical Hanging Bottles

(4) Let there be light

DIY Wedding Decorations 4

Candles and unique candle holders make for great centerpieces and by planning ahead of time and choosing your candle holders, you  will easily be able to cut your costs by solving two budget expenses with one solution.  Make your own gorgeous gold-dipped log candle holders and place them in between cut branches.  Scatter a few petals. Another idea for DIY wedding decorations are marblelized candle holders. With the lights reflecting on the holders, they make for great lighting and centerpieces. Both projects can be seen here.

Another great wedding light idea is creating a grapevine chandelier or hang several of these lamps together as focal points in your country-style wedding. All you’d need are some fairy lights, grapevine balls or twine balls that you can make yourself.  Finally, string them together to make great lighting for your wedding.

(5) Table treats

DIY Wedding Decorations 5

Dressing up your wedding tables can be a bit trick as seating your guests can be a minefield. With a bit of diplomacy and some bargaining (especially with a trimmed-down guest list), you can enjoy your reception peaceably.

Simplify the decorations by using scrapbook paper as placemats or make it fun by using scrapbook stickers as guest nameplates. Or make it more personalized by printing something from your own scrapbook of romantic memories and placing them randomly among the guest tables.

Or, try this great ribbon-weave table top.  Gather some ribbons of varying widths and colors (even better if the colors are coordinated with your own wedding colors or motif), weave a few together and use them as accents for the table. Place the woven ribbons under the plates or discreetly pin them under the plain white table cloths your caterer will be using.

Source: Ribbon-weave Table Top

(6) Sign of the Times

DIY Wedding Decorations 6

Instead of having a banner made or skywriting, make your own DIY signage. Get inspired by this DIY welcome message or paint some whimsical message on leftover wood and nail them together. It also makes for great fun for your guests. If you make your signage a bit bigger, add some balloons and flowers and create your own photo booth for guests to take some selfies.

A great DIY wedding idea is to put some craft paper together, punch some holes and tie with a ribbon.  Ask a bridesmaid and groomsmen to go among the guests and have some of your guests write their own pieces of advice for a happy married life.  Be prepared though, some of those advice may be hard-learned.  You can set the tone by asking an artistically-inclined friend to draw whimsical or funny anecdotal cartoons among the pages. You can even title it the Advice for the Bride and Groom.

(7) Free stuff are freeing

DIY Wedding Decorations 7

Some things you can either make by yourself or just download printables from the internet, like these free tips. Download a wedding invitation template and make your own invites.  Just choose some beautiful paper from the local stationery store, color coordinating the paper with your own color scheme.  Not glitzy enough?  Try these DIY wedding invite ideas.

Source: Free Wedding Printables

(7) Love Petals

diy wedding decorations petal toss

Tossing rice or petals at the end of the wedding ceremony is de rigueur for a celebratory atmosphere. Make the usual tradition fun and more romantic with a petal toss bar.  First make your own cones, then prepare a selection of petals, and you are all set for a happy wedding mood. Moreover, you will see your guests enjoy choosing petals and lining up as your happy tossers. I bet the kids would love them and be first in line.

Source: DIY Petal Toss

(8) Love Letters

diy wedding decorations LOVE

Create letters for display where the guests will sign in or where the gifts are going to be displayed (for the late gift senders).  Or maybe use these beautifully-crafted letters as a display on a memento table with photographs of the couple through the different stages of their relationship. Better yet, spell out the names or the initials of the lovely couple.

First, buy ready-made letters that you can use for the display and some scrapbook paper appropriate for the occasion. Cover them with an application of Mod Podge, then file away any excess. Finally, after rubbing or stamping black ink at the edges for that vintage look, hang or display the letters exactly how you want them. Use ribbons, frames, or flowers to make things wedding-spiffy.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Letter Display

(9) 99 Gold Balloons

diy wedding decorations gold balloon

Prepare and inflate a pack of white balloons. Then, starting from the bottom where the balloon should be tightly tied, apply your liquid gold leaf or gold paint using a soft bristle brush. Finish off the glittery look with golden ribbons or choose a different color combination depending on the wedding’s color motif such as midnight blue and silver, old rose and navy blue, or dark brown with champagne gold.

Source: DIY Gold-dipped Balloons

(10) A Floral Tail

diy wedding decorations garland tails diy wedding decorations balloon tails

If you don’t want to work on your balloons too much, why not just make decorative tails? Go festive with this floral tail for your balloon confetti. Make it as flowery and as green as you want or as simple as your budget demands. It will make a simple balloon go from party prop to wonderfully decorative and romantic. Lastly, be mindful not to put the balloons anywhere near lights or the heat will pop the balloons before you are ready for the confetti-throwing part of your reception.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Balloon Tails

(11) Copper Light

diy wedding decorations industrial candelabra

DIY meets industrial with this quaint copper piper candelabra. It is certainly different but is sure to make a statement. The candelabra will go well in a rustic country-style setting or, if you are into it, a cyber-punk affair. Recommended for the metal fittings-inclined. Moreover, you can bring home your candelabra after the reception and use it in your own home.

Source: Copper Pipe Candelanbra

(12) Greenery Glamor

diy wedding decorations green garland

Go rustic yet glamorous with these diy wedding decorations made of  pure greenery that you can liven up a few touches of flowers. This lessens your floral expenses as you can easily find branches and leaves. It’s all a matter of preparing a bit ahead of time, clear glass vases and lots of greenery. Go and ask friends and neighbors with gardens and green backyards for some foliage contributions, then add 2-3 dozen bright flowers. Festoon the reception or even the wedding area with this festive garland, or make this romatic and all-natural diy wedding arch.

Source: DIY Wedding Garland

(13) Hanging Hydrangeas

diy wedding decorations hydrangeas hanging

With round floral foam and a few lengths of twine, you can arrange your hydrangeas to make this beautiful hanging wedding globe. It makes for an awe-inspiring scene reminiscent of elegant winter weddings of the days of Queen Victoria. Whether you are aspiring for vintage, romantic, or simply gorgeous – you cannot go wrong with these hanging hydrangeas as your diy wedding decorations.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Hydrangea Globe

(14) Mainly Menu

diy wedding decorations chalkboard menu

Recall the good happy days of the 1950s with this old-fashioned chalkboard menu. The chalkboard is fairly easy and quick to make, but the trick to a beautiful menu is to mix up the font styling and using a few colored chalks. You don’t need to be a calligrapher or an artist, simply go from block letters to script to come up with this fancy setting for your own retro diy wedding decorations. Complete the look with these diy mason jars light ideas. Another idea, make a welcome chalkboard displaying the name of the blissful couple.

Source: DIY Hand-lettered Chalkboard

(15) A Way with Wreaths

diy wedding decorations silk flower wreath

DIY wedding decorations that you can make months ahead of time? What a relief! Gather varying sizes of embroidery hoops, some silk flowers and foliage, and your trusty glue gun.  Using the hoops as frames, make yourself a wreath and then some more as you change ordinary wooden hoops to beautiful creations.  Top tip: use floral tape to cover the hula hoops and then use vinly string to hang the hoops for a stunning floating effect. Go wild and wonderful with the florals.

Source: DIY Silk Flower Wreath

(16) Gorgeous Geomterics

diy wedding decorations 3D runner

For the origami-inclined, make these geometric cubes and then get yourself a peg board and a hot glue gun. Skewer your geometeric cubes and then glue to the peg board. Go random in colors and vary the height for this very interesting centerpiece or in this case, a table runner. Add a few floral or greenery elements if you want, like the succulents we used. As diy wedding decorations go, the effect may be different but it’s very unique and inspiring.

Source: DIY Geometric Table Runner

(17) Tissue Time

diy wedding decorations tissue fringe

First, buy several packs of tissue paper and mylar sheets to add glitter and glamour to your tissue tassel. Next, fold a sheet of tissue paper in half. Make another half fold but in the opposite direction to make cutting easier.  Don’t cut an inch of the paper when you start cutting into strips to make the fringe. Just leave it untouched. Unfold the paper, then start rolling the paper tightly. After completely rolling the paper, twist around the middle. You will be looping it around your string when it’s time to hang all the tassels. Mix in a few glittery papers for added glamour and ratchet up the festive touch.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Tissue Tassel Garland

(18) Votive Vows

diy wedding decorations marbled votives

First, purchase clear glass votives and nail polish of the colors of your choice. The sizes depend on how you want your candles to look, with random and varying sizes speaking of a more laidback approach while uniformity makes things more convenient.

Pour slightly warmer than room temperature water into a shallow basin or any wide water container. Be mindful not to make it too big, you will be working on the votives one piece at a time.

Then add a few drops of nail polish, dropping it nearer the surface so the color doesn’t sink to the bottom of the basin. Then, with a toothpick, swirl the color around.  You can mix up the colors, but more than three will make the water murky.

Next, hold the votive at the side and slowly let it roll around the surface of the water. It will pull the nail polish and the colors will attach to the glass. Keep on rolling until the whole glass is covered. Turn it upside down to dry for at least two hours or so. Once it has dried, remove smudges with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Votive Candles

(19) Egg Carton Name Tags

diy wedding decorations rose name tags

Believe it or not, these name tags are made from egg cartons. With a few snips, drops of glue, and patient painting, we can have these name tags. From the mundane world of your kitchen and throwaway trash to these beautiful wedding place holders, this is a wonderful example of true diy wedding decorations. I am sure your guests would love to keep theirs as a keepsake.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Rose Name Tags

(20) Paper Romance

diy wedding decorations paper lanterns

Gather yourself some plain paper lanterns of different sizes, a set of paint, cut out fabric pieces, and a big tub of glue or Mod Podge. First touch up your paper lantern with color and then, once the paint has dried, attach the fabric pieces. You can use PVA glue or Mod Podge, but make sure the fabric piece is securely glued on to the paper lantern. Tie a few fabric ribbons to the end and you will have these wonderful paper lanterns for a truly spectacular and eye-catching garden wedding reception.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Romantic Paper Lanterns

(21) Plum Flowers

diy wedding decorations metallic mums

Gorgeous metallic paper flowers to spice up your wedding – whether as a bouquet or your table’s decorative element. Give plain clay pots a wedding twist with these metallics mumus and a beautiful ribbon for simple budget diy wedding decorations with a lot of pizzazz and a youch of practicality.

Source: Mettalic Mums

(22) Burlap By the Number

Something fairly easy to make once you have made the framed burlap, which you can buy at a store or make it yourself. Choose or make wooden frames, covering one side with burlap. Staple or use hot glue to attatch the burlap inside the frames so it won’t show. Next, get yourself some number stencils that should be big enough to be the table identifier. With a can of spray paint, you now have your rustic and lovely table numbers.

Source: DIY Burlap Table Numbers

(23) Simply Drink

diy wedding decorations Beverage-Station-Tutorial-on-lilluna.com-

If you are planning a laidback country-style garden wedding, then this beverage station is just for you. First, you won’t need somebody to man the drinks all the time and you can simply refill the big tub every now and then. Kids will love it and their parents would love you as it frees them from looking after the kids for a little bit.  You could even do an adult version for beer and wine coolers. Best of all, you can keep them and use them the first time you throw a barbecue as a married couple and show off your gorgeous new diy pond.

Source: DIY Beverage Station

(24) Burlap Banner

diy wedding decorations married burlap

Sometimes things need to be spelled out for it to sink it, and a Mr. and Mrs. Banner is a wonderful way to really make things sink in for the newly-married couple. Complete the banner with their names for a more personalized touch or spice up the banner too by choosing brightly-colored flowers instead of the elegant whites shown in the picture. Additionally, the couple can even hang the banner outside their home for some newly-wed decoration.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Burlap Banner

(25) Leafy Food

With a Sharpie and a big leaf, write the menu in a way reminiscent of  The Wind in the Willows. This would be most delightful in a wedding set beside a pond or river or really any outside wedding. Go green and go natural with the right touch of wonder and natural quaintness.

Source: Leaf Menu Design

(26) Glamorous Glitter

diy wedding decorations gold vases

Make an elegant evening reception a truly glittering affair with these glammed-up glitter vases. First, choose clear glass vases of varying sizes and prepare them for their new role as reception vases by washing them throughly and drying them thoroughly.

Next step is spraying the inside of the vase with gold paint. Once the paint has dried, it’s time for another coat. But this time, use an adhesive spray to coat the outside of the vase and then carefully sprinkle with gold glitter. Do this by hand rather than giving them a roll on a pile of glitter. Softly brush off excess glitter flakes.

Source: DIY Wedding Decorations – Glittering Centerpieces