16 Beautiful DIY Wedding Invitations You Can Make for Next to Nothing

by craftmin | December 7, 2017

In the world of wedding invitations, templates can be easily found online then downloaded and printed. But increasingly, soon-t0-be-married couples prefer more intimacy and personalization than just anything you find online. Making your own wedding invitations mean you can fully customize the messages so they speak directly of your relationship.

Moreover, by constructing your invitations yourselves, you can save up to 80% compared to usual invitation expenses.  With wedding prices averaging around $35,000 in 2017, putting your own loving touch to your own diy wedding invitations is becoming a very attractive alternative to professional printing.

Why not make a party out of doing the invitations with family and friends? Share a drink or two while going down memory lane orr give your BFF a hint and have them gather your friends while you enjoy crafting some of the trendiest DIY wedding invitations.

Just remember to start doing this early because you will need to send out your invites asap. Weddings increase stress levels to unbelievable heights but by giving yourself and your spouse-to-be a lot of lead time and some moving room, you can enjoy the preparations.  Have fun. Enjoy. Be yourself.

DIY Wedding Invitations – Trends and Ideas

(1) Lovely Lace

DIY Wedding Invitations Lace 2

Give your invitations a lovely look all dressed up in lace, a romantic and traditional touch will greatly enhance a vintage themed wedding.  Do things within budget by buying sets of 48 paper doilies for $2-$5 from Walmart and then use them to cover your invitations. Next, use twine to bundle them all up.  Feeling a little bit more frivolous? Use quaint lace ribbon to tie them together.

Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope

(2) Envelope of Ideas

DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope liner

The first impression will be set by your invitation, especially if your guests live in faraway places and will get theirs via snail mail. Let your envelopes do the talking for you and your significant other by using your engagement photos as envelope liners, a good way to introduce yourselves as a couple. Or you can choose and create elegant wedding envelopes using craft paper to line ordinary stationery envelope.

Tip: pair patterned paper with a solid-colored envelope.  Lights and darks work great together in this simple DIY wedding invitations idea.

Another idea, get some pretty scrapbooking paper and cut out a heart.  Then, glue on your envelope and finish off with a little ribbon, twine or a little satin bow that fits your wedding color scheme.

 Style Me Pretty Engagement Photo Envelope Liners  
The Sweetest Occasion DIY Envelope Liners

(3) Romantic Rustic Love

DIY Wedding Invitations Rustic

Although the songs may say otherwise, country-style living need not be all about broken hearts! In recent years, it has really gained  popularity as a wedding theme.  Your best bet for having a rustic-themed wedding invitation? Use this amazing wood paper that gives the perfect rustic touch to a modern invitation design, especially if you add a twig or two, or maybe some dried flowers from your garden. 

Try to mix elements for a more unique DIY wedding invitation. Sunflowers and leather strings or touches are also a good addition, as is collecting some dried autumn leaves, cleaning them and glueing them onto your cardstock. Choose fonts usually associated with country and go for simplicity and check out this grapevine chandelier for another beautiful and frugal wedding idea.

4 Ways to DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations with Wood Paper

(4) Doing it with Die-cutters

We often forget that die-cutters are great for working on paper and invites, especially if you have a lot to make, but laser-cut craft punchers are also gaining popularity.  Use them to add beautiful handmade die-cut edges to your invitations.  However, if you’re willing to invest more, buy a Cricut, which is a cutting and design tool ike a printer which is becoming more popular for crafters.  Cricuts can handles fabrics, leather, and balsa wood with effortless precision, so you can expand a one-time wedding invitation into a lifelong hobby or even a business.

Moreover, with a Cricut, you can easily download a free template online then tweak the design to personalize it using any material from wood to leather. Another great DIY wedding invitations idea!

Source: WeddingPaperGenius

(5) Make Mine Metal

DIY Wedding Invitations Gold Foil

Metallic accents with all their shine and brilliance go well with evening wedding, so try making your own foil-stamped wedding invitations. And since metal accents are no longer limited to gold, silver or bronze, you can use anything from deep metallic midnight blue hues to passionate and glamorous reds.

Using a laser printer, an inexpensive laminator (borrow from a friend), and deco foil – you can quickly have your unique DIY homemade wedding invitation. Or, get some of those oil-based leftover metallic sharpies that you used when you made these stylish wine glasses and style away.

You can also use metallic spray if you’re not into buying all of this equipment. With just a crafter’s knife and some cardstock, make your own stencil of your initials or a traditional wedding symbol. Then just spray it or brush it with some white glue diluted with a bit of water and cover with glitter.

Source: Gold Foil Invitations

(6) Vintage Beauty

DIY-Vintage-Iron- Wedding Invitations

For some truly vintage invitations, use paper doilies as stencils and, with spray paint, decorate with away.  Leave time to let the paper dry and work in open space so you can be liberal with the spraying.

Another tip: print out your invitations in muted colors for that vintage sepia touch then use some old-fashioned lace as an accent or singe the edges of your invitations using a candle. While doing that, be inspired by this beautiful vintage candle holder as a wedding giveaway.

DIY Vintage Iron Wedding Invitations

(7) Vintage Handkerchief Invitation

diy wedding invitations hanky

Believe it or not, this is a hanky invitation! It uses a new product that has been recently released – photo fabric. If you want to use this as your wedding invitation or maybe for your bridal shower, be prepared to do a lot of cutting.  That’s the main work since photo fabric is usually available only in rolls which you will need to cut down for the invits.

Tips: Place regular paper behind each cut-sized photo fabric sheet to help your printer “catch” the photo fabric and make sure to flatten the sheets before you start printing.

DIY Vintage Hanky Wedding Invitations

(8) Enhancing Store-bought Invites

diy wedding invitations

It’s quite understandable if you don’t have the time to do the invites all by yourself, especially if you are still sewing your wedding dress and friends are making the diy wine glasses for the reception. Relax and ease up by simply enhancing invitations you have bought from the store for a cheap and fast way of personalising the invites. Just buy some gold leaf pen and a pair of scissors for this simple but refreshing wedding invitation.

Embellished Store-Bought Invitations

(9) Vinyl Retro

diy wedding invitations vinyl

For music lovers who intend to tie the knot – have a try with this retro vinyl diy wedding invitation. With free templates, a handy printer, and carefully chosen card stock (make sure one is black for the the vinyl record) you can be sure that sending out these invitations as easy as saying “Let’s rock!”

DIY Wedding Invitations – Vinyl Record

(10) Love Circle

diy wedding invitations circles

Get creative with this original wedding invitation and, no, you won’t need to sell your mother’s china for this one. First, print out pictures of the happy couple and the wedding details. This invitation uses six circles to give all the wedding information the guests need which are then joined together with a ribbon and placed in these circular boxes for beautiful invitations.

Creative DIY Wedding Invitation

(11) First Love Rustic

Cardstock and a little help from the fiancee is all you need to put together this elegant rustic wedding invitation. Lace, buttons, twine, and ribbons give it the romantic touch that we expect from all weddings. Beautifully crafted, done with love and togetherness.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

(12) Lovely Colors

diy wedding invitations watercolors

First, it’s always better keep everything simple – from the font to the design, the watercolors will be the primary design element so there is no need to go overboard on everything else. Choose your color carefully, maybe using your theme colours and make sure the color and the paper work well together. You will need to make three washes of the same color to give texture and variety to your invitation. It’s simply a matter of adding or lessening water.

DIY Watercolor Wedding Invitations

(13) Love Flowers

diy wedding invitations floral

It’s a mix of having everything all printed out and ready to be mailed and the little personalized touches that make this floral wedding invitation very beautiful indeed. The striking floral envelope liners and the cut out antlers speak of the care given to these wedding invitations. Remember, the first impression of your wedding will be expressed through your wedding invitation.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations 

(14) Fern Fabulous

diy wedding invitations fern

Go botanical with this vintage fern invitation reminiscent of Victoriana and the days of hand-drawn botanical books. Simply buy sheets of paper decorated with ferns or your favorite botanical illustration and use them as envelope liners. The trick to the beautiful rendering of the reply card is a fern-inspired stamp which you can buy from the stationery store or have made.  You can even have your personalized stamp as a wedding memento.

Vintage Fern DIY Wedding Invitation

(15) Beautiful Burlap

diy wedding invitations burlap

Personalised cameos give the most beautiful finishing touch to this homespun beauty, with cardboard, burlap and twine completing the handmade rustic look.

Burlap DIY Wedding Invitations

(16) Simple and Easy

diy wedding invitations doodle

The easy and laidback style is as easy as printing and preparing these diy wedding invitations. First, simply customize the template and choose beautiful cardstock and paper to print out the template.  The most work you will need to do is to cut the paper to size and then make the paper band. Just be handy with the glue to finish making this simple but stylish invitation.

DIY Printable Wedding Invitation

DIY Wedding Invitations: Last Word

The kind of lettering you use for your invitations really does matter. Go for elegant, go for woodsy, or go for simple – the one thing you really need them to be is readable.

Also, before printing out invitations – proofread every name and every punctuation mark.  Take this professional advice: get a clear ruler and start from the bottom to proofread.

Lastly, plan ahead of time.  Make your invitations ahead of time.  Send them out ahead of time.

Video Tutorial – DIY Wedding Invitations