14 Sassy DIY Wine Glasses Perfect for Parties – Tutorials & Ideas

by craftmin | December 4, 2017

Sparkle with these DIY wine glasses as the holiday parties roll in. Let these sassy and stylish designs liven any drink up: from stemmed glasses for your reds to a small thimbleful of your favorite eggnog. These DIY glass wines will suit any gathering, from your traditional family dinner to a quiet romantic evening.

Perhaps make them as giveaways for your annual Christmas party, for a neighborhood get-together, or give them as thank you gifts for your own business.  Make several glasses and group them together, arrange some poinsettia flowers or votives and you have a Christmas centerpiece.

How to make them? Buy yourself a few packs of Sharpies or any permanent pen of your choice and let your imagination take hold.

A word about pens

Sharpie pens are known for their precision points and their permanence but make sure that the pens you will be using are oil-based.  Some of the DIY wine glasses projects below use metallic pens, which are fine, but water-based pens? A big no-no unless you want to wash away most of what you have designed after your party.

A point about points

DIY wine glasses pen points

Permanent pens come in different weights, the tips having different widths.  First-timers usually get confused between fine and ultra-fine, but refer to the chart above for details. Use the chisel point if you’re marking a large area like the base of the wine glass and then opt for the fine point pens for more delicate designs.

A word about wine glasses

DIY wine glasses parts

Let’s not be Sharpie happy and mark your precious stemware without thought, so make sure you can tell the difference between crystal and glass. Crystal catches the light, emits bell-like sound when tapped, and is very very expensive.  These are the type you pass on as family heirlooms.  Glasses, however, are cheap and durable and exactly what you should use for the DIY projects below!

Preparing the Wine Glasses

To ensure your glass is squeaky clean, run it under soapy water and then rinse with vinegar.  Use a vinegary water rinse for a bright and film-free glass that’s ready for some holiday happiness.

Make sure to leave at least the 2cm at the rim of the wine glass design-free. You want your design on the glasses and not on your guest’s lips. 

DIY Wine Glasses Stylish and Sassy Ideas

(1) Cheer up Cheri!

DIY wine glasses cheers 1

An easy but very meaningful crowd pleaser.  Either choose a general holiday design like the one shown here, or personalize it with your guests’ names.  The messages can be as varied as your holiday wishes and customized to fit the occasion.

Sharpie Tips:

  1. Use a wet wipe to wipe off mistakes.  Keep it handy because, when working on glass, you have to rub harder and faster.  Don’t wait to fix something! It’s easier to redo a line than to wipe it off later.
  2. Let the ink dry for at least 24 hours. That will make the design permanent.
  3. However, if you’re in a hurry, put the glasses in a cold oven on a cookie sheet and then heat at 200 degree-Celsiusfor 20-60 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the glasses cool inside before removing.
  4. Hand wash the glasses, making sure to never put them in the dishwasher.

DIY wine glasses stencil

  1. First, choose what message you’d like on your holiday glasses, then choose the font and size you’d like. Be mindful of the size of your glasses. Champagne flutes have narrower bowls than a wine goblet with its wide body.
  2. For this project, gold and silver seem just right for a cheery holiday. Place the printed design inside the glass and tape it so that the design is facing out.
  3. Lastly, trace the design on the outside of the glass then let dry.

(2) Do it with Dots!

 DIY wine glasses dots 1


  1. Wash and dry the glasses thoroughly then turn them over.  Place them on top of a clean old towel to help hold them still while you dot away.
  2. Using silver and bronze colors, just dot away around the bowl. I tried to make it seem like falling snow, starting with silver dots then filling in with bronze dotted lines.
  3. The dots and dotted lines make for a really great snowy effect.  Tip: You can also use stars instead of dots.

DIY wine glasses dots 2

Play it up by varying the sizes of your dots or use a thicker point for your dotted lines.  Maybe add a few colored stars using colored Sharpies instead of the metallic pens, remembering to use oil-based pens for all the projects.  If you are feeling adventurous, draw some holiday boughs or candles.


(3) Basic Bottoms

DIY wine glasses snowy


  1. Clean and dry the glasses thoroughly, making sure you don’t leave any marks on the stem of the wine glasses.
  2. Next, using a bronze marker, cover the whole stem of the wine glass.  Leave to dry whilst working on the other wine glasses.
  3. Go back to the first wine glass you had worked on and, using a silver pen, draw snowflakes or other Christmasy design like angels and bells.

(4) Dandy Doodles

DIY wine glasses doodles

  1. For this next project, ordinary glasses were used but you can also use whiskey tumblers.
  2. Clean and dry the glasses. Wipe the glasses clean of marks and oily prints before working on them.
  3. Doodle the design you’d like to do on paper before doing them on the glass.  Don’t worry about mistakes, they’re just a wet wipe to erase away.

Try more Sharpie projects with these diy mugs.


(5)  Charming DIY Wine Glasses


Charm your guests with these glittery and beautiful tags for your wine glasses.  Watch them reflect light or tinkle against the wine glass for a happy party. You can even mix up the glitter for a holiday theme or why not use numbers or funny and witty emojis.


(6) Two-in-One Shots

diy wine glasses shot glass

Make your own combo wine and shot glass with thh help of epoxy glue and some decorative paint. Or better yet, bring out your oil-based Sharpies for some sharp but smooth styling. Wine glass stems are there to keep off the heat of our hands away the wine, so this solution is perfect if you want your wine chilled but would like tequila later.


(7) Elegant Frost

diy wine glasses tumblers

Using Martha Stewart’s Frost Paint paid off well with these elgant tumblers. Using a simple dip and down, these glasses got ready for a party quicker than you could.


(8) Vintage Vines

diy wine glasses vintage

Go vintage with these wine glasses-turned-bell jar ornaments and think of early 20th century Christmas or maybe Scrooge during the Victorian era. Using plastic wine bottles, make these stylish and nostalgic holiday reminders.


(9)  Rustic Wins

diy wine glasses cork and twine

Have a wine-sampling party and celebrate the theme with a bit of cork and twine with these diy wine glasses charms. Stylish with a dash of pizzazz for that perfect rustic touch. Or maybe have a pizza party and celebrate with these glasses.


(10) Glass Chandelier

diy wine glasses chandelier

Simply stunning. We had a stack of wine glasses that had sentimental value but was just too much for drinking, so what could we do? Instead of giving them away or selling thme, our diyer turned them into this beautiful diy wine glass chandelier. Nothing fancy with the making, just a bit of wire to secure the glasses to the chandelier. It’s clearly perfect!


(11) Glitter Glimmer

diy wine glasses glitter

Go glamorous with these diy wine glasses that are all glammed-up for the party. Go all simply elegant or go personal with a monogram. However, to make sure the glitter doesn’t wash off you have to make sure that the paint is completely cured.  You can go with air curing which means leaving the glasses for at least three weeks in a dry place. No cheating, absolutely no touching and using. Or the easier way: put them in a cold oven and then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit. Leave the glasses inside for a few hours so they can completely cool down.


(12) Coasting Fine

diy wine glasses coasters

First, get some fabric squares measuring 8″x 8″, a size that will wok with most wine glasses. Fold wrong side out along the diagonal, leaving a small opening around the middle. Turn inside out (you can use a pen or something small enough to fit the hole) then iron and fold the two edges to form a small square. It’s ready for use with just some more ironing.


(13) Cazy for Color

diy wine glasses color

Mix and match your Sharpie oil-based colors with different design elements. Go linear or go dotted, go vertical or go horizontal, just have fun with these stemless wine glasses. Enjoy the party more with these amazing diy photobooth ideas.


 (14) Colored Stems

diy wine glasses party pastel copiar

Make your party more colorful by painting the stems of your wine glasses.  Go pastel as shown here for a baby shower or go bright for a more cheeky party.  You will need sptay cans of paint and a roll or two of masking tape and you are ready to make your own diy wine glasses.


Winning ways

However you use these beautiful and stylish wine glasses, the joy of preparing them is part of the holiday cheer. Enjoy the project with your li’l ones as they decorate and design their drinking glasses under your watchful eye.

You can also plan ahead and give these in sets of four and eight as great Christmas gifts, using your sharpies to make a homemade Christmas ribbon and wrapper for your gift.  Better yet, make them for your own parties and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Create some as candle holders (more DIY candle holder ideas) and let the light reflect stunningly on the metallic paint.  Or maybe just enjoy mulled wine during early evening next to your DIY mini fire pits.

Video Tutorial – DIY Wine Glasses