DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – This Getup Will Make You Sexy!

by craftmin | January 12, 2018

Are you ready to take on the role of Princess Diana of Themyscira? Set loose of your inner cape crusader and be alluring and powerful in Halloween or in cosplay conventions with this sexy DIY wonder woman costume design.

There are so many awesome Halloween and Cosplay costumes to try on, but, if you’re looking for something trendy and sizzling hot, a DIY Wonder Woman costume is the way to go!

Save yourself from the hassle of looking for the perfect Halloween or Cosplay costume and go for the costume worn by the lead of 2017’s 3rd top-grossing film. Surely, there are brilliant ways to beat Lindy Hemming’s Wonder Woman costume design but, if you are running out of time, you could always wing it. Here’s how you can come up with an impressive Wonder Woman costume in just a matter of hours!


  • navy leather (or scrap leather and metallic navy paint)
  • brown wig (if you need it)
  • 2 brown belts
  • red metallic paint
  • liquid gold leaf paint
  • scrap brown leather
  • 6 pieces tan craft foam
  • sword
  • gold spray paint
  • 5 pieces of red craft foam
  • black corset
  • rope


  • free templates
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • measuring tape
  • printer
  • glue sticks
  • scrap paper
  • hot glue gun
  • super glue
DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Materials

Source: The Sorry Girls


1. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Dress

For this DIY wonder woman costume design, you will need red and gold metallic paint, navy scrap leather, red and tan foam, and a cheap black corset.

Fold the corset in half and trace onto the red foam a jagged design like the front of Wonder Woman’s corset piece, check out the reference photo below. The pieces include diagonal 1.5-inches wide ones, little slivers, and straight ones. Don’t mind what’s the wrong or right way to make this DIY wonder woman costume, our goal is to replicate Diana’s corset looka sexy armor top made from scraps of metals.

After one side is already done, you can do the front and the back. Cut out the whole thing again to make the pieces for the other back and front side. Make sure not to mix up the pieces! It is important to remember the placement of the pieces when laying them on the corset.

Armor Pattern

Source: The Sorry Girls

After having copied everything, use a metallic red paint to paint the foam and wait for it to dry. After that, to avoid any skin burn incidents, wear the corset with a shirt underneath, and then use the glue gun armed with a glue-stick to stick the foam on the corset. Some gold details will be added later, so make sure to leave a gap in the middle when sticking. Attach the pieces with small black ribbons showing through. As you glue, there might be a need to trim the pieces but that’s perfectly fine. Do the front and make sure that both sides are symmetric. Then, do the back and make sure not to cover up the laces or zipper at the back. The bottom and the top of the corset might have some pieces hanging over—trim them all.

2. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design- The Gold, W-shaped Eagle Emblem

Cut out a W-shaped eagle from the tan foam. Create something like the reference photo below and paint it gold. Add the eagle to the corset top, and start in the middle when hot gluing it to the corset top.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: W-shaped eagle

Source: The Sorry Girls

3. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Skirt

For the skirt, find some navy leather or scrap leather and paint it metallic navy. They’re available online or at a leather store. Just copy the reference photo of Wonder Woman’s skirt and cut out the large middle flap, the two shorter flaps beside it, and the layers of angled pieces extending to the side of the thigh.

Just like the front, more flaps also make up the back but are longer and much more. To add the pieces of the leather skirt, open the corset inside out, add small lines of fabric glue or hot glue, and attach the center front piece, the piece beside it, and the 3 angled pieces. Examine how these overlap, make it appear nice from the front (watch the video tutorial which will explain all of these easier!). Start adding the flap under the 3 angled pieces at the side and jump to the back flap and glue it HALF ON the back—make sure to lay the zipper mid-way through that flap because it’ll be in the middle back.

It would be inappropriate to flash your butt when you lean forward, so add and overlap the two extra pieces to prevent these flaps from gaping a bit because of your butt. On the other side, putting this piece on will involve tucking the large center flap underneath it so it should be glued higher than normal. 

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Skirt

Source: The Sorry Girls

4. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Belt

This DIY Wonder Woman costume comes with free downloadable packaged templates of Wonder Woman outfit! Cut out the straight belt that just perfectly fits around your waist and the W belt part (template A) from the tan foam and paint it gold. Before attaching it to the outfit, glue the diamond piece at the back of the W just like in the reference photo. Make sure to cover the seam between the skirt and the belt by simply gluing the belt onto the outfit, or gluing the corset instead of the leather skirt. Do the same again all the way around and never forget to leave the back with a gap for the zipper. You’ve just finished the base of this DIY Wonder Woman costume! Hooray!

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Template A (Belt)

Source: The Sorry Girls

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Belt

Source: The Sorry Girls

5. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Shoes

For the boots, visit the thrift store for some wedge shoes and spray paint it with gold. Cut out the gold stripe that extends down the shin from the tan foam and the pieces that cross the shoe from the red foam. Paint the tan one with gold and the red one with metallic red. Cut out 12 mini straps from some excess scrap leather. These will secure the gold and red parts to the shoe. Hot glue the straps to attach it to either side of the red foam.

Next, wear the shoe and have one side of it glued with leather straps. Glue the first cross piece on the other side and add a piece of Velcro to the second and third cross piece. This way, you can unstrap the two pieces of a cross at the top to get your foot out! Do the same with the other shoe.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Shoes

Source: The Sorry Girls

6. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Shin

The template package also comes with the 3 pieces that make up the shin for this DIY Wonder Woman costume project. Template B or the shin piece will be red and template C or the knee and template D or the top knee pieces will be gold. Cut them out and paint them.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Template D (Knee Piece)

Source: The Sorry Girls

In addition, cut long foam strips to go down between the knee pieces and the shin, and paint them gold—just the perfect match for the shoes! Glue those kick-asses down. Assemble everything by using hot glue to attach the piece below to the piece above, the shin piece to the knee and the knee piece to the top knee piece.

Next, cut strips of leather just like the shoes to wrap around and fasten to the boot’s other side. Use Velcro and hot glue to attach these. Each boot should have 3 straps; do the same to the other boot!

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Boots

Source: The Sorry Girls

7. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – The Accessories

For the accessories, it’ll be so easy since templates are provided. Template E will be for the wrist cuffs and template F will be for the arm cuff and the tiara. Again, you can download those templates for free.

The Wrist Cuff

Cut the pieces out from the tan foam and coat them with a gold paint. Make sure to flip one of the wrist cuffs so that they’re opposite! Secure the wrist cuffs in place using Velcro. Glue the triangle piece in the arm cuff just right behind the V cut just like what has been done to the belt, and as usual—Velcro makes the arm cuff easily removable and easily secured.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Template E (Wrist Cuff)

Source: The Sorry Girls

The Tiara

Simply glue the triangular piece behind the V cut and attach elastic to either end of the tiara, enough to fit your head.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Template E (Accessories)

Source: The Sorry Girls

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Tiara

Source: The Sorry Girls

The Sword and Rope Harness

This DIY Wonder Woman costume project is almost done! Take some scrap leather and two leather belts to make the rope and sword harness.

Remove the buckle on the first belt, wrap it over the shoulder and under the opposite arm, and glue the ends together.

For the second belt which is also suns buckle, glue it to the center of the front of the other belt and have it wrapped underneath the other arm and attached to the center of the back. From here, use Velcro to add a leather strap to the harness to serve as the rope holster. Add a sword holster on the back. In this DIY Wonder Woman costume project, the sword being used costs $10 but you can use any sword of your choice—just make sure that it’s neither too big nor too small. Coat the sword’s handle with a gold paint. Use a strip of leather on the bottom and the top part of the harness. This holds the sword in place perfectly.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume: Sword and Rope Harness

Source: The Sorry Girls

8. DIY Wonder Woman Costume Design – Details

Finally, regardless who you’re trying to portray when participating in a Cosplay Convention or Halloween, just like other outfits, this DIY Wonder Woman costume deserves some detailing to make it appear worn in and authentic.

Use multiple 3D paints, gold paints, and paint pens to give every gold part of this costume some details. Detailing will make this DIY Wonder Woman costume a lot like aged metal instead of foam glued together!

If learning how to make this DIY Wonder Woman costume project via a YouTube video is more your style, check out the video tutorial below!

Could you have done this DIY Wonder Woman costume project in a different way? What are the modifications you could think of to enhance it?

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