19 Inspiring DIY Wood Project Ideas For Your Home!

by craftmin | December 16, 2017

Do not let those extra boards dust up your garage! Re-invent your house and spice-up parts of your home with these 19 DIY wood project ideas!




1. Stack up logs for your fireplace!

Wood Project 1

Source: Heather Freeman

Impressed by the wooden logs stacked on one another? You can impress others too by creating the illusion of perfectly stacked wooden logs inside your fireplace whenever it is not in use. Simply build a lock stack screen which you can use to decorate and hide the ashes.

Would you like to give this DIY wood project a try in your own fireplace? You may refer here for complete instructions.


2.) Create your own coasters!

DIY Branch Coasters

Source: Stephanie

Would you believe that these lovely coasters have only been build out of collected thick branches? The next time you go on a hike make sure not to ignore these treasures which can be transformed into many other creative pieces. All you need aside from your creativity is the right DIY wood project!

If you would like to find more details on how these coasters were made, look here.


3. Organize your magazines with this wooden file organizer!

magazine rack diy wood project

Source: Tanya

If you’re fed up of your favorite magazine reads lying around everywhere, try this practical and fancy-looking DIY wood project idea! With just a few plywood materials and minimal labor, Tanya was able to create a beautiful magazine file organizer without spending too much money! Smart right?

For complete instructions, click here.


4.) Upgrade your table setting with this wood plate charger!

wood plate charger diy wood project

Source: Elisha

Accentuate your table setting with these gorgeous wood chargers! This DIY wood project idea is easy and fun to create. Simply cut a large circular shape out of your piece of plywood, then smoothen the surface and edges and, voila! You have officially upgraded your table setting and may invite others to share a meal with you!

If you would like to give this project a try, look here for complete details and tutorial!


5.) Dress up your walls with these wall planters!

wall planters diy wood project

Source: Lindi

Tired of the same old plain look of your walls? Why not try this DIY wood project idea? Simply build these unique hexagonal wall planters to add some personality and greenery to your wall. To make this even better, add small faux succulent plants on top of these hexagonal wall planters!

For the materials and complete step-by-step process of this DIY wood project idea, click here.


6.) Glam up your door step with this wood door mat!

DIY Wood mat

Source: TheMerryThought

Glamming up your front door does not have to be expensive and costly, just build a sturdy wooden doormat using cedar boards! To give it an even more unique look, re-arrange the cedar boards at an angle to create a gorgeous porch accent.

For a step-by-step tutorial of this wonderful DIY wood project, go here.

7.) Make a statement with this Barn door headboard!

head board diy wood project

Source: Taryn

Create a bold statement and transform your bed into a lovely centerpiece by creating a barn door head board that you may directly mount on top of your bed!

This DIY wood project looks harder to do than it actually is, if you would like to check out the complete process of creating this wonderful masterpiece, click here.


8.) Build this fancy chopping board!

chopping board diy wood project

Source: Erin Francois

Were you planning to ditch your old chopping board, so you’d have to buy a new one? Why don’t you build your own chopping board instead? The fancy chopping board pictured above is made out of hickory lumber and adds a lovely modern touch with its accentuated white blocked off area, which is also safe for cutting.

This wonderful piece can also be given as a gift to your neighbors and friends!

For the tips, reminders, and complete details regarding this DIY wood project, visit here.


9.) Replace your old doors with a paneled-barn door!

Source: Leslie

If you want to save space, switch your old traditional door with a paneled sliding barn door! This DIY wood project may look expensive, but actually costs roughly $50. It is budget friendly as it is actually made out of inexpensive sturdy plywood materials!

If you would like to have the same wood project for your door, refer here for a more in-depth process.


10.) Treat your cupcake right with this cupcake stand!

cupcake stand diy wood project

Source: Heather Freeman

This DIY wood project cupcake stand is perfect for the dessert table when celebrating a birthday party or a winter wedding! This 3-tiered cupcake stand is simply hard to ignore in a good way!

This cupcake stand is easy to make, just add stack of sliced woods and plant pots and voila! You still have time to frost those cupcakes!

If you want to give this project a try, refer here for the complete tutorial.


11.)  Build this beautiful Tripod floor lamp!

tripod lamp shade diy wood project

Source: Corey

This beautiful West Elm’s inspired Tripod floor night stand does not have to cost too much money. Here is a detailed tutorial for building it yourself for your own equally beautiful floor lamp!


12.) Build a coffee table for your living room centerpiece!

coffee table diy wood project

Source: abeautifulmess

Live edged-tables are a very popular trend nowadays but these coffee tables often cost way too much money. To avoid hurting your budget, why not build your own live edged coffee table instead? How? Use a sturdy wood material, wood paint, and of course, hairpin legs to achieve that sophisticated and high-end look without burning holes in your pockets!

I’m sure you are dying to try this DIY wood project yourself so here is the complete tutorial!

13.) Update your office with this campaign styled desk!

desk diy wood project

Source: Sarah Dorsey

Add a touch of polish to your office by crafting a sleek campaign-styled desk for your home! Try using Poplar or Oak lumber for the X-legs.

Wondering how to pull off this craft? Refer here for the complete tutorial.


14.) Create a masterpiece, build a wooden mosaic!

mosaic diy wood project

Source: abeautifulmess

Have a lot of wood and lumber leftovers from previous DIY wood project ideas? Why don’t you gather these chopped pieces and create a masterpiece! Simply stain the pre-cut wooden blocks and glue them altogether to craft yourself this textural work of art!


15.) Give life to your home, build a hanging garden!

1 planters

Source:  Homemade Modern

Give your home a touch of life by making a hanging garden out of wooden boards. This DIY project will not only make your home environmentally friendly, but it will also help you save space in your garden. With its five rows of planters that can accommodate four pots each, you will have a hanging garden big enough for all of your greens.


16.) Upgrade your crates – create a mounted storage!

2 crate boxes

Source: muyingenioso

Create wall-mounted storage for your essential needs. This DIY wood project would be perfect for your bedroom, your living room, and as well as your kitchen! This is a good way to save living space, as the wall-mounted storage can accommodate your stashed items without occupying too much space. For a more attractive interior, incorporate a color pattern into your wall-mounted crates.

17.) Unleash the shoe-pa-holic in you – create a shoe storage out of crates!

 shoe storage out of crates

Source: livefromjulieshouse

Wondering where to stash your beloved shoe collection? Worry no more! This DIY wood project is here to save your day! Simply create shoe storage boxes out of salvaged wood crates. Stack them top of one another, and you will have a huge amount storage. It is simple, smart, and a space saver!

18.) Build a mini bar with this DIY wood project!

4 wine

Source: jenwoodhouse

Invite friends over for a drink – create a wine bar out of salvaged wooden boards! This DIY wood project is sleek and fully functional. With its top shelf which you can use as a wine glass holder, its middle storage to display your wines, and bottom storage to hang your wine glasses – this DIY wood project sure is space friendly!

19.) Take your afternoon naps to the next level – build an outdoor bed

5 outdoor bed

Source: The Merry Thought

Relax in the comfort of your outdoor space – create an outdoor swing bed! Using salvaged wood pallets, and an extra mattress, create a bed for your yard! For an even edgier design, hang your outdoor bed on a rope to make a swing bed. This DIY wood project is sure to give you an afternoon nap you won’t forget!


These DIY wood project ideas are very easy to do, what are you waiting for? Try these project ideas and give your home the reinvention it needs!

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