DIY Wood Projects Using Table Saw

by craftmin | December 16, 2017

Everybody knows that the table saw is the King of all wood working tools and without it, only a few quality wood projects can be done. That is why it is the most recommended wood working machine! Aside from being one of the bests tool available on the market, a table saw is budget friendly and will not break the bank. Once you get hold of your own great table saw, you will be raring to go and build DIY wood projects!




1.) Build your own Jointer Jig!


Source: Chris Baylor

Not all pieces of lumber available in lumberyards are in a perfect shape, which makes building DIY wood projects very challenging. For instances like this, a jointer helps to straighten out twisted or warped boards. But what can you do if you do not have a jointer?

Simple! Just build your own jointer jig out of scrap materials found in your shop! How? A step-by-step tutorial can be seen here.


2.) Build a sturdy book case!

book case diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

A bookcase is somethhing commonly found among lists of smart and practical DIY wood projects. It has a lot uses, offers ample storage space and is very easy to build – after all, it is simply a sturdy open-faced cabinet made to support the heavy weight of books!

Pictured above is a two-shelf book case wood project build out of plywood with trimmed and smoothed edges.



3.) Build a chest of craft storage!

stacked diy wood projects

Source: woodshopdiaries

If you are the kind of person who seems to never have enough storage space, then this DIY wood project is for you! Why not build yourself a chest storage center which can be easily accessed anytime that you need? Aside from building a storage center, you could also install an iron board ready to be mounted anytime you need! Cool right?



4.) Build a pot rack for your kitchen!

pot rack diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

If you have a lot of pans in your kitchen, or are living with someone who does, this DIY wood project is perfect for you!

Simply build a pot rack for your kitchen! How? Build this wood project from rough-cut cedar and install a couple of iron rods. This DIY wood project is easy to make, taking an average amount of 2 hours to build from scratch.

This wood project is sure to give your kitchen the good and sturdy pot rack it deserves!


5.) Build a Slab cabinet door!

cabinet door diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

Tired of the same old raised panel doors that every cabinet seems to have? Why not reinvent your cabinet and give it a fresher look by building a slab inspired cabinet door!

Building a slab door for your cabinet will give your cabinet a more stylish look without draining your money, since it does not actually cost too much. All you need is a solid wood like plywood. Play with paint, give it bold colors!

Want to transform your old cabinet doors into a slab door cabinet as well? Here is a more detailed tutorial to help you.



6.) Go for a cove raised panel cabinet doors!

paneled diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

If a European Slab cabinet door is not your style, opt for a cove-style raised panel cabinet door instead! Do not be intimidated by how fancy this cabinet door sounds – it is actually easy to build with your table saw.

All you need for this cove-style raised panel cabinet door is, of course, your table saw, a few clamps, hardwood, a good paint, and a bit of sanding work!

If this is the cabinet door you would like to use to reinvent your kitchen, refer here for more detailed instructions.


7.) Build a washer pitch for a fun backyard game!

washing pitch diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

If you love inviting people to your backyard for barbecues, this DIY wood project is made for you!

This DIY wood project is actually a backyard game popularly known as washers or washer pitching, which is quite similar to horseshoes, except the players throw large flat washers at a game board with three holes for scoring points. This is a really enjoyable and addictive game perfect for people who love hosting barbecues in their backyard.

What makes this project even more fun is that it is very easy to build your own washer pitch: all you need is a load of lumber left overs.

Once you are finished building this fun and enjoyable backyard game, I’m sure your neighbors will ask you to build one for them as well! And if that happens, go here for a more in-depth tutorial!

8.)  Build and play Cornhole!

cornhole diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

Every American college student who is a football fan is familiar with this enjoyable game called Cornhole. And if you are one, then this DIY wood projects is tailored for you!

This popular game is actually just a bean bag being tossed on the tilted board with a 6″ diameter hole. The person who can chuck the bean bag inside the hole of the board wins the game.

This fun outdoor game is also suitable for your backyard and is easy to create! For step-by-step guidelines and tips go here.


9.) Build a Bread tray for your breakfast needs!

bread tray diy wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

If you’re looking for a DIY wood project idea which can serve as a gift, then you have come to the right place!

Great for beginners, this DIY bread tray can be easily made and does not cost too much in materials. This project is actually very practical. Unbelievable? Why not click here for the detailed process and see for yourself how easy it is to build this bread tray.



10.) Build a mirror out of oak!

mirror diy wood projects

Source: thewoodgraincottage

Build yourself a full-length mirror for your dressing room or bed room! This DIY wood project is actually practical, as most households have a full-length mirror, and this is not hard to create and build for yourself. All you need is a tall oak plank to frame your full-length mirror and give it classy look!



11.) Build a bird feeder

Bird feeder DIY wood projects

Source: Chris Baylor

A bird feeder is one of the most common DIY wood projects, but do not under estimate the hardwork or take this woodwork project for granted. It may be for a beginner but it does have to look like something an amateur built.

Build a beautiful and attractive cedar bird feeder that will last for years even if exposed to extreme weather conditions! This is made possible with cedar wood and Plexiglas!

Want to build a functional bird feeder as well? This step-by-step tutorial is sure to help you build one for yourself!


12.) Create a unique table out of collected logs

16 wood log diy wood projects

Source:  bhg

Got a load of logs stored in your garage? Why don’t you turn them into something useful? With your collected logs and tree branches, make a unique center table for your home by stacking and securing the logs on top of one another. Furnish it with aligned tree branches, then finish your unconventional table using your table saw for a more refined finish.

13.) Have a spectacular wedding, create your own wooden aisle!

2 aisle runner

Source: JL Designs

Make your wedding extra-spectacular by creating your own running aisle. Made out of salvaged and reclaimed wood, you will be more than ecstatic to walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life with one of these DIY wood projects!


14.) Create a table out of wood stumps!

11-Stump table diy wood projects

Source: Prodigal Pieces

Create another unique living room centerpiece with the help of your table saw. With a salvaged wood stump and metal legs, you can create an unconventional table that is sure to amaze your guests!

15.) Light up your room with this DIY wood pendant lights!


Source: Vintage Revivals


Your centerpiece does not always have to take up floor space – instead, light up your room with this do-it-yourself open cube pendant light. This DIY wood project is very simple and easy to create. Without spending too much money, accentuate your room with a unique lamp that not lights up your room, but adds charm as well.


16.) Create your own dining table set!

dining table diy wood projects

Source: Brit Co

Dine in the comfort of your own hard work – literally! With the help of your table saw, you can create a dining table set to enjoy your meals with! This do-it-yourself wood project will certainly make sure you savor the delicious taste of your meal as well as the sweet taste of your victory!


I know by now that you are already excited to start your own DIY wood projects, so I won’t stop you! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process of building these DIY wood projects for a more meaningful building experience.