12 Easy Stylish DIY Pillow Ideas for Your Home

by craftmin | December 21, 2017

Squishy and lovely soft DIY pillow are easy and fun to make.  From soft throw pillows we gather in our living room to one or two meant for the bedroom, make room for them on your couches and beds.  Enjoy the creative ideas contained on the list and be inspired to do them yourself. Some are even no-sew for those who just want something soft and huggable without too much trouble!

Squishy and Stylish DIY Pillow for Easy Living

(1) No sew easy pillow

diy pillow easy

There are crafters who are sewers and there are crafters who don’t know at all what to do with a needle and thread. This pillow is for the latter.  First, get a square pillow and a sheet that is 2 1/2 times larger than the pillow. Put your pillow smack in the middle, at an angle like a diamond. Fold one side over, and then the opposite side of the fold, until you have something like a half-wrapped candy in front of you. Finally, tie the two ends in a square knot for a pretty pillow to use. Just untie for laundry day.

Source: No Sew Pillow

(2) Sweetly Cozy Sweater DIY Pillow

diy pillow easy

Cozy up with warmth and recycle old sweaters for this snugly and lovely pillow. Slip your pillow inside an old sweater to measure, then remove the pillow. Remember to allow some room for sewing.  Turn the sweater inside out, then cut away the excess and save it for another project. Easy sewing all around the cut areas. Turn the sweater outside in and then sew the bottom opening. Enjoy the comfortable warmth with coffee using this DIY sharpie mug.

Source: Cozy Sweater DIY Pillow

(3) Stamping Style

diy pillow easy

Do you remember elementary crafting in Mr. Simon’s art class?  Yes, those days when we bought potatoes in and cut them into funny stamps.  It’s the same thing here, but with fabric paint.  Stamp th pillows with a star, a letter, or even a cross as shown. Do some dots too.  Have your kids or grandkids join you for a DIY pillow project that will have their stamp of approval.

Source: Potato-Stamped DIY Pillow

(4) Message Me with Gold

diy pillow easy

Do you want something glittery and fabulous, but personal at the same time?  Well, this pillow should be perfect for you. Firstly, write your message in glue and then apply gold foil. Wait for it to dry and, when you pull off the excess gold foil, a message in gilded letters will be revealed.

You can make it fancy in French or gorgeous in German. If anything else, be engaging in english.

Source: Gold Foil DIY Pillow

(5) Pretty in Blue and No Sew

diy pillow easy

What will you need: a pretty fabric, your squishy pillow, and hot glue.  That’s it, believe or not for an incredibly pretty pillow. Simply put your pillow in the middle of your fabric and wrap like a present (without taping of course).

Then, fold over one of the ends and get your hot glue gun to glue the fold to prevent the fabric from fraying. Do the same to the other end then glue one end over the other.  Glue the corners too for a snug fit and an easy instant change in decor without too much fuss.

Source: No Sew DIY Pillow

(6) Reading and Pillowin’

diy pillow easy

Make reading right with this pillow bundled with books for the bookworm on the go. Stylish and useful, you can tuck in a sleepy head and at the same time, tuck in a favorite story book.  Great for long road trips or maybe a weekend with the grandparents.

Source: On the Go DIY Reading Pillow

(7) Bowing with Beauties

diy pillow easy

Ribbons are so pretty! With just a ribbon and a bow, something can instantly become feminine and beautiful. Why not a pillow too? Sew a basic square toss pillow, then make a rectangular tube with the excess fabric for this fabulous bow.

Source: Big Bow DIY Pillow

(8) Upcycling with Sequins

diy pillow easy

Do you have a great party dress that has seen better days? Maybe you have outgrown it or its not to your taste anymore. Doesn’t matter, don’t throw it away. Upcycle and makeit  into this glittering fashionista of a pillow.  First turn the dress inside out then measure the pillow by slipping it in between the skirt. Remember to allow some room for sewing.  Then, cut the excess part of the dress and sew the ends tightly.

Turn it outside in and place your pillow inside, then ensure a snug fit by pinning the ends. Sew the pillow closed.  Fashionable and trendy, once again – absolutely fabulous!

Source: DIY Sequin Pillow

(9) Dippin’ Fun with Kool-Aid

diy pillow easy

Summer drinks and fruit make Kool-Aid the go-to drink when its blistering warm. Not to mention Fourth of July celebrations. But you can also do more with your Kool-Aid by dyeing a plain white pillow something watermelony fresh and invigorating. It’s a great outdoor pillow that you can even enjoy whilst cooking some barbecue in your backyard fire pit.  All the good things happen in summer, so why not a pillow too.

Pour some Kool-Aid powder into a container, dissolve in water then get your bland white pillow case and soak half of the fabric. Let it sit in the Kool-Aid water overnight, then carefully rinse the stained part.  Make sure you don’t get any stains on the white areas. Lastly, iron on high heat to set the color and it’s ready for use.

Source: Kool-Aid Dyed DIY Pillow

(10) Fabulous Faux DIY Pillow

diy pillow easy

Make a pillow stylish and fabulous by adding a length of faux fur.  First, make this simple envelope DIY pillow and then add a length of faux fur fabric. Easy styling that is pure Hollywood glamour.

Source: Easy Envelope DIY Pillow

(11) Watercolorful DIY Pillow

diy pillow easy

Do you have some leftover fabric paint?  Why not use it for these breezy and eye-delightful pillows for your back porch? Add summer freshness with these cool colors after doing some of these inspiring DIY backyard crafts.

Source: DIY Watercolor Pillow

(12) Patterned and Pillowed in Fabrics

diy pillow easy

I’m quite sure that with all the sewing and all the cutting, there will be some excess fabric lying around. Why not make another pillow out of all these scraps? The beautiful thing about scraps is that until that time we put them together, we don’t really know how beautifully they will turn out.

Source: Multi-Fabric DIY Pillow