32 Cute Ideas For Homemade Baby Shower Favors

by craftmin | January 26, 2018

Having a baby is one of the greatest blessings one can ever have. Imagine having a little person growing inside you. It is indeed a miracle in its own right. Because of this, moms-to-be make every possible effort to record every milestone and every step in their journey to motherhood. And every little thing about this blessing deserves a celebration. A dozen baby bump selfies and even their food cravings are documented and sometimes posted on social media. And when it’s almost time for the baby to say hello to the world, it is only fitting to celebrate it with friends through a baby shower. Often organized by friends for the moms-to-be, these baby showers are a fun way to welcome the babies into everyone’s lives. These parties are made even more special with homemade baby shower favors as keepsakes for something – a memory that’s so much worth remembering.

32 Homemade Baby Shower Favors

Gone are the days when keepsakes should just be for display. The trend now is to give something consumable or useful to guests. And it just makes sense and all worth the money. But it doesn’t mean you need to spend on them too much especially when a baby is on the way. Friends and moms-to-be, unite! Make our party extra special by having homemade baby shower favors instead of the store-bought ones. The more effort you put into it, the more good memories you are to keep. And don’t worry, because here are a handful of cute ideas you can check out that will surely make your guests go ‘ooh and ahh” in excitement.

1. Colorful Bath Scrubbies

These colorful bath scrubbies are the perfect homemade baby shower favors! These crochet bath scrubbies are so easy to make, even dads can do them! Have fun making these and feel awesome as you hand them to your guests.

bath scrubbies - homemade baby shower favors

2. Elegant Sprinkled Macarons

If you want a sweet, classy and elegant baby party, have these as your homemade baby shower favors. Because nothing shouts sophistication than these delicate and sweet macarons.

 Macarons - homemade baby shower favors

3. Adorable Puppy Cloth

Give these adorable puppy cloth as homemade baby shower favors and hear your guests go “awwww.” I just doubt they will ever use these. They are just too cute, they can’t seem to find the strength to unfold these cloths!

 puppy cloth - homemade baby shower favors

4. Customized Car Jars

The perfect homemade baby shower favors if you’re having a baby boy, or if you’re partner’s a car guy. Just put some candies or any sweet treats inside these jars with customized lids for a perfect balance of rugged and sweet.

cars - homemade baby shower favors

5. Mini Chalkboards

These baby shower favors won’t just remind your guests of that memorable party, but the things they need to do as well.

 chalkboard - homemade baby shower favors

6. Dainty Butterfly Candies

Having a baby girl? These butterfly candies are perfect baby shower keepsakes for your little queen’s arrival!

 butterfly candies - homemade baby shower favors

7. Rustic Popcorn Kernel Jars

Now, this is a very fitting party favor idea for that much anticipated “popping” moment in your life.

 tiny pumpkins - homemade baby shower favors

8. Artsy Seed and Planter Souvenir

Stop wasting money on party souvenirs that are just no use to your party guests. Make a lasting impression with seed packets and a planter as your homemade baby shower favors. For sure they will remember you and your baby every time they see the beautiful plant they have.

 seeds and planters - homemade baby shower favors

9. Pretty Jelly Bean Onesies

Just by looking at these homemade baby shower favors, you can see how easily they can be made. Cut out two onesie shapes, sew them together on the sides, put some jelly beans inside then sew them onesies closed. You can also use blue or pink button mixed with the jelly beans for a cool gender reveal idea.

 baby onesie - homemade baby shower favors

10. Assorted Animal Cracker Box

We won’t run out of cute ideas for homemade baby shower favors, even for those unplanned parties! For a very quick fix, try out repackaging animal crackers into small transparent boxes easily found on baking supply stores. Finish them up with ribbons and tags and there you go.

animal crackers - homemade baby shower favors

11. Cutesy Baby Pumpkins

If you’re having a baby shower in time for Halloween or fall season, then these little pumpkins would be awesome as baby shower favors!

 pumpkins - homemade baby shower favors

12. Rattle Cake Pops

Be playful with these homemade baby shower favors. Level up those regular cake pops into these rattle cake pops and make your party a really sweet one.

 cake pops - homemade baby shower favors

13. Sweet Honey Sticks

A simple and quick way to make homemade baby shower favors is to buy something and then put some personal touch to it. Just like these sweet honey sticks added with ribbons and a tag, an instant party souvenir!

honey sticks - homemade baby shower favors

14. Button Candies

Candies are a staple at parties and having them as party favors can make the party even more fun. With just some printables and your choice of candies, you can make any homemade baby shower favors you like to fit your party theme.

 button candies - homemade baby shower favors

15. Gender Reveal Chocolate Bars

When do you think will be the perfect time to announce your baby’s gender? Give these homemade baby shower favors just before closing the party for that big gender reveal!

 hershey's - homemade baby shower favors

16. Bath Scrubber Lollipops

This is my personal favorite among the list of homemade baby shower favors. Why? Because these bath scrubber lollies are so easy to make, cheap, cute and dainty, not to mention very practical.

 loofah lollipops - homemade baby shower favors

17. Strawberry Scones Pack

How about these strawberry scones mix as baby shower souvenirs? Imagine how perfect it is for your guests to enjoy the scones at home while browsing some of the photos from the party.

 scone sacks - homemade baby shower favors

18. Nail Polish Tutus

Have fun making these nail polish tutus! See your female friends’ eyes light up as you hand them these homemade baby shower favors. Sorry for the male guests, though.

tutu - homemade baby shower favors

19. Baby Nutter Butters

Look at these cute baby nutter butters! These are dipped nutter butter sandwich cookies on chocolate candy melts and painted with some black decorating gel for the baby’s face. A very clever idea for your homemade baby shower favors!

 nutter butter - homemade baby shower favors

20. Homemade Body Salt Scrub

Another cool idea to have as homemade baby shower favors. These bath salt scrubs can be colored and customized to whatever theme you are having for the party.

bath salt - homemade baby shower favors

21. Hot Cocoa Mix in a Bottle

Give them back the feeling of warmth you feel having them around with some hot cocoa mix. Here’s a creative way of how you can turn them into cute homemade baby shower favors.

hot cocoa - homemade baby shower favors

22. Washi Candles

Literally, these baby shower giveaways are done in minutes!. Thanks to the ever dependable washi tapes, you can customize tea lights or any candles into any theme you need.

 candles - homemade baby shower favors

23. Candied Fruit Peels

Unique. Delicious. Elegant. These are just some of the words to describe candied fruit peels as your homemade baby shower favors. Very simple to make with a recipe that can be easily doubled.

candies citrus peel - homemade baby shower favors

24. Jam in a Jar

If you’re too tired to make your own jam, then buy from a neighbor who sells one. Just tell them how you wanted it to look like, or if you prefer a specific jar for them to use. Then make them more presentable with some cloth, twines, ribbons, and tags. It’s practical, and still homemade you know.

 jam homemade baby shower favors

25. Baby Succulents

How about potting some of these cute succulents as party tokens for your guests? Then maybe after giving birth, you can make this into a relaxing hobby.

 succulents - homemade baby shower favors

26. Ready to Pop Lip Balm Souvenirs

This is a clever idea for baby shower giveaways and a sure hit for guests. Eos lip balms and some printables can surely leave your guests smiling on their way home after the party.

lip balm - homemade baby shower favors

27. Choco-Coated Oreo Pops

Knowing that these homemade baby shower favors have Oreos inside is enough to consider it the best idea ever! I just see a little bit of a problem here. You will surely have a hard time getting these favors ready for the party because you and your friend can’t stop eating them.

oreo pops - homemade baby shower favors

28. Sprinkle with Love

Are you ready for some more colors in your already colorful life? Share with your guests the happiness you feel with these homemade baby shower favors. Because everything is better, with candy sprinkles!

 sprinkles - homemade baby shower favors

29. Coffee or Tea Bag

Coffee or tea bags make for some unique baby shower souvenirs.  You can either buy those ready to assemble stuff or make your own for some more savings.

coffee or tea - homemade baby shower favors

30. Mini Bird’s Nest

It’s okay if you don’t want any theme for your party. Just make sure that your party favors are as cute as these mini bird’s nest treats.

nest - homemade baby shower favors

31. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Show how much you appreciate them for being there on your pregnancy journey.  With these sugar scrubs for your party keepsakes, their skin will surely be as soft as a baby’s bottom!

 sugar scrub - homemade baby shower favors

32. Cookie Mix in a Jar

Level up your party favors with an interactive kind of souvenir. Keep baby shower sweet with these cookie mix in a jar souvenirs.

cookie jar mix - homemade baby shower favors

Which of these ideas are you excited to try? Whichever one you choose, just make sure to get some photos while making them for if ever you want to make a pregnancy scrapbook. Well, that’s for another time maybe.

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