10 Must-Try Homemade Nail Polish Remover Ideas

by craftmin | January 20, 2018

Makeup, check. Fabulous hair, check. Little black dress, check. Stilettos, check. Something still missing? What else will make your look complete? Nail Polish! It will definitely complete and seal that look! And with so many colors and finishes to choose from, you can enjoy a different one every day for the whole year without repeating a single style. There’s just a little issue that comes with it. The more you use nail polish, the more you need to use nail polish remover. Did you know that acetone-based commercial removers can pose serious harm to your health? Although manufacturers claim that the acetone they use is in a diluted form, repeated use can still be harmful. Do you notice how your nails and skin get dry after use? Here are some homemade nail polish remover ideas you can try which are safer and cheaper alternatives to commercial ones.

Why Homemade Nail Polish Remover?

homemade nail polish remover

Doing each other’s nails never gets old at a pajama party, but there is always that one friend who can’t seem to make up her mind with what color of nail polish she wants. She’ll try each color of nail polish in your stash and, in the process, use up all the nail polish remover you have. But there’s no need to panic, an empty bottle of nail polish remover shouldn’t ruin all the fun. Homemade nail polish remover to the rescue! Your friends are sure to love the idea, especially when they find out that it’s cheaper, gentler and safer to use. So even though it’s easier to just buy, it wouldn’t hurt to know these homemade alternatives.

10 Must-Try Homemade Nail Polish Remover Ideas

All of the recipes here are so easy to make, you’ll think twice about ever going back to commercial nail polish removers. But alternative homemade nail polish removers may not be as effective as commercial ones, because they don’t contain acetone, which is the main ingredient in commercial nail polish removers. Although effective, it can dry out your nails and skin, so always remember to use cuticle oil whenever you remove your nail polish to keep those nails healthy. It is also always nice to give your nails some rest from all the nail polish to give then time to recover.

1. Nail Polish or Top Nail Coat

homemade nail polish remover nail polish

Nail polish contains a volatile solvent, which causes the polish to dry out when it evaporates. So how come nail polish can remove nail polish? Sounds crazy, right? But hey, don’t judge. It may seem surprising, but it really works. Try it and see for yourself.

Just apply some nail polish on top of your old nail polish, making sure that you are not using a fast or quick drying brand. Wipe the nail polish off immediately with a paper towel, a cotton ball or a cotton pad. Do this several times until your nails are completely clean. You could also use a top nail coat as a homemade nail polish remover.

Do you wanna know how it works? When you apply a new coat to your already painted nails, the solvent in the nail polish softens the old nail color which makes it easier to remove with wiping.

2. Vinegar and Lemon Juice

homemade nail polish remover lemon and vinegar

Time to get rid of your acetone-based nail polish remover with something natural, easy to make and something homemade. I’m sure you have all the ingredients for this in your kitchen. Just mix equal parts vinegar and Lemon juice then set aside. Soak your nails in warm water for about 10-15 minutes to help soften the old nail polish. Are you ready for the magic? Give your vinegar and Lemon juice mixture a good stir, then soak a cotton pad or a cotton ball in it. Press the cotton onto your nails and hold for 20 seconds. Can you see how your nail enamel reacts to it? Cool, I know. Continue the process until all nail polish are removed. It all depends on how thickly you applied your nail polish. The more coats you applied, the longer it will take to completely remove them. Always finish it off with nail moisturizer or nail oil.

The ability of lemon and vinegar to remove nail polish is down to the acidic nature. There are a lot of additional benefits to using this homemade nail polish remover. The Lemon lightens and brightens your nails, removing nail stains. These two are also known to promote nail growth, improve your nail strength and can end nail fungal issues.

3. Toothpaste

homemade nail polish remover toothpaste

You just need a blob of toothpaste to remove that old, chipped nail polish of yours. A pea-sized amount of white toothpaste applied on each of your nails and some brushing from your old toothbrush will do the trick. Why white toothpaste, you might ask. It works best in lifting and pulling the old nail polish off the nails, because other kinds of toothpaste have a different formulation which is not as effective in removing nail polish*.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

homemade nail polish remover alcohol

Ran out of vinegar and Lemon juice? No problem! A good substitute for your homemade nail polish remover would be some rubbing alcohol, which will be gentler to your nails and skin. Always start by soaking your nails in warm water to help soften and loosen the old nail polish. Then with a cotton ball, apply the rubbing alcohol to your old nail paint and be amazed at how well it actually works. Please don’t forget to moisturize your nails after with some cuticle oil.

If you are suffering from a fungal infection or other nail infection, using rubbing alcohol as your nail paint remover can offer additional benefits with its natural antibacterial properties.

5. Hand Sanitizer

homemade nail polish remover hand sanitizer

Have you noticed whenever you put on some hand sanitizer, you nail polish loses some of its shine? The color becomes dull and sometimes it even starts to get sticky. You guessed right! It too can be used as a substitute nail polish remover. Just squirt some hand sanitizer onto your nails, then rub with a cotton ball. Keep on applying hand sanitizer and rubbing with a cotton ball until the nail polish is totally removed. Wash your hands after and apply some moisturizer and cuticle oil to make sure that your nails don’t get dry.

6. Lemon

homemade nail polish remover lemon

Due to all the benefits we can get from Lemons, you should always make sure there are some in the pantry. If you are in a hurryg, you can still use lemon as a natural nail polish remover. Just rub a slice of it on the nails and remove your nail polish. Don’t forget to soak your nails in warm water first to speed up the process, and to finish up with some cuticle oil and moisturizer.

7. Perfume

homemade nail polish remover perfume

Remember what I told you about the hand sanitizer? The same thing happened whenever I accidentally sprayed perfume on my nail polish. You can use your favorite perfume as a nail polish remover. Just moisten a cotton ball with a little perfume, rub it on your nail and, with a little pressure, goodbye nail polish. Just make sure not to use your most expensive scent – it kind of defeats the purpose of having a cheaper alternative.

8. Deodorant or Body Spray

homemade nail polish remover body spray

You see, all the alternatives here are just within arm’s reach. If you’re out of all the supplies I have mentioned above, and you really need to clean those painted nails, try using your deodorant or body spray. Check to make sure that the nozzle is not pointing towards your eyes, then spray some of it closely on your nails and immediately wipe with a cotton ball

Deodorants and body sprays contain alcohol and solvents, so they can also get the job done in effectively removing your nail paint.

9. Hair Spray

Homemade nail polish remover hair spray

Ok, worst case scenario. You’ve run out of absolutely everything and the only things you have are your hair spray and some cotton balls. Will this work? You’re in luck! Spray some on your nails and gently rub with a cotton ball. Be careful as hair spray may dry out your nails and might even cause some peeling. So rub and wipe as quickly as you can.

10. Warm Water and Dry Cloth

The most natural way in the list, just some warm water and a dry cloth. Soak your nails in warm water, the warmest temperature you can handle, until the old nail polish starts to soften. Remove your hand from the water and rub your nails gently with your dry cloth. See how the nail polish effortlessly comes off your nails. Soak your fingers a little longer and the nail polish might just peel off on its own. I have experienced that before, swimming in a hot spring with my nail polish on.

No nail polish remover? No problem. With these homemade nail polish remover ideas, will you still be buying commercial brands? Try them all and see which ones will work best for you.