How to Build a Bed Frame – 22 Plans and Ideas

by craftmin | December 24, 2017

Sweet dreams make for sweet projects! As our bedrooms become increasingly more a place of private refuge than merely a place to sleep, what can be more comforting than a sturdy bed frame that holds the weight of both our bodies and our minds. If you’re wondering how to build a bed frame that not only looks attractive but can serve its true purpose, take a look at our great list of ideas for how to build your perfect bed. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Sleep tight!

How to Build a Bed Frame – Free Plans

(1) Driven by Drawers

how to build a bed frame

I love drawers.  You love drawers.  We love drawers and everything we can put in them. That is why we love this bed!  It looks and feels comfy because its so sturdy, and draws the eye as a style statement. And, it has ample drawers.

Source: Love at First Sight: Platform Bed with Drawers

(2) Creative Bed Space

how to build a bed frame

Ikea shelves as a bed? Why not! In the world of Ikea, everything is possible. Perfect as a children’s bed, the bed frame is a kid’s dream come true with amply storage for toys. It is a perfect place for hiding, the right height for climbing and can also grow with your kid.

Source: How to Build a Bed Frame Using Ikea Shelves

(3)  King of Comfort

how to build a bed frame

There is definitely something to be said about sleeping on a king-sized bed.  It’s roomy, spacious and the freedom of just being able to roll around is awesome. Build this bed to enjoy all the space that you need, buy a very comfortable mattress and watch your bed become a haven for people to cozy up and snuggle in.

Source: King Size Bed Frame  Inspires King Size Bed Frame

(4) Easy Does It Platform Bed Frame

how to build a bed frame

Platform beds are so trendy they have become almost ubiquitous. Ashley built this bed for her then 11-year old son who could not stop bragging at school about how his mom had built his ultra-cool bed.  Of course Ashley was going more for sturdiness than syle, but the rustic appeal is just there for everyone to see.

Source: How to Build an Easy and Sturdy Bed Frame

(5) Upholstered Luxury Within Budget

how to build a bed frame

A beautiful luxurious upholstered bed that cost $2,500 inspired this DIY, which considers luxury something available to all. With a total cost not including the coffee breaks (and some DIY coffee mug ideas) – a really surprising $278.  It might have increased a little with inflation, but I doubt it’ll break the bank nor a $500 ceiling.

Source: How to Build an Upholstered Bed

(6) Wooden Wonder

how to build a bed frame

This basic bed frame is amazing by itself with its style and sturdiness, but that amazing wooden headboard is a complete rustic beauty? We are completely sold to the idea and the plans, especially including the lighting .

Source: DIY Bed Frame With Wooden Headboard

(7) Upcycle from Spring to Upholstered

how to build a bed frame

This may look luxurious but it is actually a budget-friendly, upcycled bed which proves that being gorgeous need not be expensive and comfort need not be dull. With small master bedroom ideas you can check, it is easy to see that this bed will be a perfect fit.

Source: Spring Bed to Platform Bed

(8) Boating in Dreams

how to build a bed frame

A child’s lovely dream-inspired bed – a boat to sail the night sky and into the sweetest of dreams.

Source: How to Build a Bed Frame Shaped Like a Boat

 (9) Kingly State

how to build a bed frame

King-sized beds are the ultimate, and this bed surely fits in. With all the detailed work – handmade trims and decorative accents, this bed is indeed made for a king.

Source: ShantyChic’s King Bed Frame

 (10) How to Build a Bed Frame Using Pallets

how to build a bed frame

This was more a project of necessity,than aesthetics or taste. If you don’t have a bed frame, ready-made shipping pallets are perfect to be repurposed. However, be mindful of certain things when using pallets.  Use a sealant when upcycling them, and check what they were originally used for before you start building.

The great thing about pallets is that they are already pre-cut and are really cheap. If you are on a budget, go for pallet wood.

Source: Pallet Bed Frames and a Pallet Bed

 (11) Stylish Pipe Dream

how to build a bed frame

A modern and stylish bed made from pipes? Why not? It will help you to cut costs but also expand your options when it comes to sizes and styling. Store-bought materials will probably cost you $300 – extremely cheap when you consider that this is a custom-made and very stylish and sturdy bed.  The price will definitely go way down if you use repurposed lumber and pipe.

You could also go for a pipe bed kit which would still be significantly cheaper than a wooden one. Just determine the size of your mattress and consider using metal fixtures to connect the bed frame for stylish sleek lines that call to the sleeper in you.

Source: How to Build a Bed Made of Pipes

 (12) King of Platform Beds

how to build a bed frame

It’s not just the size but the psychological comfort of having a bed so big you won’t fall out. The plans for this bed are free and have been recently updated, but because of the size of a king bed, remember that support is everything.  Don’t skimp on building the under-supports for your bed frame.

Source: How to Build a King-size Platform Bed Frame

(13) Ikea Hack Bed

how to build a bed frame

It’s a cabinet. No, it’s a bed! It’s an Ikea cabinet repurposed as a bed. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ikea hacks, where the Swedish furniture company gets even more multi-purpose. This bed frame is simply made from doorless Ikea cabinets which are as stylish as they are steady.

Source: Use Ikea Cabinets as Bed Frames

(14) Floating and Fancy-Free

how to build a bed frame

More than just a bed frame, this bed also has very useful floating nightstands and amble under-storage which makes the $400 cost a real bargain! Be comfortable with purpose in your bed.

Source: How to Build a Bed Frame with Floating Nightstands

(15) Four-day Floating Bed

how to build a bed frame

The trick to this floating bed is to make the base smaller than the top frame, then adding lighting underneath to emphasize the sense of floating in space. Not too handy with electrics?  Nothing to worry about; just use a 24-foot LED light rope. The assembly of this bed frame took only four days, with the headboard being built last.

Source: Floating Bed

(16) Room-winning Bed

how to build a bed frame

This bed not only makes a definite style statement, but it holds the design of the room perfectly together. Made from reclaimed wood, the bed is everything we love in a DIY project – within budget, beautiful, purposeful and upcycled.

Source: Reclaimed DIY Accent Bed

(17) Easy Style, Cheap Costs

how to build a bed frame

You find a beautiful be, but it costs $1600. What do you do next? Well, you make your own DIY bed frame with effortless style and panache, and you do it all for $270 and cackle your way to the bank.

Source: How to Build a Cheap but Stylish Bed Frame

(18) How to Build a Bed Frame with Amenities

how to build a bed frame

Sounds impossible to build a bed frame that is sturdy and has integrated power sockets and lighting, all for less than $1000 but we’re here to prove you wrong! This DIY wooden bed frame is made from pine, with a double stain application – a dark stain and then a diluted water-based gloss. You get the look of a grand bed without the grand price.

Source: How to Build a Bed Frame with Lighting

(19) Rustic Restfulness

how to build a bed frame

Romance and rustic fit pperfectly together here in this beautiful bed.

Source: DIY Romantic Bed

(20) Cleverly Crafty Platform Bed

how to build a bed frame

We love this platform bed, not only because of the spare modern design but also for the ample storage underneath.

Source: DIY Platform Bed

(21) Sweet Details

how to build a bed frame

The devil may be in the details, but for this bed frame it’s all sweet and sundry. First, the plans are adjustable to the size you need, and then they also included an attach plank to stabilize the front legs. Isn’t that amazing?

Source: Wholly White Bed Frame

(22) Massive Beauty

how to build a bed frame

This is one massive bed with ample “kick under the bed” space. Just look at that gorgeous headboard made from a salvaged door – its rustic charm at its best, repurposing with real aesthetics. But this bed has a big secre, in that although it looks very heavy,it’s quite easy to move around.  A tip for building this bed: Because it is made with a lot of leg supports for extra-studiness, it is built upside-down so you might need some help turning it over when you are done. You could also partner your bed with these stylish pillows.

Source: How to Build a Bed Frame and a Salvaged Door Headboard