How to Clean a Leather Jacket – 4 Quick Fixes

by craftmin | December 23, 2017

The texture, sheen, alluring feel and smell are just some of the reasons why leather goods such as bags, shoes and jackets are always in demand. We know how to clean our leather shoes, but do you know how to clean a leather jacket? Or a leather skirt?

Leather needs its own care and how we use it also determines the kind of care we need to give our leather goods. A leather jacket needs different care from how we clean and polish our shoes or bags. Read through our list of do’s and don’ts for how to take care of and clean a leather jacket.

how to clean a leather jacket 1

Do’s and Don’ts of how to care for your leather jacket

  1. If you just need a quick wipe down, give it a quick clean with a slightly damp cloth – no soap, just water.
  2. Leather needs to breathe so don’t seal your leather jacket or any other leather goods.
  3. Leather plus direct sunlight is a big no-no. Leather is animal skin which wrinkles under direct sun. When storing leather goods, they will fade faster under direct sunlight than in the shade.
  4. Clean your leather jacket regularly and give it a quick wipe down after every few wears.
  5. Soft supple leather feels good and is part of the appeal of leather jackets. Pick leather care products that contain lanolin for use with leather jackets and other leather clothes for soft supple leather.

How to clean a leather jacket

(1) Clean your leather jacket with cornstarch or baking soda

For greasy or oily stains, sprinkling cornstarch or baking soda on the affected spot is a quick fix. Then start rubbing gently with a damp cloth. Leave for a few hours or overnight so the starch or baking soda can start absorbing the oil or grease. Finally, using a soft dry cloth, wipe off the cornstarch or baking soda.  Give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with a soft towel.

(2) How to clean a leather jacket using nail polish remover

To remove stains especially caused by ink or scuffing, blot the damaged area with a cotton swab dipped in a little nail polish remover. As before, don’t scratch or rub the stain or else it might spread. Blot gently and repeatedly until all signs of the stain has been removed. With a slightly damp cloth, wipe off and then blot with a dry towel. A word of warning though, sometimes the nail polish remover can discolor the leather. So the jury is out regarding the use of nail polish remover.

(3) How to clean a leather jacket using rubbing alcohol

Is there mold on your leather jacket? Mix one part water with one part rubbing alcohol, for a quick fix for that. Get a soft cloth, dampen it with the alcohol-water solution and then wipe the moldy area. Using another dampened cloth, wipe off again to remove the mildew.

(4) Use toothpaste to clean your leather jacket

Apply a non-gel toothpaste to the stain using your finger. Then using a soft and preferably lint-free cloth, rub gently. Do not scratch or scrub the area or you could discolor the leather.  With a slightly damp and clean cloth, wipe off the toothpaste.

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