How to clean faux leather sofas?

by craftmin | February 11, 2018

Faux leather is the inexpensive and animal-loving alternative to leather. At first glance, the materials are virtually indistinguishable from each other, because they are both elegant and modern. The difference can also be felt haptically only after a more precise touch. Differences only become clearer when the sofa variations are maintained and cleaned. If you want to clean your faux  leather sofa, you will receive not only tips for special care products, but also interesting home remedies for a successful cleaning!

Faux leather sofa cleaning made easy

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Helpful tips and tricks on how to clean your faux leather sofa

Your decision for the faux leather sofa is understandable. Visually appealing, haptically a dream and with a little care, the piece of jewellery will also delight you with its presence for a while. The most helpful tips and tricks on how to clean your leatherette sofa are summarized briefly and crisply:

  • The first rough cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner. Especially in the crevices of your artificial leather sofa can accumulate a lot of dust!
  • With a moist – not wet – flap you then take care of the surfaces and make sure not to apply too much pressure on the seams!
  • A small drop of mild detergent cleans and cares for the faux leather, but please do not rub with cleaning agents on the material.
  • Apply a thin layer of special care products from the specialist trade and your artificial leather sofa will shine in a new shine.
  • With a baby care cloth, liquid can be cleaned particularly well and streak-free from your faux leather sofa.

Our tip: Try to protect your artificial leather sofa from direct or indirect sunlight. With this simple trick, you avoid the fading of fabric and colour and perhaps save yourself the trouble of cleaning the faux leather sofa!

Why the faux leather sofa cleanse is a true art

Cleaning a leatherette sofa sometimes requires patience, because the cheaper alternative to leather is less durable than the original. Leather is more robust and less susceptible to scratches or scratches, whereas artificial leather unfortunately has the affinity to give in quickly threatened by sharp objects. Since you want to avoid the annoyance of damaged areas, there is also a simple solution in this case. If you want to clean your faux leather sofa, you need special care products from the specialized trade and if you are already there, take an impregnation protection for your faux leather sofa with you.

Afterwards, you should clean your faux leather sofa and only then apply the protection, so that you do not massage dirt, dust or other dirt into the fabric! Pay attention to your new darling, he will thank you and in return he will spoil you with pure relaxation and a high feel-good factor.