Sweet Dreams: How to Make a Platform Bed

by craftmin | December 24, 2017

So many beds, so many options, so why go platform? Platform beds give fresh and modern styling that no other kind of bed design can give, and there is no question on making a platform bed budget-friendly – it’s a given. Because of its sparse modernity and simplicity, you don’t need box springs or other kinds of foundation but they give the firmest support which, in the era of backaches and sleep deprivation, is almost what matters the most.

How to make a platform bed? As these ideas and pictures show, even beginners can take a bed project and do it well. With the most stability for the least cost, making a platform bed is the stuff of the sweetest dreams.

How to Make a Platform Bed – Trends and Ideas

(1) Growing Up

How to Make a Platform Bed

Look cool and fabulous while feeling comfortable and stable with this designs and diy project. The by-request bed looks inviting and cozy and is perfect for children who are starting to want more independence like having their own rooms. The best reason to love the style and design? It will grow with your child, from being a kid to a lady.

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed for Teenagers

(2) Rustic Simplicity

How to Make a Platform Bed

Keep your bedroom nice and natural with this simple but sturdy platform bed. Nothing complicated about the design, the planning or even in the building. Rest easy with this platform bed and check out these delightful diy lamps to enjoy for a complete country-style look.

Source: Easy DIY Platform Bed

(3) Everything Storage

How to Make a Platform Bed

One small apartment, one very creative woman and this is what you get. Nine Ikea cabinets were used by one intrepid diyer to create this raised bed with incredible out-of-this-world storage underneath the bed. There’s even an electrical light underneath the bed for when you need to rummage around and look for things. The little stairs leading to the mini-loft even create a separated space, which is a definite plus.

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed Out of 9 Ikea Cabinets

(4) Bed and Basketful

How to Make a Platform Bed

Storage areas under beds are wonderful, but storage areas with baskets? They are perfect!  This easy DIY platform bed is geared to give you ample storage without chaos or mess – just enjoy the charming touch of nesting baskets. You could even amp up your design by coloring your baskets in cheeky and cheery colors.

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed with Storage

(5) Bed and Bookshelf

How to Make a Platform Bed

A perfect platform bed for the book lover, this is light and spacious with the perfect nook and shelves for their favorite books. The colored casters add wit and whimsy that would appeal to any book lover’s humor.

Source: DIY Platform Bed with Bookshelves

(6) Modern Zen

How to Make a Platform Bed

With beautiful tempered hardwood panels and raw steel hairpin legs, this Japanese-inspired platform bed will be something you will always want to show off. The spare minimalist lines of just about every detail of this bed just look so serene!  Enjoy the aesthetics as you also enjoy the comfort.

Source: Japanese-inspired Platform Bed

(7) Cozily Captivating

How to Make a Platform Bed

Big and spacious and definitely something you can make – this captivating bed is something you can burrow into during craziy cold mornings. Enjoy your morning coffee or cocoa in your diy mugs while leafing through the Sunday papers.

Source: DIY platform bed

(8) Twin Order and Organization

How to Make a Platform Bed

One of the great things about this bed is not just the storage but that part of the storage is a lock box that you can close for privacy and security. Secondly, this bed comes as a pair of twin beds that is perfect for a couple of teenagers or maybe just for guest room with ample sleeping options.

Source: Twin Bed Plan and the Dream Platform Bed

(9) Partial to Pallets

Upcycle wooden pallets by turning them into this simple but stable platform bed. Cheap and easy-to-make, this pallet platform bed has the height and form that makes platform beds so in vogue.

Source: How to make a pallet platform bed

(10) Twinkle Toddlers

How to Make a Platform Bed

Maybe the kids want their own bedroom, but your budget is a bit too tight to give them the room of their dreams. Start with these beautiful platform beds which are strong and stable, and able to withstand the trouble and horseplaying of two toddlers – all for the very surprising price of $75.  Maybe even a Poppa and Momma who are willing to join in to give the kids an evening romp.

Source: How to Make a Budget-Friendly Bed for Kids

(11) Floating Freely

Platform beds give the feeling of steadiness and stability and with its clear and modern take on our sleeping needs, a floating platform bed has become more common. It has moved from the unusual to the everyday so you can enjoy the unique sensation floating in space whenever you are on the brink of sleep.  A very unique feeling of feeling fancy-free.

Source: How to Make a Floating Platform Bed

(12) Bunk is Good

How to Make a Platform Bed

With two boys raring to grow up, these bunk platform beds are heaven-sent for play. The ease of the work and how everything just fits the budget also makes them perfect, so well that we could throw in the rustic styling of these solid headboards.

Source: DIY Bunk Platform Bed

(13) Fancy Floats

A platform bed with floating nightstands?  They are perfect. With a sturdy and solid foundation, it’s enough to bear the weight of a couple of nightstands. The sparse modern lines make accommodating the nightstands easy, which may otherwise be a bit more complicated. But hey, at least it’s not rocket science.

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed with Floating Nightstands

(14) Sleek and Neat

How to Make a Platform Bed

This beautiful bed is made even more beautiful with these spacious drawers which keep everything nicely organized. With flush panels as bed sidings and handleless drawers, the austere look is broken by the ebony stain which gives a deep warm color. Its a bed meant for slumber and storage.

Source: Platform Bed with Drawers

(15) Easy Plywood Platform Bed with Storage

How to Make a Platform Bed

Easy to measure and straight to cut is, in essence, why platform beds are so trendy nowadays. With plywood sheets and a little finishing, this bed may require intermediate skill but within two weeks, you will have your very cheap bed – and lots of storage to boot.

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed

(16) Wheeling Wonder

How to Make a Platform Bed

Take this beautiful platform bed which is such a hit with teenagers, and put it on wheels. The locking casters just add the touch of whimsy that appeals to young people whilst also being stylish and sturdy enough for rambunctious teenagers.

What is more appealing is that our ShantyChic blogger swears it is meant for beginners, and that you can easily make the bed in a single afternoon. Yes, just one afternoon! With one layer of dark walnut stain, its good to go!

Source: How to Make a Platform Bed With Wheels by Using These Plans

(17) Block Extreme

How to Make a Platform Bed

Take minimalism to the most extreme by using concrete cinder blocks to raise a platform bed! The block holes also serve as shoe storage.

Source: Concrete Block Platform Bed

(18) High Enough for a Queen

How to Make a Platform Bed

An Ikea hack just waiting for you – a trendy yet ultra-sturdy and budget-friendly platform bed. With no experience whatsoever, a mother and daughter team put together five Expedit (also called Kallax) bookcases to build this queen-size platform bed.

The breakdown: two 1′ x 1′ cases, two 1′ x 5′ cases and one 1′ x 2′ case and you have the perfect platform bed for a first-time independent liver.

Source: How to Hack Ikea for a Platform Bed