How to Make a Rug – 31 Easy and Fabulous Ideas

by craftmin | December 25, 2017

How to make a rug from repurposed shirt rags to ravishing two-in-ones or a cozy mandala?  Check out the best of DIY handmade rugs. Simple and warm, rugs make pockets of areas colorful and homey and are even the final finishing touch to perfectly tie up your room.  Let these little bits and pieces become great rugs that will not only fit your rooms, but a place for rested feet and relaxation.

Tips on how to make a rug

  1. First, find a workspace that has good lighting and ventilation, and lots of space for working and storage.  Most of the projects here may take 1 to 3 days, not to mention storing all the materials we will be repurposing.
  2. Second, determine the purpose of your rug.  Is it an area rug that should anchor a room or is going to serve as a doormat or maybe just for you to have a cheeky bright area in an otherwise drab utility room?
  3. Invest in storage baskets as a lot of rug making includes strips of fabric and lots of it.
  4. Braiding is a relaxing technique that you can easily do in the comfort of your family room or living room while you watch television. Use a peg to ensure braids won’t unravel.  It also helps that keep tight.

How to make a rug – easy and fabulous ideas

(1) Amazing Maze

How to Make a Rug

For this project, you can print out a maze pattern first.  Next, either put strips of paper or masking tape on your rug and then adjust the paper or tape to match the pattern. Finally, get your clippers and buzz out your maze.  It really makes for interesting conversation.

Source: How to Make a Maze Rug

(2) Denim Delight

How to Make a Rug

Take some old jeans and turn them into this fabulous rug that will surely amaze house guests and family members – it’s trendy and funky with a touch of cheekiness. You need several pairs of jeans and their pant legs.  So that means this is a great project if you’re planning to make yourself some cut-off shorts.  Then cut the legs into the length of its leg, with one end slightly tapering.  Sew together in a circle.  Sew leftover denim fabric in the middle and you are now standing on the pants of your success.

Source: How to Make a Rug Using Jeans

(3) How to Make a Zebra Rug

How to Make a Rug

First, you will be using a canvas drop cloth (around 6′ x 9′), some black or brown acrylic paint and a zebra print as reference.  Then, fold the cloth in half lengthwise and trace the outline. Cut the drop cloth as if it was an animal skin and then laying it on the floor, start painting the stripes.  Set your pace as you slowly paint the stripes.  After the paint has dried, you can seal it with a paint sealer.  I suggest you use a roller brush  for this for evenness.  Lastly, start folding and sewing the edges of the zebra rug. You can also use a ug pad if the zebra rug is going on hardwood floors.

Source: DIY Zebra Stripes Rug

(4) Two-gether for One Awesomeness

How to Make a Rug

By putting two simple plain-colored rugs into one funky and amazing area rug, Mandi surely put her imagination and effort into this one. It is just trendy and funky with a pure style of its own that will certainly be the envy of guests.  Imagine when they find out it’s all handmade by you.

Source: How to Make a Rug this Awesome

(5) How to Make a Braided Rug

ow to Make a Rug tshirt

You are in the midst of spring cleaning and realized you just have this pile of shirts.  You can turn them into rags or you can braid them to become this really funky braided rug. Braiding by itself is a calming activity and this would be a great project to share with the kids.

Tip: By holding the braid between your legs as you work on it or maybe clamping it tightly at the side of your work table, you can work as fast as you could while still being relaxed. Hold the braid tight with a peg that you can just move down as you work along.

Source: Upcycling Shirts by Making a Braiding a Rug

(6) Greener Grass

How to Make a Rug

The grass is always greener on the other side may be true or not.  But the grass is definitely softer in our very truly all wriggly and squishy grass rug. Enjoy walking on it barefoot and fancy free.

Source: Green Grass Rug

(7) Colorful Play Rug

How to Make a Rug

Diyer Jessica saw a very colorful play rig just perfect for her daughter’s use.  It was $198. She made one for $30. How did she do it?  She bought lots of colorful wide felt on a sale – total $9. Next, she bought an interlocking rubbing mat. Cutting the wide felt into 2 1/2″ strips, she sewed them together.

After all the sewing, she then, stapled the wide felt “fabric” on the rubber mat.  However, this could be a bit back aching since she secured it strip by strip. Finally, stapled the edges – a lot.  Lastly, Jessica covered the stapled edges with colorful trim she hot glued on top.

Source: How to Make a Play Rug

(8) Stylish Shaggy Sixties

How to Make a Rug

Warm. A pleasure to the senses. Cozy. Stylish. Make these diy shaggy rugs with a non-slip rug as the base and some cotton interlock fabric (or you can use repurposed old shirts).  The rug costs $130.  But the same kind of rug in similar quality and size, $600 to $800.  So consider yourself lucky and wise.

Source: DIY Shaggy Rug

(9) Pixie Pixel Squares

How to Make a Rug

This is a great gift or a right proper gift for the den or gaming room where all those pixels are giving excitement.  First, draw up your pixelated image and then start mapping it out. Simply make 3″ x 5″ granny squares based on your mapped out design. The Mario rug shown here is 7′ x 7′ and is a great hit to its recipient.

Source: How to Make a Rug Out of Granny Squares

(10) Plain No More

How to Make a Rug

Once upon a time, there was a plain white rug. Then it was painted on and now its is this amazing rug with splashes of royal blue that truly anchors the living room.  With a handmade stencil made of plywood.  Some paint and a lot of imagination, you can also make your own pattern-inspired painted rug. Also, you might have to apply 2-3 layers of paint to deepen the colors.

Source: Painted Rug

(11) Quirky and Corky

How to Make a Rug

Do you have 175 wine corks, more or less?  Well if you do and you also have a shark knife, a shelf liner and a hot glue gun with glue stocks to spare then you can easily make this corky and quirky rug that is just perfect for the bathroom or a utility room.

Also byy cutting the corks into half you glue the flat ends to the shelf liner.  Don’t be skimpy in using that hot glue gun too.  Tip: Position the corks first on the shelf liner before gluing it permanently.  Finally, make them fit snugly too.

Source: How to Make a Rug Made of Cork

(12) Wonderful Weaving

How to Make a Rug

This is a fabric-heavy woven rug, but the experience you will gain is priceless.  The materials you will need?  Three old bedsheets, a cardboard measuring 23″ x 43″, tape and a pair of scissors.  You will be cutting a lot of fabric, so use a comfortable pair.  

Mark your cardboard edge with a Sharpie, drawing 2″ lines with a spacing of 1/2″ in between.  After cutting the bed sheets into strips, next cut the 2′ lines.  This is your loom. Start weaving and just join the strips together until you work down the loom and completely fill it.  Tie the ends and weave them together.  You can cut the excess fringe of the woven rug.

Source: How to Make a Woven Rug

(13) How to Make a $20 Area Rug

how to make a rug from small rugs

By putting in $1.99 small area rug together, you can make this one large rug for your room.  Perfect combination.  Tip: Use upholstery thread to sew and tie them together.

Source: Budget DIY Area Rug

(14) Ropin’ and Braidin’

How to Make a Rug

Braiding is a relaxing activity, with the constant but consistent hand and finger movements, it can be quite therapeutic on its own.  With a nylon rope, you can start a project and have a doormat or a big enough rug.  Why not make one together with these creative ideas for the bedroom.

Source: Braided Doormat

(15) Pamper Me With Pom Poms

How to Make a Rug

Got time and yarn to spare?If you do, then this pom poms rug is right up your alley. You have to make a lot of pom poms, pretty lost of them.  This rug is perfect for a kid’s room or a playroom, so choose perky and pretty colors for your yarn.  Go random and a mix and match or you can go for hues.

After making a humongous amount of pom poms, you can start attaching them into a door mat that is holey.  You just need a doormat with wide enough spaces in between where you can attach and tie your pompoms.

Source: How to Make a Rug Made of Pom Poms

(16) Rags to Riches Rug

How to Make a Rug

Foremost, cut your rags into 1″ x 5″ strips, fill in a holey non-skid mat and  you have this soft and very fluffy area rug.  It may be great for rolling around but what also makes this greater is upcycling fabric scraos and old tired cotton shirts.  Finally, go for color or go for texture, but either way this rug is as fun to do as to lie down.

Source: How to Make a Rug Out of Fabric Strips

(17) Finger Lovin’ Yarn

How to Make a Rug

Chandi, our blogger and diyer, loves yarn. Though she used fine grey merino wool for this rug, you can opt for less expensive options.  Moreover, you can also use strips of clothing or fabric scraps like what we use for our other projects.  Another great plus for this project, no tools needed as we are practically using our fingers to hook the “yarn”.  Lastly, enjoy your new rug.

Source: Mandi’s Roving Rug

(18) How the Hula Hoop

How to Make a Rug

More than a toy, the lowly hula hoop can now be used as a portable loom.  First, upcycle your old t-shirts by cutting them into strips. You can also mix and match colors to make this easy and super fast rug or doormat.  All in all, you can make a rug with 10 to 12 shirts, your hula hoop and some patience with a pair of scissor.  Next, you can sew together each of your finished rugs to make one whole huge rug.  Additionally, this is a great rug for absorbing water or for sitting down with his soft textures.

Source: How to Make a Rug Using Old Shirts

(19) Cozy Crochet Mandala Rug

hot to make a rug mandala

Put some Zen into your room with this mandala rug that is pure crochet gorgeousness.  First, use crochet yarn aka Zpagetti, a big enough crochet hook and a really large darning yarn. While you now become relaxed, keep on making this beautiful mandala pattern.

Source: How to Make a Rug by Crochet

(20) Rope in a Rug

How to Make a Rug

Climbing ropes are expensive.  But the thing about them, however, is that you cannot use old ones when you are climbing and probably risking your life.  So what can we do with these ropes which may have seen better days for climbing purposes but are as fine as they are?  Repurpose them into a rug, that’s what we do.

Source: How to Make a Rug Made of Rope while using a Climbing Rope

(21) Towel Off Totally

How to Make a Rug

By using old towels cut into strips and then braided, this woven rug becomes an example of pure utilitarian beauty. Simple, austere but purposeful.

Source: How to Make a Rug made of Upcycled Old Towels

(22) Mix Match and Square Match

How to Make a Rug

Matching carpet squares and doormats to form one large area rug – all for under $30. Also, some of the carpet squares came as free but with some moving around and buying some here and there, we now have this perfect area rug that holds the living room together. Moreover, all is cozy with just a touch of modern.

Source: How to Make a Rug for Under $30

(23) Feeling Felt

How to Make a Rug

A 21″ x 16″ faux felt stone rug that you can make yourself.  How?  Take some leftover wool and felt them either by hand by the washing machine.  Heck, why not do both. Next, use some twine to tie them all together.  Feels great under the feet and may be good for children and adults with sensory issue.  Give it a try together with a DIY weighted blanket.

Source: How to Make a Rug made of Felted Wool

(24) Cute Chevrons

How to Make a Rug

All the lessons of making friendship bracelets, put them into into cute chevron rug – that’s both cute and squishy.

Source: Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug

(25) Wraparound Rope

How to Make a Rug

Creativity has no limit with rope wrapped with fabric for this gorgeous looking area rug.  Go big or go small, but definitely it will be all-awesome!

Source: How to Make a Rug made of Wrapped Rope

 (26) From Table to Floor

How to Make a Rug

Have you ever had a tablecloth that you couldn’t quite use because you don’t have a table for it? Well, repurpose a tablecloth and turn it into an area rug that could put a room together. First, lay your tablecloth (preferably something 100% cotton) on the floor or a clean workspace.  Then, apply water-based polyurethane. Let dry between layers.  Next, apply 2-3 layers. Then, lay your tablecloth on a rug pad and cut to size.  You can now attach the table cloth with a spray adhesive. Lastly, leave to breathe and you now have a new area rug.

Source: Tablecloth Rug

(27) Twine Rusticity

How to Make a Rug

Whether it’s twine, sisal or cotton – go for all-natural fiber and have a practical yet totally natural home environment.  More than that, a healthy and wise with this handmade natural fiber rug. Look up some DIY tapestry to go with your brand new rustic rug.

Source: How to Make a Natural Fiber Rug

(28) Rosy Rose

How to Make a Rug

This is a really pretty mat that would certainly give your own bedroom its pretty and feminine touch.  Or maybe you can put it in your teenage daughter’s bathroom or the guest room en suite. First, cut the short into strips.  It would also be preferable to just stick with one color for this diy rose mat. Then just make circular pattern, glue them with a hot glue gun and attach to your old bath mat and you have this very pretty addition.

Source: How to Make a Rug Rose for the Bath

(29) Quilt Queen

How to Make a Rug

Intermediate sewers and patience required! This diy rug is easy however it will need some more patience from your side.  Also, this uses a lot of your scrap fabric so it’s a great project to do after a series of sewing projects.  Moreover, kids will certainly love the puffy design and enjoy them enjoying this fun rug.

Source: How to Make a Puffed Rug

(30) Lovely Lighting

hot to make a rug that lights up

Maybe you made the lovely mandala crochet rug and now your lil ‘un wants a night light.  This is perfect.  Also, the light up rug is also good for a guest room or for an elderly person’s room where accidents can be avoided with a little more light.

Source: DIY Light Up Rug

(31) Coffee Lovers Unite

How to Make a Rug

Use and upcycle coffee burlap bags just to make a caffeine-laden point.  After that, you can also enjoy a DIY mug of your own full of freshly brewed rich black coffee.

Source: Coffee Lovers Rug

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