How to Make a Scarf – 12 Ideas and Designs

by craftmin | December 24, 2017

Adding comfort and style, the scarf has always been a fashion statement. Do you want to know how to make a scarf that not only keeps you warm but expresses your charm, wit and personality? With a step-by-step infinity scarf how-to and a shortlist of the best ideas, you can choose what best reflects you. Choose by color or by style, there is definitely something for everyone. Accessorize your scarf with these diy rings and earrings for a complete fashion statement.

How to make a scarf reflect your style

(1) Infinite Personality

how to make a scarf

An infinity scarf is a large scarf sewed closed into a loop which can be worn in various ways. By sewing together two separate fabrics, no scarf is ever really the same. Mix and match colors and fabric to suit not only your taste but your slightest whim.

Fleece and jersey are great fabrics to use, especially for how well they drape around the neck but you can really choose any fabric you want.  This scarf has infinite possibilities.

What you will need:

how to make a scarf

  • 14″ x 60″ fabric – two pieces
  • rotary cutter or pair of scissors
  • needle and thread
  • sewing pins
  • ruler

How to make an infinity scarf:

how to make a scarfhow to make a scarf

  • Make sure that the lines and edges of the fabric are straight, by folding them in half and trimming the edges until they are straight. Use the ruler as guide. TIP: Pin the area where you plan to cut, especially if you are working with jersey to keep the cutting line straight and neat.

how to make a scarfhow to make a scarf

  • Lay the fabric panels flat on the table, making sure they are both the same size. Trim it if you need to.

how to make a scarf

  • Pin the sides together with their right sides facing each other, so you are working from the inside out.

how to make a scarfhow to make a scarf

  • Sew them together leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you are working with jersey or a similar fabric, use a zigzag pattern so it doesn’t fray.

how to make a scarf

  • Trim the seam allowance after sewing by cutting the excess fabric but leave a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

how to make a scarf

  • Now, you should have one long tube of sewed together fabric. Pull the ends of the infinity scarf together, making sure that you are still working on the wrong side and that the seams are showing.

how to make a scarfhow to make a scarf

  • You should now have the four ends all together. You will be sewing the fabric, except for certain 2-3 inch areas where you will be pulling the cloth to right side out. (Check the picture where the yellow pins are places)

how to make a scarf

  • Next, sew the ends together leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam allowance.

how to make a scarf

  • Turn the scarf right side out through the tiny hole that has been left unsewed.

how to make a scarf

  • Close the hole by hand, using backstitches and a slip stitch to finally close it off completely.
  • Enjoy wearing your fancy and stylish new two-toned infinity scarf.

Source: How to make an infinity scarf

Stylish scarf ideas

(2) No-Sew Fringe Scarf

how to make a scarf 12 tshirt no sew

Get an old shirt with a design you like or bright colors, cutting along the lines indicated by the pattern. Knot where indicated then wear it.

Source: How to make a scarf from an old shirt

(3) Stamped of Scarf Approval

how to make a scarf

Jersey knit scarves are all the rage, now that the air has grown colder. Jersey is also easier to work with than some other fabrics.  With this stamped design, you can turn a plain jersey knit fabric into something trendy and stylish that can go from day to night in the blink of an eye.

What you need:

  • Craft foam – to thicken the foam, glue two boards together to form the stamp
  • Fabric
  • Scrap wood
  • Paint – color of choice
  • Foam Brush

Cut your craft foam into strips and glue them onto your scrap wood. If you can get self-adhesive foam, so much the better.  Paint the craft foam using your brush then stamp it onto your fabric and leave to dry.

Source: Stamped-print Scarf

(4) Belted Scarf

how to make a scarf

With flannel fabric, a strip of leather and some heavy duty metal snaps you can make this trendy and uber-stylish unisex scarf.

Source: DIY leather and flannel scarf

(5) Cat Got in the Scarf

how to make a scarf

Accessorize with your love for things both cute and cats. Draw a cat print onto a carving block and then carve it out. Using a stamp pad (black ink was used here), stamp with deliberate delight. Finally, hang to dry for a scarf definitely  stamped with kitty’s approval.

Source: How to make a cat scarf

(6) Striped Candy

how to make a scarf

Go festive and bright with this no-sew candy cane-inspired scarf. Get two no-seam shirts: one white and one red. Cut into strips, pull into tubes, then braid them for this cheeky bright scarf.

Source: DIY Candy Cane Scarf

(7) Words of Wonder

how to make a scarf 10 printed scarf

Get yourself a Sharpie and write a lovely poem or your favorite saying on a plain sheer scarf. First, print out your poem or saying using beautiful script or calligraphy. Tape the scarf securely onto a flat surface, slip the print under the scarf and trace the letters. Enjoying your sharpie? Look up this diy sharpie project to inspire you even further.

Source: How to make a scarf with printed poem

(8) Stitched and Quilted

how to make a scarf

Sew two pieces of 10″ x 60″ fabric together, preferably choosing contrasting colors. Mark vertical lines using dressmaker’s chalk then, using several embroidery threads in deepening (or lightening) hues, sew dashed running stitches along the lines. Begin with the darkest thread to the lightest.

Source: Ombre DIY Scarf

(9) Classy Pom Poms

how to make a scarf

This classy scarf with pom poms adds a touch of quaintness to the original pattern. First, begin with a classy fabric such as linen in a staid colo, then sew on several strands of mini pom poms. Attach the edges for a classic scarf reflective of your own unique personality.

Source: How to make a cowl scarf with pom poms

(10) Easy and Extra Large

how to make a scarf 13 big shirt no sew

With a large or an extra-large shirt, a 9″ paper plate, and a pair of scissors, you can make this whimsical scarf. Lay out the shirt and trace 8 to 12 circles. Cut them out and stretch the fabric, using a pretty whimsical pin to complete  the look.

Source: How to make a scarf without sewing

(11) Ripping Seams

how to make a scarf

Keep warm and accessorize prettily. Make this blanket scarf with a large swathe of plaid and a seam ripper.

Source: How to make a blanket scarf

(12) Lovely Lace

how to make a scarf

Follow the infinity scarf how-to above, and add a little tweak for this green cloth and lace scarf. The lace is a leftover from a previous project, made from a tablecloth. Who says thrifty cannot be stylish?

Source:Lace Infinity Scarf Tutorial