How to make a wig

by craftmin | February 21, 2018

We will tell you which are the funniest wigs for carnival and how you can make your own wig.

No matter if it’s carnival, Halloween or any other costume party – without disguise such events are only half as much fun. A perfect costume almost always requires a wig. And you can even make them yourself.

The funniest wigs for carnival

Wigs are not only used in high-quality variants as hair replacements, but are also often used as part of a costume during the carnival season. They can be designed in completely different variations and usually rely on funny and eye-catching looks.

There are no limits to your imagination

If the carnival days are coming up again, then of course a suitable costume is required. Regardless of whether you buy or design and sewn it yourself – there are usually no limits to your imagination when it comes to costumes for the fifth season.

For a successful outfit, however, the matching wig should not be missing, because the look should look as true to the original as possible and, above all, funny. The funniest wigs for carnival can take on different shapes.

Wigs with characteristic hairstyle

Funny wigs for carnival are basically available in almost every imaginable design, including models with a characteristic hairstyle matching a costume as well as various other variations that can be worn with several different costumes. The former are, for example, Pippi long stocking wigs with the typical red hair or the well-known Elvis quill.

Exceptional design and bright colours

However, the funniest wigs also include models that have been specially designed to be particularly unusual. To be mentioned in this regard are especially Afro-wigs, which are characterized by their large volume, and

  • by Pink
  • over blue and purple
  • up to yellow or green

are available in all conceivable colours.

Wigs with tinsel and classic wigs

Just as funny, however, are wigs that use coloured tinsel as a hair replacement or short-haired wigs in adventurous colour combinations that catch the eye of the beholder.

Not to be forgotten, of course, but also the typical

  • Clown wigs,
  • Mullet and
  • Punker models and
  • Wigs in grandma and pageboy design.

Making your own wigs

Of course, the costumes often determine which kind of wig fits the costume. With witches it’s wild, mostly red or black hair, whereas princesses enchant with golden hair and the king of the underwater world are best with flowing manes in the colours of the sea.

If you already have your idea for the wig in mind, you can make your way into a handwork business. There you will find threads and wool in all colours and thicknesses. In addition to this, you will need:

  • a knotting hook,
  • a nylon pantyhose, as well as
  • Needle,
  • Thread and
  • scissors

The first step

First of all, the basis for the wig has to be created. To do this, cut off the legs of a nylon pantyhose, so that you only have the panty part. These can be doubled to fit the shape of your own head and sewn according to the shape of your own head.

A bathing cap can also be used as a help. This can be attached later anyway underneath the nylon pantyhose, so that the wig sits perfectly on the head. First of all, it is important that the pantyhose can be worked on.

The second step

Now the creative part begins. Now the threads are tied to the pantyhose in the desired colour and length. To do this, pull the threads through the pantyhose with the hook and knot them together.

The thicker the threads, the faster the wig is finished. In addition, thick threads can be used to create particularly well shaggy hairstyles.

Better too long than too short

The length of the threads should always be planned generously. After all, the hairstyle is not designed until later with scissors. And the more there is, the better the desired hairstyle can be designed.

The cut

To get the hairstyle in shape, it is best to put the wig on. Of course, it is even better if you have a “model” for it. Because then you can cut precisely all around.

Before applying the scissors, however, the individual threads should be brought into shape with a coarse comb – just like when cutting real hair. If the cut is then perfect, the hairstyle can be changed if necessary.

  • further developed,
  • braided or
  • pinned up

The completion

If you are satisfied with your wig, the nylon pantyhose can – as already mentioned – be glued or sewn to a bathing cap. The bathing cap ensures that the wig sits on the head like cast-on and does not slip.