How to prepare papaya and eat it the right way!

by craftmin | February 2, 2018

If you like to eat consciously, you should eat papaya more often: The exotic fruit provides vitamin C and contains the protein-splitting enzyme papain. But can you eat a papaya with a peel? And how is the melon cut open? Answers are given below.

Eat papaya with peel and seeds?

So far, you’ve always walked past the elongated yellow-green fruit in the supermarket because you didn’t know how to eat the papaya? Then rest assured: the preparation is not difficult at all!

Usually the fruit, also known as melon, is eaten without seeds and peel, although both components are quite edible. The seeds have a pungent, spicy taste, the peel should be thoroughly washed before consumption.

Maturity: When can you eat the papaya?

If it is still green and hard, the fruit should ripen for some time at room temperature. Ripe papayas are popular because of their juicy, mild and sweet taste. Its stem base smells sweet and aromatic. The skin can be pressed in with little force, similar to a mango. Unripe papayas, on the other hand, taste harsh and are considered inedible.

Spoon out the papaya or cut it into pieces

There are several ways to enjoy the delicious fruit flesh. The easiest way is to spoon it out: cut the fruit vertically into two halves, remove the seeds and spoon out the flesh.

If you prefer to eat the papaya in small pieces, you must first remove the peel and seeds. Chef Achim Schwekendiek knows how this works best. He explains the correct cut for the papaya step by step:

1. Place the papaya on the chopping board and cut it straight at both ends. The knife blade should be longer than the papaya, advises the chef.

how to prepare papaya

First you should cut the papaya straight at both ends. (Source: Andrea Warnecke/dpa-tmn)First you should cut the papaya straight at both ends. (Source: Andrea Warnecke/dpa-tmn)

2. Now place the fruit on one of the two cut ends. “Then it’s safe,”says Schwekendiek. It can be cut in two halves without any problems.

3. Remove the black seeds inside with a tablespoon. If you want, you can wash, dry and crush them in a mortar. Due to their peppery pungency they can be used as spices. Schwekendiek doesn’t really convince her taste:”We usually throw them away.”

4. Cut the papaya halves lengthwise into thinner gaps.

The papaya is ready to enjoy in five steps. (Source: Andrea Warnecke/dpa-tmn)The papaya is ready to enjoy in five steps. (Source: Andrea Warnecke/dpa-tmn)

5. time for a knife change: A short blade is needed to loosen the flesh. Glide carefully between the skin and the meat. The cracks are placed on the board so that the shell faces down.

Alternatively, the papaya peeler can also be peeled off with a peeler. Schwekendiek says that this only works well with unripe fruits. “When the fruit is ripe, you destroy quite a lot.”

Different types of preparation

Mature papaya can be eaten pure and mixed in fruit salads or smoothies. As a rule, they are eaten raw – also to preserve the vitamins. Try cheese or ham – similar to the melon. Or you can mix it with a delicious smoothie or prepare a salad.

Less mature papayas uses Schwekendiek cooked to spice up meat curry. The sourish taste also gives soups a special note. You can also put in papayas or preserve them as jam – there are practically no limits to the possibilities of preparing them. Even papaya tea is available – this tastes particularly delicious with cinnamon.