Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me

by craftmin | December 23, 2017

Parenting is sometimes a difficult yet unpaid job. When its their kid’s birthday, one of the things they should look for is kid birthday party places near them. Why not do it at home? Throwing your kid’s birthday party at home would be great since it’ll cost less but if you have a budget to throw it somewhere else, why not? Besides, would you really want all your kid’s birthday parties to be celebrated at home? And just think of the number of guests. Birthdays only happen once in a year, and it would be great for them to celebrate it in other places too.

There are lots of kid birthday party places near me that I could think of. These 9 venues will make perfect places to throw a kid’s birthday party – not only are they fun but are also inexpensive.

Affordable Party Locations: Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me


Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Pizza Restaurant

Image Courtesy: Palio’s Pizza Cafe

Do you have a small guest list? Perhaps your birthday bash might work well at a restaurant. Invite the children to gather at the pizza restaurant and buy them food for lunch or dinner, spending the same budget that you would hav have spent on a pie delivery at home. A birthday party held at restaurants will also save you from the hassle of making the place clean and tidy again.

It is important for kids to have fun and enjoy, so bring some table games to entertain them. Make sure you ask for early approval from the proprietor to bring your homemade cake.

Pancake Houses

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Pancake House

Image Courtesy: Legally Crafty

Whether for kiddie meals after a sleepover or for a birthday, a pancake birthday party brings more fun in the morning! Serve inexpensive homemade pancakes when hosting a breakfast party.

The Park

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: The Park

Image Courtesy: The Park Catalog

If the weather is favorable, one of the best kid birthday party places near me would be the park. A lot of guests can be accommodated by this public recreational area, and it also doesn’t even cost a penny. You can simply meet your guests at the park, have a picnic there and provide traditional activities and games for the kids.

When throwing a party outside, the weather can be unpredictable so, in case it rains, bring a pavilion. You can also use other event facilities of the park like reserved bbq equipment or picnic tables; however, you will have to rent them. Fortunately, the rental fee normally costs less than the payment asked by an indoor venue.

Amazingly, winter can’t even ruin a party held at the park. If the ground is covered with snow, throw a sledding party and have fun with your friends at an ice-skating party – provided there’s a lake for ice-skating at the park.

The Mall

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: The Mall

Image Courtesy: Pexels

When I was a kid, I once had a party at the mall, which also makes the list of ideal kid birthday party places near me. This venue can provide free accommodation for your guests to make a birthday celebration adventurous. The food court serves as the central meeting place and provides seating. Then, adult chaperones can guide small groups on a short enjoyable trip like a digital image scavenger hunt party. Schedule the party when the games are done and, between meal times, treat guests to affordable food court items like ice cream cones or pretzels–or your homemade cupcakes.

Indoor Pools

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: The Pool

Image Courtesy: Wook Mark

The best kid birthday party places near me when it’s summer is the pool, but remember that summertime pool parties might not be enjoyable if it rains. However, with indoor swimming pools like fitness centers, hotels, and community centers, there are lot of places where you can enjoy a rain-free experience. They will let you hold a party in their pool but, of course, that comes with a fee. The cost will depend on the locations and dates, but there are also some hotels that will allow you to have as many guests as you want as long as a room has been rented for a night. If renting the room cosst less than renting the pool area, rent the room to save money and use it later for something else. This way, you can also have an overnight pool party.

Bowling Alley

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Bowling Alley

Image Courtesy: Rich Legg Getty Images

Most bowling centers offer their lanes and a private room for rent or offer a whole party package, and one of the most affordable kid’s party venue choices is the bowling arty. This affordability doesn’t mean that the party will be less fun, especially when you include fun bowling party ideas.

Hotel Room

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Hotel Room

Image Courtesy: VisitBritain/Jason Knott Getty

Hotel rooms are another great kiddie birthday party place near me that I could think of. You could rent a local hotel suite for the night and throw your party there if it costs less than partying at a local hall. A lot of hotels offer unadvertised discounts during non-peak times so inquire for available rooms that offer discounts.

Renting a hotel room as a party venue is something “cool” for teens and tweens that they will surely appreciate. And if they brought sleeping bags with them, they can have a slumber party.

Ice cream Parlors

An ice cream parlor party would make any kid’s birthday celebration perfect. I mean–who doesn’t want a birthday filled with frozen treats?! You can invite guests after supper for a super sweet party.

Movie Theater

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Movie Theater

Image Courtesy: Ron Chapple Getty Images

A movie theater isn’t exactly the typical venue for a birthday bash, considering the proce of admission which can cost an arm and a leg. However, there are cinemas that make this option more affordable by offering birthday party packages. Movie theaters also offer private screenings, but the party should happen in the morning and not during normal business hours. In the summertime, some theaters also offer a free screening of last year’s films, or a dollar-per-head admission one morning a week.

Chain Restaurants

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Kids Chain Restaurants

Image Courtesy: JW LTD Getty Images

Some restaurant chains are famous for hosting soirées, especially birthdays. Some of these even offer the whole birthday package, including a “happy birthday” song from the waiters and enough drinks to go around. You can go for deserts only served for your guests or ask about a discount group menu.

Town Buildings

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Town Buildings

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Most towns have a train station with available rooms that can be rented for parties or use the room in the basement of a bank. These options aren’t very well-known but you can always ask round your neighborhood for potential party venues. There could be rooms in a borough hall, church, museum and firehouse that might be for rent and make an awesome party venue.

There are some community spaces that improve their services through the use of the fees so some are not available for rent but offer their rooms as a donation to fundraisers. A brilliant way to not even spend a dime is to provide a party with a donation bin and make guests bring donations instead of a birthday present.

A lot of museums are off-peak during school holidays, so they offer free admission. Schedule your party on a specific school holiday and invite kids to visit and explore the museum. There might be also a pizzeria nearby that include budget-friendly lunch on sale.

Rental Halls

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Rental Halls

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The number of guests is a huge factor to consider when throwing a DIY party in your home (unless you have a big house). In this case, Veteran’s Hall, Lodge club buildings, community centers and other rental halls are excellent party venues that can accommodate many guests. These party venues often come with a flat rate rental fee, which is a lot more affordable than a catering facility or banquet hall. However, you will need to provide your own paper goods, decorations and food, so make a budget for table coverings, napkins, cake, clean up and other things you need to throw a successful party.

Try to reduce your expenses on some common party items by:

  • provide your own music by hooking an iPod up to portable speakers (available at discount stores for around $5). Another option is to plug a phone into the speakers and use an internet radio app or live stream music.
  • baking your own sheet cake
  • Using simple streamers and balloons to decorate the facility
  • providing a cold buffet for supper to avoid spending on equipment, or calculating the budget for a pizza delivery (large orders often come with a discount)

Fast Food Restaurants

Affordable Kid Birthday Party Places Near Me: Chain Restaurants

Image Courtesy: Rockstar Momma

A birthday celebrated at a fast food restaurant offers packages and menu options, so choose the one that’s around your budget to minimize the expenses for treating a group. In the Philippines, one of the most popular kid birthday party places is Jollibee.