Living Room Lighting Ideas To Level Up Your Homes

by craftmin | December 23, 2017

The living room is used to relax and socialize and is normally the first place to greet us after a hard day’s work. Wouldn’t it be lovely to accentuate this warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room with your lighting? It should also have an inviting ambiance for entertaining guests. But how do we achieve all of these? Proper lighting will improve the overall aesthetic value, so level up your home with these living room lighting ideas.

Excellent Living Room Lighting Ideas

1. Let there be light

Jonathan Adler Living Room Lighting Ideas

Let us start with the basics. Living rooms are best when they have ambient, task and accent light fittings. These lights have different functions and exude different moods when used separately. Ambient light provides overall illumination in the room. It can either be natural light from the windows like in this room from Jonathan Adler or that coming from the ceiling lights. On the other hand, when you want a certain space to be your reading spot, the task light will illuminate it for you. Task lights improve lighting and give contrast where needed. If you have a painting hanged in your living room, you can focus it with accent lights and create visual interest. These are just the basics. There are heaps more living room lighting ideas to suit your every style and needs.

2. Play mix and match

Cheyne Terrace Living Room Lighting Ideas

Not a fan of shadows? To avoid dark areas in your living room, mix and match different lights and lamps. Place them at different points in the room to achieve the lighting scheme that you want. The different types of lighting and their placements in this room at Cheyne Terrace in London create a solid and shadow-free room.

3. Two is better than one

Su Hodges Interiors Living Room Lighting Ideas
You add lights to your room not just to add brightness, but also to improve the look or to achieve a certain mood. These pot lights in this room by Su Hodges Interiors illuminate most of the room, with the light spread across the ceiling. But the hanging fixture here not only highlights the seating area, it also adds a whole lot of elegance to the overall room feel.

4. Fixtures

Kari Wilbanks Living Room Lighting Ideas

Looking for big living room lighting ideas? Fixtures. If pot lights just don’t appeal to you, use multiple fixtures instead. Make the look work with simple fixtures with plain outlines. But don’t install these fixtures just randomly. Place them in a grid for a neat look, like in this room by designer Kari Wilbanks.

5. Think outside the box

Creative West Architects Living Room Lighting Ideas

Flat, white ceiling? Let the accent lights bring unique detail and life to your once-boring ceiling. If you have a painted or adorned ceiling, highlight the artwork with proper lighting. Just look at how the accent lights in this living room from Creative West Architects exude that aura of elegance and sophistication, but still have that warm and cozy feel. Definitely one of my favorite living room lighting ideas on the list.

6. Vibes and settings

Caitlyn McCarthy Design Living Room Lighting Ideas
If you have a contemporary setting in your living room, it is best to complement it with lights. Customized, designer or modern lamps can complete your living room’s overall theme. In this room by Caitlyn McCarthy Design, you can see how the floor lamp serves as the room’s central source of light in the absence of ceiling lights. If you want to try this look, make sure the lamp placement serves its purpose.

7. Dare to be brave and bold

Disc Interiors Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living room lighting ideas can be both fun and adventurous. These modern sconces from Disc Interiors prove just that. Unique structural sconces add a brave and bold feel to your living room. There are now adjustable sconces available that will let you change the size and the focus of the light. In addition, these pieces adad a modern tone to your room and serves as a good talking point for guests.

8. Highlights

Juliette Byrne Living Room Lighting Ideas

Do you want to emphasize something in your living room, say some framed photos or your a collection piece? In this room from Juliette Byrne, the accent lights do just that, instantly drawing your attention to the lit up shelves and giving the wall an attractive and lively look.

9. Beauty in balance

Barbara Brown Photography Living Room Lighting Ideas

You should always consider how the lighting will affect the overall look of the living room. Here in this photo, end tables on both sides of the sofa would just make no sense. To create visual balance, instead thety opted to place a table lamp on one side of the sofa and a floor lamp on the other. It is more visually appealing this way and also provides the same amount of light on both sides of the seat. For more living room inspiration, visit Barbara Brown Photography.

10. Make some twists

SFA Design Living Room Lighting Ideas
Living rooms should never be boring – it’s a room for socializing. For that much-needed twist, mix and match classic and modern lighting pieces. SFA Design just did that in this room, photographed by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien. The classic look of the chandelier and sconces match well with the table lamp’s modern look. The overall feel of your living room can revea  a lot about your personality but here are no rules here. So go, put those lights on and make that statement.

11. Of high ceilings and chandeliers

Robert Dana Design Living Room Lighting Ideas
Loving high ceilings? Living rooms with this kind of ceiling can be a challenge for decorators to find decorative and lighting pieces that complement it but don’t get totally lost. To illuminate rooms with high ceilings, always choose an eye-catching hanging fixture that drops down from the ceiling. This avoids that awkward feeling of looking at a fixture and then wondering why it’s even there. Take a look at the large central fixture in this living room by Robert Dana Design. This sputnik chandelier is a very good choice as it is decorative, large and low enough to blend in with the rest the room. It gives crisp and cool vibes, and lights the room perfectly with no awkward look or feeling at all.

12. Two in one

Houzz Living Room Lighting Ideas

In decorating, less is sometimes better. Especially if you have limited space, the choice of pieces matters. A light fixture with a ceiling fan is a great way to minimize clutter and maximize space and function in a small living room. They are not as popular as they once were but, as long as they serve their purpose and you’re happy about it,  go on. It is your living room after all. What do you think of this room from Houzz with all its light fixtures and ceiling fans?

13. Strip lights

K2 Design Group Living Room Lighting Ideas

Strip lights are the perfect way to illuminate shelves, under cabinets, on the deck, cove, pools, create landscape lighting, and more. If your living room ceilings have any of those wonderful architectural details, why not highlight them with recessed or strip lighting. K2 Design did a very good job of accentuating this room’s delicately crafted ceiling by placing accent lighting to highlight the already beautiful architectural details.

14. Dual purpose

CWB Architects Living Room Lighting Ideas

Lights nowadays are now not just there to illuminate a space but also to beautify the room. It really seems like living room lighting ideas are endless with so many  decorative lighting fixtures. Just look at how CWB Architects chose these globe pendant lightings to give this room a dramatic effect. Can you see the staircase behind the sofa? These hanging pendants not only give the staircase light but also add to the overall beauty of the room. Now that is dual purpose.

15. Have fun

Jonathan Adler Living Room Lighting Ideas

Yes, you read that right. Nobody can stop you, so be as crazy and creative as you can be. Trust your designer instincts and combine different lighting pieces. Look at this beautifully wild and eclectic room from Jonathan Adler. You’ll be surprised at just how good those light pieces look together.