Living Room with Fireplace – 23 Unique Designs That Keep Families Close and Warm

by craftmin | December 21, 2017

As winter comes and the environment gets chiller than it normally should, a primary concern is keeping the household warm. But, while some choose to stick with tradition when heating households, others choose to blend old and the new. Here are 23 unique designs which feature a living room with fireplace that are worth checking out.

Living Room with Fireplace for Warmth, Lighting, and Aesthetics

  1. Fireplace in Contemporary Design

    living room with fireplace

    Source: Elms Interior Design

Who says that fireplaces can’t change with the times? You just have to get creative about it. Sometimes, subtly so.

Forget when you first saw a fireplace. In the living room above, the fireplace blends with the contemporary design in a less attention-seeking way and fits perfectly to the wall without any outstanding features. This fireplace is basically only there for one thing: to provide warmth to the people that dwell in the house without it being the center of attention.

At least, that appears to be the intention thanks to the creative minds at Elms Interior Design.

  1. Glass-Contained Fireplace

    Glass-contained Fireplace

    Source: Acucraft Fireplaces

You must be a really imaginative person to experience warmth by merely looking at a fire and even more the case when the fireplace is contained in a closed-space bordered by glass.

This type of fireplace is not by any means traditional – far from it. As quirky and unconventional as it looks, merely ornamental is perhaps its only purpose. That or there is another heating mechanism in place to complement what the fireplace lacks.

But who could explain this better than the people who came up with the design at Acucraft Fireplaces.

  1. Fireplace in Between Shelves

    Fireplace in Between Shelves

    Source: Sharon Risedorph

Whether you intend to stack it with easy-to-reach, easy-to-read books or with ornaments, you can never go wrong with a fireplace in the middle of it all.

Unlike other contemporary designs, this particular make-up is both aesthetic and functional. It provides warmth and lighting – the perfect combination for a reading session by the fire.

The people at John Lum Architecture are the brains behind the idea.

  1. Copper-made Fireplace

    Copper-made Fireplace

    Source: LDa Architecture and Interiors

A glossy skin on a fireplace is not something you would normally see in many households, even for a contemporary design, but this copper-made fireplace is ever-glistening, with a fire made up or not. This is thanks to the shiny property of copper which gives a glowing impression from the outset.

As creative as it looks, there are no others to thanks for this design than the people of LDa Architecture & Interiors.

  1. Fireplace Made from Rustic Brick

    Fireplace Made from Rustic Brick

    Source: VAg Inc. Architects and Planners

A fireplace made from rustic bricks will take a lot of attention from the rest of the interior, as rustic bricks are not only very unique outside rural regions, but there is also simply something about these blocks that compels people to look.

If that is the intention, then VAg Architects’ design should add the rural vibe to your household even when everything else is more modern.

  1. Fireplace on White

    Fireplace on White

    Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

When the whole interior is painted white and every other color is natural, its almost common sense to paint the chimney white. This was perhaps the spark behind Jessica Helgerson’s creative thinking. She aimed to seamlessly blend an otherwise “elephant in the room” fixture into the center of it all.

  1. Mosaic-Embossed Fireplace

    Mosaic-embossed Fireplace

    Source: Calista Interiors

When everything in the room seems plain and dull, disrupting the monotony is one way of spicing up an otherwise boring room. If you are like the people in Calista Interiors, that is the point of a mosaic-skinned fireplace.

  1. Farmhouse Fireplace

    Farmhouse Fireplace

    Source: Witt Construction

Have you ever wished you are lived in a rural farmhouse? With a farmhouse style fireplace indoors, you will feel as though you are in one even wen you are in the middle of the urban jungle.

Thanks to Witt Construction, all you need is fireplace to get the dream house you have been yearning for.

  1. A Mix of Pattern and Color

    A Mix of Pattern and Color

    Source: Caisson Studios

If making the fireplace design simple and plain is not giving a room the cheer that it needs, sometimes breaking from the idea is a solution. Realizing just that, Caisson Studios uplifted the spirit of this household by flawlessly blending colors and a unique pattern within the fireplace’s aesthetics. The end result is not just cheery – it exudes youthful energy.

  1. Minimalist Living Room with Fireplace


    Source: Texas Construction Company / Ryan Ford

“Less is more.” This is perhaps the grand motto behind this minimalist design. But, by keeping everything in the room less ornamental, the minimalist design deviate attention towards that which is ornate.

The firm behind this simple but brilliant idea is no other than the Texas Construction Company.

  1. Wood and Stone Fireplace

    Wood and Stone Fireplace

    Source: Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors / Jim Brady Architectural Photography

Stone and wood are two of the most durable construction materials found in nature and, apart from their ability to withstand the flow of time, these materials also have a way of complementing one another aesthetically.

As you can see, this holds true when applied to fireplaces – especially based on the designs of Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors. The design gives the impression that you are in the middle of a warm home and makes you feeleven more invited once you enter the premises.

  1. Clay Tiles

    Clay Tiles

    Source: Nanette Wong

Clay may not be the modern world’s primary choice of material due to some of its less favorable qualities, but, as far as aesthetic goes, this material has its own charm which mixes well with the right furnishings.

This brilliant idea is the brainchild of designer, Nanette Wong.

  1. Dominating Fireplace

    Dominating Fireplace

    Source: Regas Interiors / Woodie Williams

Although some artists don’t putting too much significance on the very fireplace that is the focal point of any enclosed space, this design completely goes the other way thanks to the creative genius of Regas Interiors. Not only does this grand design highlight the presence of the fireplace, so does its darker coloration which really draws the eye.

You’d have to be be color-blind not to see the fireplace in this one!

  1. Living Room Fireplace

    Living Room Fireplace

    Source: Ana Williamson Architect / David Wakely Photography

Worried about people’s attention being diverted by the fireplace when the primary concern of the interior design is the living room itself? This contemporary design by Ana Williamson keeps the presence of the fireplace as subtle as possible, while not reducing its functionality.

  1. Fireplace Made from Reclaimed Lumber

    Fireplace Made from Reclaimed Lumber

    Source: SIR Development / Dan Murdoch

Whether you see wood as art from cut out lumbers or as a durable material that lasts, using reclaimed wood for your fireplace is not such a bad idea. Not only does this wood create art by itself, it is also among the toughest materials you could use for a long-lasting fireplace.

This is not the kind of design that burns through constant use thanks to the clever blueprint made by SIR Development.

  1. Carved Fireplace

    Carved Fireplace

    Source: Joni Spear Interior Design

Prints may get you a long way when adding art to any smooth surface, but nothing beats a carving that endures changing times. This highly-ornate fireplace is a testament that this technique is alive and well even to this day, and has been brought back to life by Joni Spear Interior Design.

  1. Jet Black Fireplace

    Jet Black Fireplace

    Source: Murphy & Co. Design

Combining a non-black fireplace with a television by the side can be a contrasting experience in color. Although this is good if you want to highlight both fixtures, it is not as great if you want monotony in both.

Designed by Murphy & Co., this glossy, jet black fireplace design seamlessly blends the wall, the fireplace, and your TV into one single place. Everything is neutral when nothing is “on.”

  1. Black-painted Brick Fireplace

    Black-painted Brick Fireplace

    Source: Stuart Sampley Architect

While not necessarily foreboding or malicious, there is a sense of enigma to dark places – especially ones aimed at giving light or warmth. This black-painted brick fireplace by Stuart Sampley perhaps poses such a mystery which invokes the need to light the fireplace to dissolve curiosity.

  1. Herringbone-patterned Marble Fireplace

    Herringbone-patterned Marble Fireplace

    Source: R.P. Morrison Builders

There is something great about the herringbone design. While it may seem monotonous and predictable, the color scheme gives it a dynamic which makes the art refreshing each time you look and mixes well in a room full of equally unimposing colors, white and gray. All this is thanks to the creative vision of the people at R.P. Morrison Builders.

  1. Fireplace at the Formal Living Room Space

    Fireplace at the Formal Living Room Space

    Source: Stratus Construction Group

Your personal life can be as formal as the life you are living – it only takes a fireplace with an equally formal flair to complete the package. This design by the Stratus Group is a testament to that idea, as seen from its imposing design.

  1. Unparalleled Living Room Fireplace

    Unparalleled Living Room Fireplace

    Source: Noxon Giffen / Shannon McGrath

A large fixture in a room may not guarantee enough attention to become the topic of any conversation, but being at the literal center of the space probably will. This is perhaps the point behind this blueprint by Noxon Giffen.

If you are not keen on attention yourself, a living room with fireplace in the middle is definitely suitable.

  1. Classy Living Room Fireplace

    Classy Living Room Fireplace

    Source: Artistic Designs for Living

If you are looking to make a living room posh, it often takes a fireplace to actually complete the idea. While not limited to gold and charcoal, these colours have a way of complementing one another, resulting in the a very definition of classy as conceived by Tineke Triggs.

  1. Worldly Beauty of Living Room with Fireplace

    Worldly Beauty

    Source: Oliver Burns

Recreating an artist’s rendition of paradise in your home can be an impossible task. It is only logical to add something more familiar. This particular living room with fireplace designed by Oliver Burns is his incarnation of worldly beauty as contained in a single room.

With a wide variety of options to choose from for a living room with fireplace, there is no way that your household will suffer the cold by missing the heat.