25 Master Bedroom Ideas for Little Spaces

by craftmin | December 20, 2017

Master bedroom ideas for small spaces – practical tips and inspired palettes for your bedroom, when you don’t have much room to play with.  A lot of designers would insist that you addmore square-footage to your living space, instead of the room you basically only sleep in.  But the stress of work and homelife have made sleep and a quiet space a necessity for your health and general well-being.

Whether its a case of upgrading your bedroom, de-cluttering it or breaking a wall to get a window, think of it as necessary self-care. Choose from these amazing ideas and be inspired by photos and tips to easily make your small bedroom your restful space.  Make each square-inch matter.

(1) Room for Built-ins

Master Bedroom ideas Built-ins

Small bedrooms mean smaller closets, but you can solve this problem by opting for open shelf built-ins. Place them around the head of the bed where they won’t be a distraction before you sleep. Another solution is to put them under the windows where they can also serve as seating areas. If that isn’t feasible, a bookcase or two might serve your needs.

Room for Built-ins

(2) Smart Space

Smart Space

One of the most important tricks for decorating for a small bedroom is to have proper scaling. Scale your furniture so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space and go for simple elegant lines and great light. Make use of the small space by creating pockets of space where you can move around. You should also use curtain with soft drapery to create moving lines in your room.

Smart Space

(3) Master Space Elegance

Master Bedroom Elegance

A small space need not make your bedroom less elegant. Get inspired by one of these small master bedroom ideas where gorgeous colors and elegance take on a new meaning. Make it work by mixing a light color scheme with darker accents. Add a patterned rug and upholster your bedroom furnishing simply.

Master Space Elegance

(4) Choose Your Palette

master bedroom ideas choose your palette

How can you elevate brown from earthy to sophisticated? Choose a dark chocolate brown and partner it with crispy white and your small bedroom will be transformed into something sophisticated and elegant. Choose a color scheme that not only reflects your personality but works well with small spaces.  Even dark colors can be used as long as you work in a few lighter ones, or use an ombre effect and go from dark to lighter hues of the same color.

Choose Your Palette

(5) Natural Neutrals

master bedroom ideas Neutrals Done Right

Masculine need not be dark and broody. Taking a neutral palette of colors, use subtle patterns andtextured fabrics to make things interesting without crowding the small space. A pillow or blanket can add an accent without detracting from the pure masculine elements of the bedroom.

Natural Neutrals

(6) Silky Whites and Soothing Greens

Green and White Master Bedroom Ideas

For refuge and comfort, cocoon yourself in the quiet of the soothing colors of pristine white and refreshing green. One of the best master bedroom ideas in the series, the softness of the fabric and accents from nature prints add to the refreshing quality of the bedroom. Try to make your sunburst mirror wall decoration as you can see in the picture.

Silky Whites and Soothing Greens

(7) Head Highlights

master bedroom ideas Head Highlights

As mentioned above, built-ins are a great space saver. This transformed library is testament to making use of all available space, with a recessed wall anchoring the room as a headboard. Headboards can also double as storage spaces with just a little design tweak, by adding a secret space for your valuables. Such a lovely highlight played up by all the whites.

Head Highlights

(8) Matchless Mixes

Big furniture is a big no-no for small rooms, but by matching the palette of the walls with the furniture, it becomes a matchless mix. If you choose colors in lighter tones, the light will open up the room visually. The canopy bed above is perfectly centered and anchors the rooms without cramping the small space. The secret? White on white. Just use varying hues so that the blandness of white gives way to a sense of texture.

Matchless Mixes

(9) Attic Attention

master Bedroom Ideas Attic Attention

Master bedroom ideas have just been taken up to an extraordinary level – embrace the small space. Reworking an attic bedroom means that the sloping ceilings can be used as part of the design, rather than just ignoring them. Cozy up the space with fluffy pillows or go for the country look with homemade throws and quilts. You can also make use of being on top of the house by opening tp a wall of windows. For another great master bedroom ideas, settle in with your own DIY homemade candles for a more cozy evening. Start with the basics here.

Attic Attention

(10) Multi-purpose Fine Furniture

master Bedroom Ideas Furniture Do More

Level up your bedroom by using a small dresser as both a storage and nightstand. Let a china build-in serve as both a bookcase and knick-knack shelf, and storage for linens, blankets and bulky items. You can use fine furniture in many different ways by thinking creatively, or you could even use them to anchor the bedroom’s shabby chic design. Old furniture can be refurbished and, if your budget is too tight, just changing cabinet knobs and buying a little wood polish is enough.

Multi-purpose Fine Furniture

(11) Wow with Wallpaper

Master Bedroom Wow with Wallpaper

If you’re a bit bored with just using your pillow as accents, then go for the walls. Simply paper one wall with an amazing wallpaper. If you’re easily distracted, choose the wall at your head so you are not kept up when you’re about to go to sleep.

If you are thinking of your budget or have no time for a complete wall makeover, go for dramatic borders, keeping the rest of the room in soothing and relaxing colors. You can create the drama even with smaller space, heightening it even more with randomly-spaced candles using dramatic DIY candle holders from this collection.

Wowing with Wallpaper

(12) Tradition Tops

Master Bedroom Ideas Tradition Tops

Small spaces can be traditional if you pair whites and khakis with British colonial-inspired accessories, but it doesn’t mean that staid and sedate are boring. Add interesting artwork and color accents to update the look of this small master bedroom, with some wicker or rattan furniture for a special touch. Place a large mirror strategically to give the illusion of space and the sense of airiness and freshness.

Tradition Tops

(13) Gorgeous Grays

Master Bedroom Ideas Gorgeous Grays

Often described as boring, gray is indeed a staid color. But gray can be gorgeous when partnered with luxurious textures and splashes of color. Add interesting accessories, and you will definitely end up with a beautiful and stylish bedroom that will be all you – bright and dramatic.

Gray also makes a beautiful background for other colors. Begin with intriguing elements to pull the interest, then add a patterned rug and throw in some eclectic decorations. Finish with a contrasting color or two and add crisp accents in a deep metal gray.

Gorgeous Grays

(14) Restfully Rustic

Master Bedroom Rustic Restfulness

Natural looks call to our love of rawness, and you can make simple a country-style whimsical with this rustic master bedroom. Masculine touches, beaten wood accents and fixtures that draw the eye to the ceiling, add a vertical dimension that seems to enlarge the space. This is a very interesting master bedroom idea that you can partner with this homemade live edge table.

Restfully Rustic

(15) Say It with Stripes

Master Bedroom Ideas Say It with Stripes

Bold lines enhance this space rather than crowd it, opening it to the light with horizontal strokes that give the illusion of more space. Everything is tied together by a sedate palette and a clean no-fuss look. If you’re a bit hesitant about the bold design, go smaller by adding bold stripes to blankets or accent using pillows. You could also use similar hues of color to give a linear look to your space.

Not a fan of stripes? Create a bigger horizontal illusion by lowering your bed and furnitur, adding wide swathes and using neutral palettes.

Say It with Stripes

(16) Dark Dalliances

Master Bedroom Ideas Dark Dalliances

Dark colors, most of the time, are a big no-no when it comes to small master bedroom ideas. However, this bedroom makes it work because it enlarges the spatial sense of the room. The walls seem to recede as you enter the room which adds a dramatic flair when coupled with the sophisticated choice of colors. Indigo, navy, dark gray and hunting green are soothing and restful to the eyes so you can indulge in a little darkness of your own.

Dark Dalliances

(17) Cozy Cottage Casual

Master Bedroom Ideas Cottage Casual

Patterned comfort and cozy softness are showcased in this small cottage bedroom. Make room for windows and curtains in soft fabrics for a cocooning effect, and with French influences and crisp white, this cottage casual look is as refreshing as it is beautifully restful. Accentuate with a nautical theme to complete the “cottage by the sea” vibe.

Cozy Cottage Casual

(18) Bright and Bold Basics

Master Bedroom Ideas Bright and Bold

Be bold with bright colors – in small doses. Wash away the winter blues with a splash or two of color for your small master bedroom, then heighten the beauty of a neutral or white color scheme by adding a pillow or two. You could also have a brightly-painted wall decoration or change a sedately-colored blanket for a flashy-colored throw.

Bright and Bold Basics

(19) Just the Right Mix

Master Bedroom Ideas Just the Right Mix

A person of diverse interests is sure to have diverse master bedroom ideas from a range of influences, but you don’t have to be afraid of mixing your different ideas. Let your personality shine through in the most personal of spaces – your bedroom. Why not combine Asian retro with Art Deco, or add a rustic touch or two reminiscent of cowboy films.

Instead of lamps, add something dramatic with hanging lights in a dramatic color and then emphasize your tastes with a touch or two of your favorite themes. One more tip? If you are a collector, display your favorites and enjoy the simple pleasures a little bit more.

Just the Right Mix

(20) Verily Vintage

Master bedroom ideas Verily Vintage

Vintage doesn’t need to mean fluttery and florals. Take an antique nightstand, use an old door as a headboard and use weathered shutters as design element. Or add vintage fabric as a bedroom accent or lay out some tea lights. Better yet, make your own DIY vintage candle holders.

Verily Vintage

(21) Taking Individual Interests


Think outside the box and move your bed to get the best light in the room, or maybe ramp up the interest with uniquely-placed furniture. It’s even better if you add a few interesting choices when it comes to artwork or bedroom furnishings.

Take a beautiful folding screen and use it as headboard to create a visual vertical line, or put it to its traditional use by protecting your privacy especially if you have an awkwardly-placed door. Or, take some old window panes and use them to section off a part of a studio apartment or a children’s bedroom.

Taking Individual Interests

(22) Moroccan Magic

Master Bedroom Ideas Moroccan Magic

Nothing says Moroccans like a flash of silver – and this bedroom makes full use of Moroccan elements for a truly exotic but global style. Pendants, poufs and a gorgeous bed anchor the style. Not within budget? Settle for a pillow, a patterned blanket, or maybe a homemade headboard for a master bedroom idea inspired by travel.

Moroccan Magic

(23) Aire Fresh

Master Bedroom Ideas Aire Fresh

Another one of our great small master bedroom ideas is to give a small bedroom an open touch and using a crisp white palette with a cheeky accent color. Mix patterns and add an area rug in stripes with a floral comforter. Don’t hesitate in mixing tastes – the whites will settle the cheery pattern and pull it all together.

Aire Fresh

(24) Perfect Glamour

Master Bedroom Ideas perfect Glamour

Budget won’t be an issue even if you opt to add this dramatic and glamorous flair to your bedroom. Use mirrors and metallic accessories, bought together with an accent wall or a few defferent textures. However, limit your palette to make sure you highlight the dramatic splashes and use a classy footboard to give the room a glamorous Hollywood touch.

Perfect Glamour

(25) Fancy Wall

Master Bedroom Ideas Fancy Wall

Another simple but great master bedroom idea for your small space. is to create an accent wall that won’t take up space and fits any budget. If a dramatic wallpapered wall is out of the question, just paint it with a dramatic color. Go bold and use the wall on your head.

Fancy Wall

Master Bedroom Ideas in a Nutshell:

Choose your color well

Use of lighter color schemes but don’t be scared of bright bold colors for accessories or an accent wall.  Once you have chosen a color, use it for your walls and your sheets – even a wall decor or shelf knick-knack. Go for different shades or make a bold statement with a ravishing throw or comforter in a cheeky color.

Light ’em Up!

Lighting and lots of it does a lot more for a room than anything else. It goes hand-in-hand with choosing your paint colors and choose your lighting fixtures well.  Thinking about overhead lights and bedside lamps, you can also include windows. Make sure you don’t obstruct a window in a small bedroom.

Add built-ins

Create additional storage space – not necessarily with just a built-in closet or bookcase. Beds with storage underneath is a must-have, or tuck in storage under a window bench. You could even turn a shelf into a storage space for bulky items.

Get rid of clutter

Nothing dooms a bedroom or any space more than clutter which can bury rooms and life in general. From your house to your office, remove the clutter which can help you to clear headspace. Stash away what you just have to have and store it inside an ottoman or underneath the bed. Sleek looks can pull a room together, so choose clean lines.

Go low to go high

Low-standing furniture gives an illusion of space, so barring discomfort or a lack of adequate pieces buy a low-lying bed to create that necessary space. If you have a low bed, partner your dressers and tables as well.  You don’t want your other furniture looming over you, right? Let your accents create the vertical lines.