11 Magical Nail and String Art – Guide and Ideas

by craftmin | December 23, 2017

Nail and string art date to the days of our loom-weaving forebears.  Modern conveniences made handheld looms almost obsolete in the household but we retain our love for the handmade weave. And for simple but beautiful art.

Check the step by step tutorial and be inspired by the shortlist of creative nail and string art ideas you can make in the comfort of your homes.  You can give them as anniversary gifts or housewarming ones. You can also check these diy gift ideas to go with the beautiful nail and string art you will be making.

Nail and string art basic materials

  • Cork rolls or cork board
  • OR  wooden boards – optional as some of the projects will use wooden boards
  • Linoleum nails – they come in packages, so number would depend on the project
  • Embroidery threads – various colors
  • Hanging tape
  • Hot glue gun and sticks (depending on the project)
  • Acrylic paint and mini styrofoam roller (depending on the project)

Basic step by step nail and string art

1. First, gather your materials.

nail and string art

For this sample project,w e will be using cork rolls  measuring 2′ x 4′ x  1/32″ so you will be using three cork rolls.

2. Then, unroll and flatten the boards.

nail and string art

Stack them up and place them under heavy books. Then glue them together and place them again under the same heavy books.

3. Now, choose and print out your word template.

nail and string art

You might need to print out one word in several pieces of paper to get the right size. Also, you will need to cut out the letters and then put the template together as one word. 

4. Next, lay out your word on the cork board.

nail and string art

a. Cut the cork roll to size. USE a pair of scissors to resize the cork rolls. The cork will fall apart under a knife.  Use heavy-duty craftings scissors.

b. Now, put your hanging strips or mountape on the lesser-looking side. Also, you this now so you will just need to mount the finished nail and string art without being bothered how to do it.

nail and string art

c. Then, paint your cork roll and here leftover white latex paint was used.  However, if you are fine with the natural color and texture of the cork, then you can skip this step.

5. Finally we are getting to the art part.

nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art

a. Start outlining your word using the linoleum nails. However, make sure that you space the nails evenly and equally apart. You need not measure, eyeballing it is fine.  Moreover, it is quite easy to adjust the nails.  It may take some time but do this correctly for a beautiful string and nail art later on.

b. Remove your template.  make sure you don’t leave strips and bits of paper behind. Additionally, work slowly so your nails will stay put.

6. Now for the fun part.

nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art nail and string art

 Finally we can start stringing our way. Just weave your way through the word and go with the flow.  A lot of people enjoy this part for its therapeutic and calming value. One reason why people enjoy doing nail and string art.

Additionally, this is a rainbow-colored word so you can overlap the colors while you are weaving the strings.

Lastly, frame the cork roll.

nail and string art nail and string art

nail and string art

White duct tape was used here. You can use leftover wallpaper or any other trimmings or leftover scrap that you can use to beautifully frame the nail and string art.

Source: Nail and String Art Tutorial

Nail and String Art Ideas

(1) Pallet Wood Monogrammed Upcycle

nail and string art


Use scrap wood or pallet boards.  Nail them together to make one big board. Instead of linoleum tacks, you can use finishing nails or ordinary nails for the rustic touch.  You can also colored string or twine, though if you are using twine better use thinner ones to make the monogram.

Source: Monogram Nail and String Art

(2) Even Cuteness

nail and string art

A lot of children and teenagers enjoy making cute nail and string art.  It is even part of grade school art class in some states.  Let your teen enjoy this cute baby elephant.

Source:  Baby Elephant Nail and String Art

(3) Natural-Inspired Collection

nail and string art

Be inspired by the simple beauty of nature with this imagery collage. Use wooden scraps or a leftover wooden board from a diy woodworking project.

Source: DIY Nature and Board

(4) Naturally Living Art

nail and string art

This is living art and a great inspiring work of combining nature and art perfectly. Using simple nail and string art to frame the ultimate true beauty – Mother Nature herself. Use colored string rather than embroidery thread for this project and break out the hammer too. You can also use naturally-found wood for the perfect natural touch.

Source: Air Plants and Nail and String Art

(5) Colorful Statement

nail and string art

A wonderful wall art you might consider for your own craft room. DIY blogger Amanda cut out the wooden boards into the letters and to secure the nails, she also applied glue.

Source: CRAFT Wall Art

(6) Sign of the Times

nail and string art

Another take on the nail and string art.  This is avery addictive habit, mostly due to the therapeutic appeal of weaving. The difference is that the nails are placed so close together that it’s really a tight squeeze.  You must also use a million nails (just kidding!) The too-close nails and the different kind of weaving detail used gives a solid look to this nail and string art project. You can also pick diy framing ideas in case you want to frame your signboard.

Source: Live Creatively!

(7) A Star for All Seasons

nail and string art

A simple star with all the right touches.

Source: DIY Nail and String Art Star

(8) Heart  💖💖💖 You!

nail and string art

With styrofoam and red fabric, this heart nail and string is beautiful and you can even change the styling by simply changing your string and your weaving.

Source: Valentine’s Day Heart Art

(9) Black and White

Beautifully striking nail and string art with a very simple tree design. But the starkness of the white strong on the black wood, and the evocative simple barebones design of the tree lifts it into something more sublime.

Source: bhg

(10) Owl Outstanding

nail and string art

Check and download an owl clipart online. Print out and follow our basic nail and art step-by-step.  You can also mark the colors in your template to help guide you.

Source: Adorable Owl Nail and String Art

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