Showers Without Doors – Living Life Without Borders

by craftmin | December 21, 2017

 You know you are living a life of freedom when you live in a household and don’t feel the need to cover yourself. While this someties means you could go full-on naked while indoors, it could also mean living in households with showers without doors.

Why Showers Without Doors?

It may sound unconventional for most people, but living in a household with literally no obstructions of any kind is indeed a liberating place not found so easily.

Real freedom is when you can go about your usual routine unhindered by notions that would otherwise have you covering yourself in shame. But real freedom doesn’t necessarily mean defying universally-accepted beliefs either. It just eans allowing yourself the right spaceto live a life comfortably, without minding any thoughts apart from your own.

And, in the household setting, perhaps genuine freedom is partly defined by having showers without doors.

Benefits of Showers Without Doors

Apart from being able to live a less restricted life, having showers without doors also has significant benefits.

  • Saves you cleaning time

If you opt for a no-glass door option, its very absence is saving you from cleaning. Glass is, after all, a magnet for mineral deposits and soap scum that clutters your door.

  • Offers versatility that traditional designs cannot

Showers without doors don’t have to be taken literally by name. In reality, for a design deemed “doorless,” a walk-in shower also offers variety – go with three walls, two walls or literally no walls at all.

Showers Without Doors Designs

Whether you want it see-through, with no cover, or partially revealing, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Here are some of our favourites to give you great ideas.

1. Multicolored Mosaic Tile

showers without doors

Source: Sharon Risedorph

Why suffer from a lackluster shower interior? Go vibrant and lively with a multicolored mosaic tile at your wall to brighten up your mornings. While only half-separating, this see-through walk-in shower design by John Lum Architecture is a classic example of a non-expensive but beautiful blueprint.

2. Marble Shower

In its most raw form, alone, marble makes for a stunning material that cannot easily be imitated. And when used for something as useful as the shower area, the benefit of this textile shines. When the beauty of the marble is paired with other ornaments such as an oil painting, the charm of the walk-in shower is complete.

This design is thanks to the creative thinking of Lisa Luby Ryan who sought to combine classic ornaments with her own personal flair.

3. Honeycomb Tile

showers without borders

Source: Martina Gemmola

If you think of the colour of honey, you’d probably think of a mixture between yellow and gold, and you’d be right. But I bet you haven’t considered it in this mixture of black, gray and white.

This honeycomb tile design by GIA Renovations showcases that even honeycomb can wear different colors. More importantly, these tiles bring life to a walk-in shower.

Designed for two people in mind, this type of bathroom has couples as its primary consideration.

4. Half-wall Marble

showers without doors

Source: Jeni Leasia Design

If you want a walk-in shower but are not too confident in revealing everything, a half-exposed shower could be the way to go. This half-revealing marble walk-in shower is for those semi-conservatives who don’t want to go all-in, even in the privacy of their own homes.

Made with floor-to-ceiling marble, this intentionally minimalist blueprint by Jenni Leasia Design is outstandingly elegant with its own simplicity.

5. Wet, Room-style

showers without doors

Source: Kelly Stoneburgh Interiors

If you don’t have room for both a tub and the shower, but also don’t want to be cramped whilst relaxing, a room-style shower is what you need. Perhaps the highlight of this design by Kelly Stoneburgh is not the combination of these two fixtures but by the fusion of masculine and feminine elements in the same space.

6. Semi-private

showers without doors

Source: Holland and Knapp Construction

You must really hate the idea of doors to choose a design which offers cover – but still not the door. This enclose-type walk-in shower is an inviting piece of architecture which doesn’t obstruct the flow of the room but still provides enough cover to be private.

The preference for light coloration in this design by Holland and Knapp Construction easily complements the brightness from the natural light. No dark corner in this room!

7. Multiple Sprays

If a single shower fixture is not enough for an easy bathing experience, multiple sprays could be the way to go. With this design, no part of your body is left untouched by the running water, even when you stay static.

In fact, more than just the convenience of a quick wash, this shower by Rock Paper Hammer is aimed at relaxation.

8. Vault-style Shower

Source: GNB Builders

Having both a shower and a bath tub is good. But, do you know what is better? An extra shower fixture to complement the tub and the shower!

Unlike most of the other designs that made this list, it is perhaps the only one which was thought up with multiple people in mind. This idea was conceived by GNB Builders.

9. Small Space Shower

Source: Harrell Remodeling

Who says you have to alot a big space for a decent shower? This simple and less spacious walk-in shower design by Harrell Remodeling is a proof that a fixture like a shower only requires the walls to stand as a bathing area. However, this does not mean neglecting the other parts that make a bathroom what it is overall.

10. Minimalist Shower

If your idea of a beautiful shower area means being as simple as possible, then this minimalist design by Sarah Bartholomew Design is a testament to such ideals. With little to no intricacy and bearing a very monotonous appearance, this walk-in shower is a very bold statement of minimalism.

11. Stressed Subway Tiles

When your bathroom is built with tiles of white and very thin lines of black, you sometimes cannot help but be bored by the color scheme. Break this boredom by adding some accentuating lines of black to your wall for some visual interest.

If you liked this particular shower design, you have the Fox Group Construction to thank.

12. Double Benched

Source: Atlantic Interiors

Sitting on a plastic chair might not be your thing, so why not incorporate a double-sided bench as part of your bathroom? Whether you feel like showering while sitting or not, having a bench as a foundation of a glass wall isn’t such a bad idea as far as being creative goes.

When you consider making this design part of your household, you have the Atlantic Interiors to remember.

13. 80’s Shower

Source: Dave Adams

Of the many things to remember the 80s by, perhaps glass blocks are among the most iconic. One good thing about glass blocks, apart from their sentimental value, is their semi-transparency. You know that there is someone on the other side but they are not clear enough to tell who. Mysterious – the 80’s way.

For this particular design, we have Shasta Smith to thank.

14. Reflective Tile

If you are fond of full silver but can’t afford it in actuality, sometimes using glossy tiles may be the answer. This shiny, reflective tile design RW Anderson Homes may reflect a silvery image back at you but you know its not deceiving you in any way. This is a unique tile design uncommon to many households, let alone in the bathroom area.

15. Vintage

Source: Stonebridge Development Group

When trends come and go and the only thing static in this world is your bathroom area, you know you should consider a vintage design. Classic-looking it may be, but this walk-in shower design by Stonebridge Development Group has an undying appeal.

16. Caved-in Marble

Source: PLD Homes

Maybe you see yourself as a modern-day caveman, or someone who simply has a thing for marbles. Whatever the case may be, a walk-in shower made from marble materials is sure to satisfy your wishes. This one by PHD Custom Designs has universal appeal.

17. Artisan-style

Source: Norman Building and Design

You know a place is for a particular type of person when you see art within art, such as a theme within a bathroom. This artisan-style walk-in shower shows what an artish can do in the bathroom area.

Of course, there is no way of telling exactly what the design is all about, but the people at Norman Building and Design are the brain behind this wonderful creation.

18. Modern

There are a lot of interesting things about modernity which makes it an interesting, yet simple touch. This blueprint by Jackson Paige Interiors seamlessly blends the beauty of both marble and cowhide to create a masterpiece.

With a bit more ingenuity and creativity, there could be plenty more modernity added to other blueprints for showers without doors.

19. Scenic View

Source: Zaher Architects

One perk of being at a high elevation is, of course, the astounding views. Taking advantage of this, this specific plan by Zaher Architects gives you a picturesque view of the surrounding vista whilst you are relaxing.

You might be shy at the idea of being bare to the outdoors but, rest assured, there is no one else around to see.